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GH and International Kids Fund


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GH and International Kids Fund

  1. 1. Our work with IKF is rewarding on its own; however, we are proud to have had one of our effortsrecognized as a leading media relations campaign within the PR industry. Lai Thi Dao,a Vietnamese teenager, suffered from a 16-pound tumor on her face. Our team planned andimplemented a media relations campaign that raised more than the $107,000 needed toperform Lai’s surgery. We secured more than 29 million media impressions in outlets such asCNN, MSNBC, Hoy, Primer Impacto and Associated Press. Our campaign won the 2009 SABREAward for Not-For-Profit Campaign of the Year and 2009 PRWeek Award for CommunityRelations Campaign of the Year.
  2. 2. IKF relies on the support of the community to continue its mission; as a result, media relationsis an integral part of its strategy. On a regular basis, our team works with IKF to discoverextraordinary facts about each child and plan how to tell his or her story to media. We plan andmanage press conferences and secure interviews to raise awareness of each child’s case. Sincethe beginning of our relationship with IKF, we have coordinated media/fundraising campaignsfor more than 10 children, including Marlie Casseus and Adrian Raheal, resulting in more than40 million media impressions.
  3. 3. Our team partnered with IKF to manage the media relations component of its annual Circle ofHeroes Luncheon, a gathering of prominent women in the community, to celebrate IKF’saccomplishments and raise money for the organization. We developed and distributed mediamaterials, and also managed media at the event. Our efforts garnered widespread coverage inthe community, with 100 percent message penetration, in outlets such as the Miami Herald,Selecta magazine and Social Miami.
  4. 4. Working with the local United Way chapter, IKF planned to honor a local resident dedicated tocommunity service. We jumped in to promote IKF’s honoree, Federal Express executiveJuan Cento, and build awareness of the organization’s humanitarian work. Our team managedall aspects of a comprehensive media campaign, developing and distributing materials, pitchingmedia, and securing and staffing interviews. We also leveraged the honoree’s prominence toeducate new influencers about IKF’s role. Our efforts resulted in media coverage throughoutSouth Florida, including The Miami Herald and Key Biscayne magazine.