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Top 3 Benefits Of Berberine


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Berberine has many health benefits, Good State researched and selected the top 3: blood sugar support, heart health and weight loss. This SlideShare briefly covers each, and provides a link to our blog to learn more.

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Top 3 Benefits Of Berberine

  1. 1. What Is Berberine? Plant extract long-used in Eastern medicine. Within the last 5-years (as of 2015), Berberine has been the focus of roughly 2,800 medical studies. (Mercola; Benefits of Berberine)
  2. 2. Top 3 Health Benefits Blood Sugar Support Heart Health Weight Loss
  3. 3. Blood Sugar Support “Berberine works just as well as the top- selling drug for type-2 diabetes, Metformin.” – Natural Healthy Concepts (Natural Healthy Concepts; 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Berberine)
  4. 4. Heart Health Reducing Blood Sugar Levels + Reducing Obesity = Lower Risk Of Heart Problems
  5. 5. Weight Loss Dosage of Berberine was given 3x daily over a 3- month period. After 3- months, the participants averaged losing 5 pounds. (Mercola; Benefits of Berberine)
  6. 6. View Entire Post! Click Here To visit our healthy living post on Berberine Or Try Berberine Today Sources: