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GH and Alberta Health Services


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GH and Alberta Health Services

  1. 1. Baby Steps is a 30-day pilot program to reduce smoking rates among pregnant smokers andnew mothers in central Alberta. Its primary goal is to encourage pregnant women to call a quitline for support. We developed an integrated campaign centered on real stories of mothers andexpecting mothers struggling to quit.Total calls to the quit line nearly doubled during the pilot. Annual calls from pregnant smokersquadrupled.
  2. 2. Our team developed a brand, identity, and marketing campaign to promote a grouptobacco-cessation program, named Quitcore, that was expanding across the province.Quitcore marketing elements included a kickoff event in Calgary with all major media,a series of interviews with counselors and participants, paid radio and print advertising,and an outreach effort to public health and medical communities. Enrollment in theprogram has exceeded expectations and consistently increased with each newset of classes.
  3. 3. Our team was tasked with recruiting medical professionals to attend T.E.A.C.H., a courseteaching methods and resources to get patients to quit. While the program is widely respectedin parts of Canada, it had little awareness in Alberta. We designed trade advertising, a directoutreach campaign, and an earned media effort that resulted in better-than-expected attendanceat all training sites.
  4. 4. Medical professionals are powerful influencers in helping people quit. We solicited their adviceand direction when we created a promotional plan and supporting materials for our client’s“Ask, Advise, Refer” program. Based on input from our panel of medical professionals,we created compelling promotional materials that featured real-life scenarios and situations.These materials have since gained universal approval and now are ready to be implementedon a larger scale.