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Goliath consulting group

  1. 1. Goliath Consulting Group We specialize in making your restaurants more profitable by improving operations and training, building an efficient supply chain network, and creating breakthrough marketing plans. We also have the experience, tools, and resources to grow your concept from one restaurant to 1000 and beyond. The Goliath team is a group of restaurant professionals with a wide spectrum of experience. Our areas of expertise include: marketing, operations, training, supply chain management, and restaurant development. The Goliath team is equipped and ready to help you achieve your business goals and vision. We have alliances with companies that complement our core strengths and are the best at what they do. We stay up to date on current trends and continually look at improving our process through a wide range of resources. Our Mission: Turning your vision into reality is our goal. We do this by listening, acting on your needs, and using our expertise to help you create a sustainable, profitable future. Our Focus: Operations: controlling costs and improving efficiency through streamlined systems and processes Supply Chain Management: growing margin by reducing food, paper, and distribution costs Marketing: increasing sales and ROI with a customer focused, brand building approach Strategic Growth Plans: building a road map for successful restaurant unit growth Business Assessment The first step is to analyze all facets of your business and together diagnose issues and opportunities. As part of the assessment, we look at the overall concept from image to execution. Restaurant systems are analyzed, purchasing and distribution, the physical plant is assessed, and the brand image is reviewed. We also analyze how well the business is integrated and working together across functions. After gathering a snapshot of where your business is today, we will work with you to find the areas with the greatest potential. From there, we provide the tools and resources that you need to build sales, profits and market share. We provide individual assessments in each of our core functions: marketing, operations, supply chain, and strategic growth. Operations and Training Our operations’ consulting is founded in decades of experience with the world’s premier restaurant operations company, and other successful chains both small and large. We leverage our knowledge of systems and training to improve your operational efficiency and increase throughput. Our assessment covers both the front and back of the house and we deliver an action plan with clear recommendations to immediately improve service, food costs and labor
  2. 2. Supply Chain Management We will conduct an in­depth assessment of your procurement and distribution system and utilize our experience, knowledge and resources to reduce costs, increase margins and ensure the highest food quality and safety. Our team has managed the supply chain for multiple companies for more than thirty years and knows how to secure the products you need at the lowest rates. Marketing Breakthrough marketing that brings in more guests and drives increased average check is vital to a restaurant’s success. We are experts in marketing on a local, regional and national basis and know how to link marketing and operations to build your business. Our marketing evaluation begins with a deep understanding of your current marketing plan, your goals, your customer base and your competition. Our recommendations are grounded in consumer insights with real­world budgets and specific action steps to drive the business. Strategic Growth Plans Growing your business from one location to five or from 50 to 500 takes planning and experience. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to help you grow your co ncept. The Goliath Team will work with you to develop a smart, efficient and profitable development plan for your business. Our goal is to deliver a plan that builds consistent year over year sales, profit and market share growth. We will give you the advice and tools to avoid the pitfalls that many restaurants experience when adding additional locations, expanding into new markets, and adding new product lines. Profitable, sustainable growth is attainable with a well­developed strategic growth plan. Contact Information Address: 6001 Live Oak Parkway, Norcross, Georgia 30093 Ph: 404­585­2095 Fax: 404­585­4785 Email: getresults@goliathconsulting.com Web: www.goliathconsulting.com