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The Beginning - GolverCard - Precious Metals Investing


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An innovative savings and payment system backed by gold & silver,

GolVerCard offers the benefits of the precious metals investing through gold and silver, with all the advantages of the banking industry.

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The Beginning - GolverCard - Precious Metals Investing

  1. 1. GolverCard Beginning Precious Metals Investing | @GolverCard
  2. 2. Who Is Charles Chang | @GolverCard Let's look at the "who" of GolverCard, our Founder/CEO - Charles Chang Charles graduated with distinction in Commerce and Master Finance from the University of Melbourne. In early 2000s he worked as a financial manager for Credit Suisse and DBS bank in Singapore. On a sabbatical in 2007 he developed a new design for bank-client' trading and saving control, which over 5 years grew to provide solutions to 12 organizations including four of Europe’s biggest banks. What he saw there did not always inspire confidence.
  3. 3. Who Is Charles Chang.. | @GolverCard When the financial crisis hit the global economy back in 2008 - 2009, and although there was an starting pessimistic view of the bullion market process due to its opaque transaction terms which made it unattractive to a private investor. Sensing that more people would soon be looking to buy precious metals like gold and silver, he started planning GolVerCard in 2010. Development of GolVerCard, funded by Charles, started in 2011, and he has been CEO ever since. And he is looking forward to holding gold and silver for many more years, at least until there is a credible alternative to the deeply indebted currency systems of the developed world.
  4. 4. The GolverCard Idea | @GolverCard Everything started with the banking bail-out back in 2009, where currency was created out of thin air and give it to the banks who paid themselves record bonuses for crashing the world economy. During that time I realized that since this problem in our economy and monetary history always repeat itself, echoing all the way back to the beginning of civilization,. I made it my goal to create a system where people had all the features from banks and at the same time real protection from “economic mishaps”, and what better than with benefits offered by precious metals like physical gold and silver.
  5. 5. Why GolverCard Is Here | @GolverCard Since there is a deficit of financial responsibility in many modern governments and financial institutions. And modern currencies and other paper-based value systems will inhibit people from retaining their domestic and worldwide purchasing power. We believe that using gold and silver to provide protection from this problem is a strategy which has been inaccessible to individuals at a fair price. Therefore, we hope to create a world beyond cash and currency. Where we use our technology and expertise to make people's financial life, wealth and payments safe, simple and smart.
  6. 6. GolverCard Explainer Video GolverCard is an innovative savings and payment system backed by gold & silver. We offer the benefits of the precious metals industry through gold and silver, with all the advantages of the banking industry. Watch Our Explainer Video!