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Berberine and Weight Loss | Good State


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This SlideShare covers berberine's support towards weight loss. Good State's slides overview their blog post - Weight Loss with Berberine

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Berberine and Weight Loss | Good State

  1. 1. Berberine & Weight Loss By Good State
  2. 2. Weight Loss, The Heavy Truth Losing weight is consistently the top New Years Resolution for American adults.  Studies show only 8% of people reach their goal.  Why? People are taking the wrong approach, such as:  No-Calorie Diets  Skipping Meals  Over-Exercising
  3. 3. Natural & Healthy Approach Berberine Bioactive Mineral Used in Ancient Chinese Medicine Scientifically Studied
  4. 4. Bioactive Mineral  Alkaloid Compound  Extracted from Berberis Plants  Commonly used in yellow dye
  5. 5. History In Chinese Medicine USED FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS
  6. 6. Scientifically Studied 500mg Study • 3.6% body fat decrease in 3- months 300mg Study • BMI changed from 31.5 to 27.4 in 3-months
  7. 7. Read Full Post – Weight Loss with Berberine – Our blog is full of information to help you reach a Good State of Health. Click any of this text to see all our posts.
  8. 8. Professional Grade Berberine Good State offers professional ionic mineral supplements. If you are looking to try berberine – CLICK HERE –