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Mark A illus bio


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Mark A illus bio

  1. 1. Mark A. Gompertz An Illustrated Work Biography
  2. 2. A Distinguished Publishing Career: bringing great content to consumers
  3. 3. Creative Director Content Extensions Hearst Magazines • Developing and executing compelling and substantive content for the company’s print and digital brands, creating a string of bestsellers .
  4. 4. Using archival and new material and leveraging marketing assets to create new revenue streams
  5. 5. Hyperion Books Executive Producer Enhanced eBook Apple hailed it as the #1 enhanced eBook of 2011
  6. 6. Executive Vice President Digital Publishing at Simon & Schuster (CBS Corporation) • Newly created position, reporting to the CEO • Responsible for the strategies, processes and implementation of adult and children eBooks. • Brought an editorial perspective to its imprints, authors, agents, sales and marketing departments
  7. 7. Original and bestselling books as publisher of Touchstone/Fireside (Simon & Schuster) including: The novels of Philippa Gregory with over 9 million copies sold in the US alone This New York Times bestseller spawned Three best-selling sequels.
  8. 8. Even as a publisher, always an editor An Oprah Book Club pick, this book hit bestseller lists all over the Country and sold over 1 million copies.
  9. 9. Eclectic Taste…Consistent Results
  10. 10. As trade paperback publisher at Touchstone/Fireside, many award-winning and bestselling titles.
  11. 11. Publisher of Avon Trade Paperbacks I was one of “Fortune’s Favorites” having the opportunity to edit the great Colleen McCullough
  12. 12. Multiple bestsellers including:
  13. 13. As a senior editor at Crown, I acquired and edited many books including: 35 Weeks on the NY Times bestseller list
  14. 14. Began my career at The Overlook Press where many of the books I worked on are still in print
  15. 15. SKILL SETS • Innovator with extensive knowledge of end-to-end book publishing • Digital expertise that has kept me current • Three years of magazine and consumer behavior experience • Collaborative relationship builder (internal and external) • Content creation and editing skills • Copy writing • Communications • Management • Constant revenue producer