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2016 BPO Outsourcing Redefined


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2016 BPO Outsourcing Redefined by Golden Gate BPO Solutions. With a solid track record of global success, we help your organization evolve from a value provider to a deliverer of commodities with lower margins. Read on to discover what makes us different and how our more than 100 combined years of experience as executives of high growth ContactCenters make us a great partner for your business.

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2016 BPO Outsourcing Redefined

  1. 1. Increased speed to market, implementation and launch through entrepreneurial culture and management commitment
  2. 2. Achievement of operating efficiencies through a balance of commitment to best practices and customization of these practices to maximize the results of each program scope
  3. 3. Competitively priced solutions that yield a lower cost of outsourcing to our clients
  4. 4. Delivering a great customer experience should be at the center of each and every customer interaction We must possess a relentless commitment to operational excellence and culture of continuous improvement A customer centric strategy and long term thinking results in customer loyalty and long-term customer relationships We must possess a relentless commitment to innovation and invention – continuously adapt technology, tools and skills that allow us to engage with a customer through their preferred channel
  5. 5. Resource •Our advice, assistance and guidance must be grounded in placing our clients’ needs first Understanding •We must understand our clients’ business and needs so we can engage as a value added partner and true extension of their team and company Perspective •We must share our perspective and ideas with our clients based on the experience we have gained through our own successes and failures Relationships •Our commitment to people and forging life long relationships is paramount to everything we do and everyone we work with
  6. 6. Tier 3 Outsourced Providers Small to Mid- Sized Company Limited Brand Awareness Limited Vertical Experience Niche Service Offerings/Best Practices <200 WS Per Program Tier 2 Outsourced Providers Medium- Sized Regional Brand Building Global Reach Building Vertical Experience Best Practices Framework 200-500 WS Per Program Tier 1 Outsourced Providers Large Company Global Brand Global Reach Category Killer Rigid Best Practices 500+ WS Per Program OUTSOURCED CONTACT CENTER CHOICES FOR CLIENTS Standardization/ Commodity Customization/ High Quality
  7. 7. 7 Locations USA 2 Locations Dominican Republic 2 Locations Belize • Ada, OK • Atlantic City, NJ • Bemidji, MN • Fort Lauderdale, FL • Miami, FL • Phoenix, AZ • Scottsdale, AZ • Belize City • Santiago • Santo Domingo 1 Location Philippines • Clark Economic Zone
  8. 8. Complete Customer Life Cycle Solutions – Multichannel Delivery •Sales & Promotions to Existing Customers •Loyalty Marketing & Service •Affinity Marketing Services •New Product Launch Sales & Support •Customer Save Channel Support •Direct Response Sales & Support •Social Media Contact Management Acquire •Customer Care •Technical Support •Help Desk •Web-Based Solutions •Account Servicing •Collections •BPO Back-Office Solutions (Essential Functions) •Save and Retention Channel Retain •Sales & Promotions •Market Research •Lead Generation •New Customer Acquisition •Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Grow •Data Analytics •Brand Awareness Services •Concept & Product Testing •Quality Monitoring & Recording •BPO & Back-Office Solutions (Non-Essential Functions) Optimize
  9. 9. Cable, MSO and Satellite Consumer Electronics Ecommerce/Internet Education/Online Education Successful Outsourcing Requires Subject Matter and Operating Expertise Financial Services Healthcare/Pharmacy Insurance and Warranty Media and DRTV Retail and Consumer Goods Technology Telecommunications Transportation/Logistics/ Auto Travel Utilities/Energy
  10. 10. Country/Region has Favorable Business and Legal Environment Mature and Top Operator within Country/Region Financial Strength Ability to Expand/Scale Desire for Success and Growth within the Country/Region Philosophy Commitment to Excellence in Service Belief Shared Core Beliefs – Client and Customer Attitude Each Client is the Most Important Transparency Realization of Who We are and Who We Are Not Trust Sound Business Judgment – Does Not Overcommit
  11. 11. If You Aren’t Willing to Fight for What You Believe in Then Don’t Even Enter the Ring Five Personal Characteristics of a Truly Consultative Sales Person • • • •
  12. 12. Understand Client Business Determine Client Needs Scope of Work Operationalize
  13. 13. We want to be your partner, advisor, and cheerleader. • We Can Deliver Moments of Exceptional Customer Service • Our Culture of Empowered Employees does Support “Wow” Moments that create an awesome Customer Experience • We Understand when Your Customers are Happy, their Business Grows • We Will Promote a Culture of Living the Brand • We Want to Turn Your Complaints or Customer Touch Points into Opportunities Customer Situation Re-Purchase Probability Purchased product and you had no problems Product had problems and you had a poor customer service experience Product had problems and you had a positive customer service experience 78% 32% 89% Source : Benchmark Portal Inc. / Purdue University