Welcome Nurture: Campaign Playbook


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A Welcome Nurture Campaign should be the foundation for all B2B lead nurture programs. At Bislr, I created the following "Playbook" for creating a next-generation, multi-channel Welcome Nurture to:
- Drive engagement with new leads
- Further qualify leads and provide basis for lead scoring
- Learn more about a prospect's motivation and needs
- Enable prospects to learn more about our company and products
- Ensure that "no lead gets left behind"

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Welcome Nurture: Campaign Playbook

  1. 1. Table of Contents Welcome Nurture : Overview 2 How To Plan: Any Automated Program 3 Build Your Strategy 4 Create Your Assets 5 6 Bring It All Together 7 Appendix 8
  2. 2. Welcome Nurture Overview A Welcome Nurture is core to any B2B company’s lead nurture strategy. Here’s a playbook to get up and running quickly...and in the right direction. Strategy Assets Flow 2
  3. 3. How to Plan: Any Automated Program “Content First” Approach 1 3rd Step “Flow First” Approach 2 Strate- As- 2nd Step Create Assets 2nd Step Flow Lists. Email Templates. Landing Pages. Tweet Content. Salesperson Phone Scripts 3rd Step Build Strategy 1st Step 1st Step Nurture Goals. Targeting. Messaging 3
  4. 4. Build Your Strategy Welcome Nurture Strategy Goals Maintain engagement level with new leads Learn more qualify leads about a and provide prospect’s basis for lead motivation scoring and needs Enable prospects to learn more about your company and products Ensure that “no lead is left behind” Assets Targetting All new prospects added to the database Flow Channels Messaging Email Twitter May we Welcome connect to the conversation. with you on Twitter? Phone Quick Poll: Use Case / Business Need/ Interest? 4
  5. 5. Create Your Assets Lists • • Inputs to nurture campaign Outputs of nurture campaign Email Templates • • Design and copy Call to action Landing Pages • • • Design and copy Call to action Tweet Content • Salesperson Scripts • nurture 5
  6. 6. Triggers that • Start nurture • Progress / move forward in nurture • Remove from nurture Actions that determine • pect’s engagement with nurture assets Conditions to • Set additional business logic for triggers and actions 6
  7. 7. Bring It All Together Bislr’s Own Welcome Nurture 1 2 5 7 10 9 3 4 6 8 1 Touch 1 Email 6 Touch 2 Resend 2 Wait / Delay 7 Touch 3 Tweet 3 Touch 1 Resend 8 Touch 3 Email if no 4 Check for “Open” Twitter handle found 9 Ask for Need/Use Case 5 Touch 2 Email 10 Send to Sales 7
  8. 8. Appendix Messaging & Calls to Action Examples WELCOME NURTURE: Touch 1 WELCOME NURTURE: Touch 2 Thanks for connecting with [Company name] recently. We’re sending you a quick note to welcome you to the conversation. Thanks for being a part of Bislr’s ongoing conversation We’ll occasionally share new offers and resources you may Share updates via your Twitter feed ready to transform their digital marketing: eBooks Video demos Slideshows popular eBook ever: Website Redesign: What Every B2B … and more. [CTA BUTTON – See Resource Center] [CTA BUTTON – Enter Twitter Name.] Enjoy.   The [Company Name] Team The Bislr Team WELCOME NURTURE: Touch 3 Quick Poll: Your Biggest Need for [SOLUTION / NEED – Note: Not a product name.] We’re taking a quick poll to ask professionals like you about their needs for [SOLUTION / NEED – Note: Not a product thinking about this topic. [CTA BUTTON – Take the Quick Poll.] The Bislr Team   8