GH and Georgia Department of Economic Development


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GH and Georgia Department of Economic Development

  1. 1. When the Governor took an executive mission to the world’s second largest air show,GolinHarris was with him, ensuring the region and industry knew why Georgia was a leadingplayer. The GolinHarris Dubai office in the U.A.E. secured high-level, regional business andindustry media engagements for the Governor. We got him in front of the right people at theright time to help Georgia tell its story of aviation leadership to a global audience.
  2. 2. A newly-added division to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Tourism was animportant source of revenue for the state. During tough economic times when tourism was atits low, GolinHarris created a campaign reaching travelers within driving distance from Georgia,marketing low-cost vacation options that cut travel time and costs. The program brought inpsychologist Dr. Ashby who spoke about the importance of vacations to family life and generatedmillions of radio impressions within the Southeast U.S.
  3. 3. At a time when biotechnology was named a priority industry, the world’s largest gathering ofindustry professionals held their annual convention in Georgia. Keynoted by Sir Elton John andon the global stage, the conference was a premier venue to market the state; however, industryin Georgia was fragmented and the players numerous. As a solution, GolinHarris brought 20 to30 state biotechnology leaders, executives and academics together, speaking in one, compellingvoice. We were able to help Georgia stand out from the rest.
  4. 4. When Georgia wanted to showcase its aggressive new entertainment incentives, we went straightto the decision- makers of the nation’s top production companies. Our team helped connectand cultivate relationships for the state with key influencers at target production companiesincluding Jerry Bruckheimer Films, NBC Universal, DreamWorks Studios and Lions gate througha series of mission trips to the West Coast. The state has since seen a significant increase inthe number of entertainment projects and activity in Georgia.
  5. 5. Logistics is not only the backbone of an economy, but an industry in itself. Home to theworld’s busiest airport and fastest-growing container port, Georgia is less known for its logisticsexpertise. To showcase the ease of doing business in Georgia and help drive investment into thestate, GolinHarris designed a “virtual supply chain” media tour, drawing international journalistsfrom around the world. We were able to secure compelling stories showcasing the state’slogistics industry, several of which have directly generated new business leads for Georgia.