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Eureka! Copper Canyon 1312 Eight-Person 13-Foot by 12-Foot Family Tent


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Made of 1200mm, 75D polyester, the tent has nine steel and fiberglass poles that slip into sleeves during setup. Frame clips and ring-and-pin assemblies also facilitate setup. Mesh screens out insects as small as no-see-ums. The tent weighs 37 pounds and has a center height of 7-foot-3.

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Eureka! Copper Canyon 1312 Eight-Person 13-Foot by 12-Foot Family Tent

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  3. 3. Whats in the Box nüvi 265W, Preloaded City Navigator® NT North America (U.S. and Canada), Lifetime traffic¹, FM traffic receiver with vehicle power cable (indicated by "T" after model number on the box), Vehicle suction cup mount, USB cable, and Quick start manual Compare all Garmin nüvis Click the button below to compare by series, user type, and features. Visit at to get the latest firmware updates for your nüvi to keep it current and performing  at its best. ¹Lifetime traffic extends for the useful life of your Garmin traffic receiver (as long as you own a compatible Garmin GPS) or as long as Garmin receives traffic data from its traffic supplier, whichever is shorter. Traffic content not available for all areas. See for traffic coverage areas and for program License Agreement containing complete terms and conditions. 3 4 Customer Reviews Good unit for the price Spent a weekend reviewing various GPS devices to replace my less than 1 year old Mio C320 (avoid these like the plague) that had its battery die about 4 months after purchase. Went back and forth along the entire line of Garmin devices, and finally settled on this one for the blue tooth and traffic, neither of which Ill probably hardly ever use, but nice to have when I want them. I was disappointed with the map, the "new" 2009 one, because I have some streets in my neighborhood that have been around for over four years and theyre not to be found on this unit. Even the piece of junk cheap Mio had these streets. But thats about the only downside there is to it, the only reason I havent given it 5 stars. Having been used to the MIO, and the horrible refresh rate, it is a pleasant change to see smooth scrolling as my vehicle moves. The ability to change the car icon is nice, especially with the plethora of icons available on the garmin website. Accuracy is very good as well, and even in turns the unit isnt so laggy that it becomes annoying. And also unlike what I was used to with the MIO, when I come to a stop at the intersection, the map doesnt start rotating randomly on me. Speaker is about as I expected, wont hear much over a loud stereo but crank it up enough you can at least hear it if you keep the music down a bit. The option to easily download voices is also appreciated. It did well with my testing of going point to point, following the instructions, and for the most part youre given the instructions in plenty of time. only once or twice did it not tell me "turn right on such and such" until I was about 20 feet from the street, but that was when I was coming up on stop signs and had slowed down, so it may be compensating for the speed factor. Recalculation notice is a bit annoying, my MIO would say it once, sometimes this says it three times before it starts to display the alternate route. Still has about 900MB free on the internal memory for additional voices, icons, maps, and such, and with the SD slot theres plenty of room to grow. I have a Verizon XV6900 phone with Windows Mobile 6.1, and while the bluetooth paired well and it can see the phone status, battery power, signal, even dialed and missed call lists, it never does get the phonebook. it gets a random entry and thats it - so whenever I turn it on, I have just one user to select from, and its different each time. Still havent tracked that one down yet. But every other bluetooth option worked just fine. Im not a fan of the very thick double power cable for it though, and it would be doubly annoying (no pun intended) if I were mounting this somewhere higher up on the window to have that double cable dangling down. I can see how the ads would get annoying sometimes (the free traffic is because it is advertising driven) but you dont get them at all if you turn off the traffic feature, and since most of my driving isnt around times that traffic is a concern, i can just leave it for when I really have a use for it. Good response to finger input, and while the unit is overall much better quality than the MIO, I really do miss the MIOs ability to have an info pane down the last third of the screen and the map on the first two thirds of it when desired. But theres some of that info available in the data bubbles on the bottom and top so Ill survive. Overall happy with the unit, it works well and was worth the cost. Page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Best GPS I have ever Owned I have owned quite a few GPS units all including Phone, Laptop and Dedicated. Flat out before I even get started the Garmin Nuvi 265WT is the best I have ever owned. Let me just make a couple of comments on the most important features. Touch Screen Interface Very intuitive and easy to use. Touch screen is responsive but not instantaneous. What I particularly like is the ability to switch to a top down view by touching the screen. Once done you can use your finger to drag the map around at any zoom point. Once done you can hit the back button and resume your 3D view. Turn by Turn You have two options here. You can use one of the Text to Speech voices or one of natural voices. The text to speech voices will give you more information such as street names. This is what I use and even though you can tell its a computer generated voice its quality is superb. The 265WT does a good job at keeping you updated. Also at any time you can hit the turn Icon and it will speak the distance to the next turn, giving you street name as well as direction. The audio is quite loud and in my noisy little Scion I have no problem hearing the messages. Maps I have found the map accuracy quite good. I live in Northern virginal and it seems to be very well updated as many of the very new streets included. Automatic Routing Very effective. You can choose between the quickest or the shortest with options to avoid U-Turns, Highways, Toll Roads, Traffic, Ferries. The automatic rerouting is faster than my TeleNav phone and my Laptop computers. Points of Interest On my TeleNav phone GPS system I can enter any business in the national database and I can get directions, address and phone number. This is where the 265WT falls short. The TeleNav system has the advantage of searching online. Since the 265WT is limited to onboard memory there is a limit to the number of points of interest. A good example is I was looking for "Off Broadway Shoes" and the unit could not find them. However a search for "Payless Shoes" worked very well. Traffic Alerts The lifetime free traffic comes at a price. You will get popup adds. These are very small popups that supposedly only come when you are in the menu. This is not true. I have gotten them while in the navigation screen. For now they it seems to be once per trip but there is nothing to say they wont start getting more frequent. The other thing I dont like about the messages is that you have to hit them to continue and doing so takes you out of the nav screen to a kind of favorites screen. You have to hit the back button to get back to your navigations screen. How well does the traffic system work. I live in Northern VA and have coverage throughout my area. The included radio fails to pick up a single signal without using an external antenna. Sadly you can just go down and purchase an FM antenna.. The Power cable has a 3/32" jack. What I did was to pick up a 3/32" plug from Radio Shack and soldered a 4 wire to the tip pin on the connector. Once draped out one of the windows I get very frequent traffic updates. Once you start getting traffic reports I found them to be accurate and they do help. You can automatically avoid high traffic arias or do it manually as they accrue. I am still debating if the popup adds are worth the effort. Bluetooth Integration This is my favorite feature. I can keep my keyboard locked Motorola Q in my pants pocket and use my 265WT to make and receive all my calls at a touch of a button. All my phone features are available on the 265WT. Phonebook, Call history, Voice Recognition. The voice quality is quite acceptable on both ends. As a matter of fact the echo I get on my Motorola is not there when using the 265WT as a hands free set. Picture Viewer I found this to be a very useless feature. If the photos are very big it takes forever for the 265WT to load them. This may be due to the slow access to the SD card slot. There are other features like the ability to connect the 265WT to your PC and automatically add favorite locations using GoogleMaps. All in all I am very happy with my purchase and would purchase it again. FYI the Nuvi 265WT is the same unit as the Nuvi 255W without the Bluetooth ability and the FM reliever cable (GTM 25). You can even purchase the GTM 25 from Garmin. If you dont want the Bluetooth feature and dont currently need the traffic feature you can pick up the Nuvi 255W cheaper. Map database leaves something to be desired. I got this unit for Christmas, 2008. Although this is the first GPS that Ive owned, Ive been passenger on many trips with a friend who has Nuvi 350 so I was already familiar with Garmin. The unit I bought had the 2009 maps, and the firmware was fairly recent. Firmware, etc has since been updated to most recent version(s). My choice came down to the nuvi 265WT, 765T or 760. The 760 is a premium unit for a bargain price due its being last years model, while the 765T had the features I wanted but is still pricey since its a new model. In the end I opted for 265WT since it had the updated/new features that the 760 didnt have and was at the price that I was willing to spend. I did not really consider other brands, though my impression is that other brands offer more "bells and whistles" but suffer in the areas of ease of use and reliability. The unit has worked fine, no problems to speak of, though my actual time spend driving with it has been limited so far (spent lots of time just "playing" with it, though). [update 9/11/09] Ive now used for a week of commuting to work and running errands. I use for commute because of the traffic reporting. traffic -- havent encountered a backup that it didnt warn me about, but have driven through a couple of non-existent backups. Ive also found that it can take several minutes for the traffic status to be displayed Page 4 / 5
  5. 5. after power-on, sometimes *after* it has picked a route. routing -- the route it gives me to work is rather strange. It routes me off of the freeway onto an expressway that has several lights. I tried it once, and sure enough it took longer than predicted, even with light traffic. reliability -- The unit has "glitched" 3 times in the last week. Once it just turned itself off, another time it jumped from the map to the speedometer screen (by itself) while the voice became very distorted, and another time the backlight setting was not as I had left it. [end of 9/1/09 update] My biggest complaint has to do with the POI database. For example, I searched for local cinemas... it did not have the 20 screen cineplex that is closest to me. When I searched for local Staples Office Supply locations the closest it found was 50 miles away, even though there are at least 4 within 15 miles. I didnt show a nearby Britannia Arms. A large regional shopping center is still called by a name that was dropped 5 years ago. etc... The POI management software (such as it is) could use more flexibility. For example, when searching for Staples, the unit was "busy" quite some time searching. There appears to be no way to put a limit the search distance. I think the map update policy is in need of revising. A two month "grace period" is not really fair to the buyers. Most of these are sold in Nov & Dec, and the maps are typically updated in the Spring, beyond the 60 day cutoff. Garmin should be guaranteeing map updates for at least 6 months, if not a year. Or, one free update within 2 years or something similar. Another gripe is the Garmin request for an "account" to register the unit. Yet another user name and password to forget. [update 1/9/09] At 2009 CES, Garmin announced a new map update policy. For $120 you get lifetime updates ("up to" 4 times a year) while a single update will be $69, which (I think) is less than before. [end of 1/9/09 update] Happy shopping | Shopping Cart Page 5 / 5