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Pres. yong cheon song june 3rd. 2012


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Fotos del proyecto de Pesca.- Octubre en Marbella

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Pres. yong cheon song june 3rd. 2012

  1. 1. World Sports Fishing Federation Sunday, June 3rd., 2012 Visit of Pres. Yong Cheon Songand the Corean Delegation of the Ocean Providence and Fishing World Cup. Pres. Tae Geun Yoon and Mr. Yim Won Kyu At our Peace Embassy in Madrid – SPAIN
  2. 2. European President Mr. Yong Cheon Song
  3. 3. Explaining about the Lisbon European Meeting, 2012
  4. 4. World Sport Fishing FederationPres. Tae Geun Yoon and Pres. Yong Cheon Song
  5. 5. Ocean Providence and Fishing World Cup
  6. 6. In the middle Mr. Yim Woon Kyu
  7. 7. It has been a great visit! All leaders and members got inspired by thestrong and clear spirit of our European President and the Corean Delegation. Thank you True Parents!!!