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How to find a Bookkeeper


Published on Good Accountants will find the best accountant for small or large businesses, individuals, or startup companies. Qualified and expert accountants are waiting to assist all your accounting needs.

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How to find a Bookkeeper

  1. 1. Frequently Asked Questions[Q] Is an accounting firm?[A] No. is not an accounting firm. It is an advertising,marketing, research and development company that provides assistance to companies that wantto grow or become more profitable. The primary service that GoodAccountants.Com providesbusiness owners is helping them find the right accounting relationship that will facilitate thegrowth and overall success of their business.[Q] Is there a cost for using the services that are provided[A] will find the right accountant for your business atno cost to you. Other services that are offered by such as customizedconsulting or marketing services are fee generated.[Q] How does find the right accountant for mybusiness?[A] employs the services of more than fifty, full-timeprofessional business consultants that specialize in assisting business owners with researchingand selecting the best accounting professional for their business. This service is provided for absolutely free, without charge unless the business owner requiressome additional customized consulting services. By reviewing the information that is provided tous, can match you with the right accountant in your local area that is bestsuited for your business.[Q] Who are the accountants that refers tobusiness owners?[A] will refer an accountant who is selected basedupon educational background, years of experience, area of expertise, as well as professionalaccomplishments and affiliations that are the closest match to the parameters that have beengiven to us by the business owner. In short, strives to refer the best andmost experienced accountants that are knowledgeable of every aspect of finance and businessdevelopment. The accountant that we will refer to you will have a working knowledge of yourbusiness / industry or of businesses similar to yours and will be able to provide you withreferences from past and present business clients.
  2. 2. [Q] Can help provide financing for my business?[A] Yes. can help facilitate access to venture capital,business lines of credit as well as loans from public and private lenders.[Q] Is the information that I provide about myselfor my business kept confidential?[A] Absolutely. All of the information you submit to GoodAccountants.comremains confidential and is protected by the highest levels of security and will not be shared withany outside entity under any circumstances unless you specifically authorize such use.[Q] How long does it take to receive a referral[A] It can take as little as a few hours or as much as a few days to review your information and get back to you with a referral to a topaccounting professional in your locale that can serve your accounting needs. If you need to speakwith an accounting professional right away simply click the “Push to Talk” link on the homepage of our website or call 1 (800) 505-7861 to speak with a live consultant.[Q] Am I under any obligation to the accountant refers to me?[A] Absolutely not. We will establish a complimentary, free consultation onyour behalf with the accountant that we refer to you. Visit to sign up