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  1. 1. While OJ is a staple in many households, hectic mornings and other beverage optionssometimes keep it from becoming part of the daily routine. We targeted busy families to helpprioritize meaningful morning activities, reinforcing how a glass of OJ can help fuel the dayahead. By enlisting celebrity mom Nancy O’Dell and leveraging behind-the-scenes videos andonline outreach, we illustrated how families can start the day off right simply by connecting overa glass of OJ. Media relations activities capitalized on O’Dell’s notoriety to generate interest anddeliver OJ’s “meaningful morning” messages, resulting in more than 180 million impressionsand over 14,000 new fans to the OJ Facebook page.
  2. 2. To protect the market for grapefruit, we educate reporters to make sure inaccurate media reportsdon’t see the light of day. We proactively monitor and respond to stories about grapefruit’spotential to interact with certain prescription drugs in real time. For example, a Europeanmedical journal report inaccurately linked grapefruit to a life-threatening health condition.Before the story spread to general media, our team provided reporters scientific facts andexpert perspective. Our early alert system and integrated reaction helped minimize coverage,achieving balance in stories that did appear.
  3. 3. OJ packs a powerful vitamin C punch, so cold and flu season presents an opportunity to create acompelling sense of urgency among all consumers for starting each day with a glass of OJ.We refresh the story each year, leveraging research, experts and retail partnerships. We educateconsumers on how to maintain a healthy immune system naturally with nutrient-rich food andbeverages like 100% orange juice. Featuring OJ in healthy recipes, the program has tappedgrocery store flu-shot clinics to spotlight OJ as a hero in the fight against cold and flu, reaching80 million consumers and $1 million in incremental sales for one retail partner.
  4. 4. With the Well-Being woman constantly surrounded by health, beauty and nutrition messages,FDOC had to be creative in how to position Florida grapefruit and 100% grapefruit juice as theproduct for head-to-toe health and beauty. From exclusive, interactive “Juicy Scoop” events withlocal experts in key markets to a targeted social media channel where Well-Being women couldlearn and share the latest health, wellness and beauty tips, Florida grapefruit and 100%grapefruit juice were positioned as a fun, delicious and an on-trend way to stay healthy.Throughout the campaign, FDOC distributed more than 8,000 glasses of juice among target,generated 70 million impressions and gained more than 30,000 new fans to theJuicy Scoop page on Facebook.
  5. 5. With the goal to maintain share leadership in key international markets, we developed aglobal campaign focused on the superior quality and health benefits of fresh Florida grapefruit.Collaborating across our offices to share resources, trend insights and ideas, teams in Canada,UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden then independently executed the programto ensure relevance among their consumers through tips, recipes and health information.More than 400 media stories reached 187 million consumers, and Florida held its market sharelead in each country.