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GH and Nintendo


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GH and Nintendo

  1. 1. On Nov. 19, 2006, Nintendo introduced a new kind of video game system. The Wii consolefeatured a unique interface and style of play. We worked with Nintendo to develop a strategythat leveraged traditional PR tactics, word-of-mouth marketing and viral activities to build buzzand advocacy for Wii. For the launch campaign alone the team placed more than 10 billionimpressions. Wii and its motion controls were widely embraced as the new order of video gameproducts and play.
  2. 2. Consumers have always responded with enthusiasm to Nintendo’s portable video game systems,and we have been there every step of the way. From multiple varieties of the Game Boy brand tothe current Nintendo DS family of systems, we have worked with Nintendo to communicate theon-the-go fun that its games provide. As the systems have evolved, so have their users.Today people of all ages use Nintendo’s hand-helds to train their brains, cook recipes andhave fun together.
  3. 3. How do you turn what looks like an ordinary bathroom scale into a legitimate fitness tool andthe most innovative video game going? With a few key assets and simple, effective messages,in the space of three months, Nintendo’s Wii Fit became a media darling, the fitness choicefor gamers and a craze for everyone from families to P.E. teachers. We placed Wii Fit featuresin more 2,000 publications such as Newsweek and Shape, with impressions totalingmore than 2 billion.
  4. 4. We worked with Nintendo to transform Military Island in New York’s Times Square into an urbanoasis for a day, complete with game kiosks nestled in 50 tons of sand, a pool, lounge chairs andfruity drinks. The visual spectacle attracted thousands of participants and was featured onGood Morning America through a live remote broadcast. The campaign’s creative ideas producedmore than 1.6 billion media impressions and propelled the game to one of the most prominentreleases in Nintendo’s history.
  5. 5. We helped Nintendo launch the Pokémon phenomenon in the United States in 1998, and thefranchise is still going strong. To drive awareness for the launch of Pokémon Diamond andPokémon Pearl, we worked with Nintendo to develop a launch event that included a timely,charitable Earth Day partnership, use of new media site and even an “appearance”on the Today show. A record-setting 5,000 consumers attended the launch event, and the titleshave sold more than 5.7 million in the United States alone.