GH and V-Tech


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GH and V-Tech

  1. 1. Despite the technology luxuries in today’s world of rapid-fire communication, consumers areexpressing a desire for more meaningful connections. As such, GolinHarris created a platformwith VTech’s adagency to advocate the power of talk, highlighting the home phone as the bestway to “Stay Grounded” with quality conversations that count. Elements included a microsite,media outreach, sweepstakesand social media programs. The campaign generated more than443 million media impressions, with strong endorsement through blogs and social mediaplatforms, as well as traditional media.
  2. 2. Maintaining personal and family connections is a top priority for VTech’s core audience ofwomen ages 25-44. To create a dialogue about “staying connected,” GolinHarris implementeda multi-faceted partnership with the Satellite Sisters, former radio personalities and owners ofan online news/talk property for women. The campaign encouraged women to share stories abouttheir ‘Satellite Sister’ – the key person they call when they want to connect. The integratedcampaign, which culminated in a vacation giveaway, resulted in more than 33 millionmedia impressions.
  3. 3. To highlight its first home audio device, the IS9181, which connects users to thousands offree Internet radio stations worldwide, VTech held the “Timeless” Concert Series as an homageto arrangers and composers as the predecessors to today’s “beat makers.” Our team’s outreachto music/entertainment press and event sites generated awareness of the brand among musicenthusiasts, and resulted in coverage in top outlets including FILTER Magazine, Los,,, NPR and more. Overall, the “Timeless” series generatedmore than 170 million media impressions.
  4. 4. To garner awareness about VTech cordless phones during the 2008 holiday season,GolinHarris implemented a twist on the “phone hot line.” Designed to reinforce home phonesas important tools to keep people connected, served as an onlineresource for consumers to connect with peers for gift ideas. To promote the microsite, a familytechnology expert drove home messages about phones as personal connectivity attracted thousands of unique visitors, increased Twitter accountfollowers and contributed to one of VTech’s most successful shopping periods.
  5. 5. Using the breadth of our media expertise and relationships, we keep VTech connected to awide variety of media, including women’s, men’s, family/parenting, shelter, tech and generalconsumer outlets.Whether it’s reviews outreach, product seedings, promotions or creativemailers, we understand how to highlight VTech’s offerings to both consumer technology andlifestyle media. Over the years, we’ve secured a variety of toptier placements, includingThe Wall Street Journal, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, LAPTOP, Marie Claire,Real Simple Online and more.