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Gone Pro Engagement Services


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Gone Pro provides engagement and career management services to former collegiate and professional athletes by partnering with Athletic Alumni Associations, Colleges and Universities Athletic Departments, Professional Retired Player Organizations and other sports organizations.

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Gone Pro Engagement Services

  1. 1. Partner with us for Powerful Results Gone Pro provides engagement and career management services to former collegiate and professional athletes by partnering with Athletic Alumni Associations, Colleges and Universities Athletic Departments, Professional Retired Player Organizations and other sports organizations.
  2. 2. Organizational Focus Gone Pro’s service’s provide your club the platform to: • Enhance the sense of community within your club • Increase membership and club affinity • Stay connected and keeps members up-to-date with all club accomplishments and activities • Facilitate targeted communications • Allow members to assist each other in achieving career ambitions • Access post-athletic career assistance • Share job opportunities • Receive additional funding through member engagement and website sponsorships Custom Design: Custom website and emails campaigns are provided to your club. Members’ Comprehensive Data: Gone Pro’s applicant tracking system efficiently captures and manages your members’ data. • Allows for targeted communications • Tracks all communication with your members • Stores member data on a highly secure system Business Intelligence: Gone Pro’s customer relationship management (CRM) software is built to identify and develop corporate contacts for job placement purposes. • Collects and manages contact data of hiring managers • Generate interest in your members who are seeking career advancement • Allows for on-going targeted communication to hiring managers • Tracks interactions with companies hiring former athletes Website Public Pages: The website public pages build your club’s online presence. • Raises awareness about your club and encourages others to become involved • Provides “go to site” for individuals seeking to do business with former athletes • Provides “go to site” for companies seeking former athletes • Promotes fundraising and/or sponsorship opportunities • Highlights club news and events • E-commerce capabilities • Enables social media integration *Example designs
  3. 3. Website Pages Website Public Pages - Talent Pool: The talent pool changes the game on how athletes connect with employers. Provides members the opportunity to: • Create a public profile and promote themselves professionally • Upload headshot, resume and highlight athletic and employment experience Provides employers the opportunity to: • Browse and search profiles • Download resumes • Directly connect with your members seeking career advancement Website Public Pages - Business Directory: The business directory highlights the success of your athletic community. Provides your members the opportunity to: • Create a company profile and promote their company • Upload logo, company information, and contact information Provides the public the opportunity to: • Find and connect with former athletes for business opportunities Security/Validation: Secure login for registered members. • Provides access to “private pages” for members only • Maintains all comprehensive data on a secure server Website Private Pages: Login-protected pages, only seen by members who have been granted access. • Member benefits • Club meeting notes • Member news (private) • Searchable member directory to facilitate networking between teammates Website Private Pages - Career Management Services: Your members have access to a full array of career management and job placement services, all finely tuned to help each member achieve their individual goals at every age and stage of their professional careers. These services include: Job Placement, Job Board, Resume Preparation, Career Coaching and Career Assessments. Revenue/Fundraising Opportunities: Website Sponsorships • Sell advertising space directly on your website E-Commerce Capability • Collect dues/payments • Sell club merchandise Continuous Improvement & Support: • Ongoing communication support to members via custom e-mail campaigns • Assist club in providing content to members • Manage members’ comprehensive profile details • Manage corporate relationships • Monitor website performance and statistics
  4. 4. Contact Us Today! Daniel Casteel President & CEO Office: (615) 835-3342 Cell: (615) 975-8889 Chad Edmonds Director of Marketing Office: (615) 835-3355 Cell: (615) 516-6081 Built by Athletes for Athletes About Gone Pro Gone Pro provides career management services to former collegiate and professional athletes, at every age and career stage. Our members benefit from uniquely tailored services, helping them achieve their specific career goals, while providing corporations with the unparalleled ability of targeted recruitment of this high potential group, who have Gone Pro In Something Else®. Gone Pro was founded by a former University of Alabama football player, who understood the importance of teamwork, and the fraternal bond athletes have for one another. He saw the need for providing this group the feedback and coaching in their professional lives that they had been accustom to in their years of competitive sports. As former human resources executive, he also saw the demand for former athletes by corporations who prize the personal characteristics of dedication, determination, enthusiasm, effort and teamwork that are developed after years of training in their chosen sport. And so, Gone Pro was born. Today, it serves as a forum for former athletes to grow professionally, while allowing corporations a place to find unique talent. What Our Partners Are Saying “The Retired Professional Football Players of Chicago are proud of our partnership with Gone Pro, and believes it provides a beneficial advantage to our Chapter and its members. We are excited about the progress our Chapter has made in such a short time, and look forward to the opportunity to grow our Chapter through our affiliation with Gone Pro.” - Reggie Smith, Vice President of the NFLPA Former Players - Chicago Chapter “By using Gone Pro, we have been able to improve our chapter participation at meetings and events, and also help our members professionally through Gone Pro’s career management services.” - Norman Hodgins, President of the NFLPA Former Players - New Orleans Chapter