Promote your event fast


Published on is an experiment in a new kind of event promotion, built on the idea that event marketing is not only about money. Some of the most successful events we've been involved with engaged in simple grass roots marketing. They only used event posters and word of mouth. Those events did tremendously well on a marketing budget of a few hundred dollars.

GoodBuzz is set to be the grassroot marketing utility for event organizers and promoters around the world.

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Promote your event fast

  1. 1. Promote your Event Fast
  2. 2. This is Daniel – Daniel has the killer event of the year! But how to get the word out?
  3. 3. Daniel prints up some flyers and Posters
  4. 4. Posts them around town
  5. 5. Hire a few kids to pass out some more at the Malls – stick them in car windows
  6. 6. Of course he does an email campaign, posts his event on Facebook, Myspace, …
  7. 7. From then, Daniel expects his effort to pay off big
  8. 8. Unfortunetely, Things don’t happen like Daniel expected.
  9. 9. Only few people attended his event
  10. 10. Imagine how disappointed you’d be if after spending days and weeks organizing your event no one showed
  11. 11. Now, here is a talented classical music group in Paris.
  12. 12. For several years, They were unable to attract enough people to their seasonal performance
  13. 13. Frank, the group’s manager was desperate and tried every marketing tactic he knew for event promotion
  14. 14. Emailing, Social networks, SEO
  15. 15. Flyer distribution, posters
  16. 16. Lot of money was spent and sweat equity was put in, but with no favorable results.
  17. 17. Like Daniel, Franck was losing soul, sweat, tears in the promotion game without any sustainable results.
  18. 18. Then, one day, Frank heard about “peer referral network for event promotion”. Frank said to himself,
  19. 19. He approached several classical music groups and suggested they create a peer referral network
  20. 20. When Franck has an event, he goes to Goodbuzz to create his marketing materials: emailing, banners, flyers, posters
  21. 21. Then he asks his peers to relay his message to their contacts. His peers will pick his marketing materials and spread the word about his event for Free.
  22. 22. All done inside the GoodBuzz program
  23. 23. Winter 2009-2010 was the best season ever for the 15 groups that participated. All their events sold out.
  24. 24. Other success stories: A beer Fest in Brussels
  25. 25. Other success stories: International Air Show promoter in UK
  26. 26. Other success stories: Fundraising for Kids welfare in East Germany
  27. 27. GoodBuzz is transforming the whole event marketing and promotion industry
  28. 28. From empty concert rooms to Sold out events
  29. 29. From Stressed to Happy Event Promoter
  30. 30. What’s changed? Now, Event promoters have a tool they didn't have in the past which is to get in front of other Event promoters contacts without having to negotiate with them
  31. 31. Now, you can Dream and Enjoy
  32. 32. Promote your Event Fast with Goodbuzz Visit