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Robot Art Lessons (SXSW)


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Robot-inspired art installations are exploring new frontiers: and in the process, influencing innovations in communications, control, security, safety and other domains. Robotics and automation are changing the way that things get made, transform the objects and spaces where we live, and altering how we interact over distances. Ultimately, they will extend our senses and even transforming our notions of self and what it means to be human. These slides were delivered at SXSW on March 14, 2011.

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Robot Art Lessons (SXSW)

  1. 1. Robot Art Lessons SXSW, March 14, 2011 Steve Guengerich , Managing Director, BroadBrush Ventures - Appconomy [email_address] @sguengerich Alan Majer , Founder [email_address] @goodrobot
  2. 2. What is a Robot Moji-kaki Ningyo
  3. 3. Robots: artificial agents
  4. 4. Open hardware and software let you build on the work of others. … .There’s never been a better time to make robots 5th Graders show us how its done Turning bits into atoms is easier than ever
  5. 5. Telepresence robot These out of body experiences reveal stunning robot inadequacies. The truth is that our bodies are engineering miracles. Yet our minds are incredibly adept at ignoring those limitations.
  6. 6. Vivid interactions despite the limitations
  7. 7. Robotic designs can transform the spaces we live in…
  8. 8. … things that talk
  9. 9. …robots imitating life
  10. 10. Philip Beesley Hylozoic Ground “… life coming out of material”
  11. 11. Designing enchanted objects…
  12. 12. Optimizing our senses Modifying our senses
  13. 13. Neuroplasticity: our brains are flexible enough to “shoehorn” in all kinds of new senses into our perceptual array.
  14. 14. Photo:
  15. 15. The next social media fabric: Integrating the most complex structures in the universe 17 “ Human communication is on the verge of a complete overhaul. We will be able to communicate with other humans merely by thinking to each other. Speech, as we know it, may well become obsolete.” — Kevin Warwick, 2004
  16. 16. What’s your plan for connecting to the “World Wide Mind” when it arrives? 17
  17. 17. Pictures: * Painting of Christopher Walken making a robot * flickr set of Alan's exhibit * Old Osmose photos: (this art project inspired an interactive VR system w/ treadmill and automated lift system Alan worked on). Videos * Intro video: * Steve's tech playlist on youtube * GoodRobot on YouTube: * Video of Hylozoic Ground project: * Article on Hylozoic Ground: * Clockwork "robot" from 19th Century. Moji-kaki Ningyo: Posts, articles, white papers, etc.: * blog: * Robot-related posts on Steve's blog * Mobile platform * Michael Chorost, author of "World Wide Mind" has his book reviewed by NY Times here: Other stuff * SXSW speakers: * cyborg camp * Heart Spark by Sensebridge: * MixMotion (sidewalk piano): * Gorbet Design (solar cell powered movable architecture):