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Re-inventing an Insurance Agents Portal through UX @ UX-Lx 2014 (Lusitania Seguros)


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Lessons in applied usability for enterprise web applications.
Challenged to re-invent an insurance portal, from the ground up, for Lusitania Seguros, we dug deep into our UX arsenal and started a path with our enthusiastic customer to discover just what it could be.
At project launch we’ve re-discovered how disruptive UX can be and found out as it can serve as a great innovation enabler and transformation engine for whole organisations.

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Re-inventing an Insurance Agents Portal through UX @ UX-Lx 2014 (Lusitania Seguros)

  1. 1. Re-inventing an Insurance Agent Portal through UX
  2. 2. Tough times in the insurance industry
  3. 3. Previous Agents Portal
  4. 4. Ready for Change Motivated to challenge the status quo
  5. 5. 2 possible paths New Design Usability thing
  6. 6. Challenge Create a Page Design
  7. 7. day 1 day 2 day 3 Learn about the app Meet the users Wireframing New vision presentation
  8. 8. PROJECTS CAN BE WON WITH BLACK AND WHITE Wireframes are a great tool to sell a vision Mainly when enriched with business and user context
  9. 9. Mandate Start from Scratch! Extremely supporting environment Designated liaisons inside organization Outlined a UX process plan
  10. 10. Great Multi-disciplinary Team Mkt UX ITBiz
  11. 11. BusinessAnalysis UserResearch Wireframes VisualDesign LiveStyleguide GoLive
  12. 12. BusinessAnalysis Learn the “business” ropes … 1 week
  13. 13. BusinessAnalysis Define clear goals Understand the business Interview main stakeholders Review current application(s) Get some application analytics Figure out the different user profiles Identify what to ask the users
  14. 14. CONTEXT IS KING Don’t learn the business with the users Create a context rich environment Identify goals and constraints
  15. 15. BusinessAnalysis UserResearch Let’s meet the users… 2 week s
  16. 16. UserResearch UserTechnology The car alone will not win any competitions without a great fit with its driver
  17. 17. UserResearch Planning Identify the different user profiles Talk, at least, to 2 users for each profile Dress apropriately – blend in Don’t take a comitee – 2 people, max 3 Bring someone they already trust Go analog – digital is scary
  18. 18. UserResearch What To Do Create rapport Compliments and Complaints Where do they spend their time Known Unknowns vs. Unknown Unknowns 3 things we must fix 3 things we cannot break Gather, organize, prioritize
  19. 19. Users missed the previous app Difference between internet and enterprise users
  20. 20. UserResearch Conclusions Simplify navigation Easier access to information Re-organize main pages Improve invoice management Better overview of their business
  21. 21. EMPOWERING USERS CHALLENGES THE COMPANY Better support to users usually means more access to data More data access means higher transparency Transparency exposes company inneficiencies Company must be willing to buy this fight
  22. 22. BusinessAnalysis UserResearch Wireframes Day dreaming … 3 week s
  23. 23. Wireframes
  24. 24. Wireframes Solution Design Don’t let ideas escape Rich context makes it a ton easier Information organization is key Keep sketching IA comes hand-in-hand with mockups Challenge designs continuously
  25. 25. Simplified navigation Intelligent search
  26. 26. Focus on frequent Activity Events
  27. 27. MOCKUPS ARE A POWERFUL CHANGE MANAGEMENT TOOL Everyone can understand what the changes mean and where the company is headed You can defeat the unknown … make change easier!
  28. 28. BusinessAnalysis UserResearch Wireframes VisualDesign
  29. 29. VISUAL DESIGN IS KEY FOR INITIAL ADOPTION Usability benefits only kick in after the initial impression
  30. 30. BusinessAnalysis UserResearch Wireframes VisualDesign LiveStyleguide 2 week s
  31. 31. LiveStyleguide Why a Live Styleguide Styleguides are key for consistency and quality perception … but also easily forgotten. Live Styleguides support development, by providing snippets of code. Living Styleguides contain ready-to-use components by development, abstracting implementation details.
  32. 32. LiveStyleguide OutSystems Living StyleguideWeb blocks ready to use by developers not copy-paste, just drag-and-drop …
  33. 33. A LIVE STYLE GUIDE GETS YOU IN THE DOOR By creating a ready-to-use component you jump start the development project
  34. 34. BusinessAnalysis UserResearch Wireframes VisualDesign LiveStyleguide GoLive
  35. 35. GoLive Keep it real Keep testing with real users Identify user difficulties Prepare users for what’s coming Understand rampup needed for users Teasers and Presentation Videos Controlled rollout with a BETA version
  36. 36. IT AIN’T OVER UNTIL THE FAT USER SINGS It’s easy to get it wrong Stay close to the users and react, fast
  37. 37. “a lot more friendly” “this is awesome” “more information, more depth” “clean and beautiful, nice job” “this is really good” x 12 times comments from agents on beta launch
  38. 38. Thanks to everyone at which brought this vision to reality and that supported us all the way
  39. 39. Gonçalo Veiga OutSystems UX Services Lead @goncaloveiga