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GoldStrike / AXP PowerPoint Feb 3 2011


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GoldStrike’s focus is to become the foremost Gold explorer in the White Gold Camp, Yukon, within the 2011 exploration season. Our aim is to build shareholder wealth by acquiring key Gold exploration assets followed by aggressive, systematic exploration resulting in discovery.

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GoldStrike / AXP PowerPoint Feb 3 2011

  1. 1. On Track for Discovery<br />February 2011<br />
  2. 2. FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS<br />This presentation may contain forward-looking statements, including management's assessments of future plans & operations, expectations of future production, cash flow & earnings. These statements are based on current expectations that involve a number of risks & uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. <br /> <br />Forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of words such as “believes”, “anticipates”, “expects”, “estimates”, “may”, “could”, “would”, “will”, or “plan”. Since forward looking statements are based on assumptions and address future events and conditions, by their very nature they involve inherent risks and uncertainties.<br /> <br />Actual results relating to, among other things, results of exploration, reclamation, capital costs, and the company’s financial condition and prospects, could differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements for many reasons such as but not limited to; changes in general economic conditions and conditions in the financial markets; changes in demand and prices for the minerals the Company expects to produce; litigation, legislative, environmental and other judicial, regulatory, political and competitive developments; technological and operational difficulties encountered in connection with the Company’s activities; and changing foreign exchange rates and other matters discussed in this presentation.<br /> <br />Persons should not place undue reliance on the Company’s forward-looking statements. Further information regarding these and other factors, which may cause results to differ materially from those projected in forward-looking statements, are included in the filings by the Company with securities regulatory authorities. The Company does not assume any obligation to update or revise any forward looking statement that may be made from time to time by the Company or on its behalf, except in accordance with applicable securities laws, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.<br /> <br />The TSX Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the contents of this presentation, that has been prepared by management.<br /> <br />This presentation does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities of the Company in any jurisdiction. Any such offer or solicitation will be made only in accordance with all applicable laws. The common shares of the Company will not be and have not been registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and may not be offered or sold in the United States, or to a U.S. person, absent registration or applicable exemption therefrom.<br />1<br />
  3. 3. CORPORATE OVERVIEW<br /><ul><li>AXP + C.O.B. (CHANGE OF BUSINESS TO A PURE CANADIAN GOLD EXPLORER) =</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>GoldStrike Resources – A New Ground Floor Opportunity 
  4. 4. Consolidation Totaling 15:1
  5. 5. New Company C.O.B.: Gold Strike Resources Ltd.
  6. 6. Focused On Yukon Gold Exploration
  7. 7. Key Yukon Exploration Gold Prospects
  8. 8. Seasoned Team: Proven Track Record Of Success In The Yukon </li></ul>2<br />
  9. 9. BUILDING SHAREHOLDER WEALTH<br /><ul><li>GoldStrike Resources is building shareholder wealth by acquiring key Gold exploration assets followed by aggressive, systematic exploration resulting in discovery.
  10. 10. GoldStrike’s management, exploration and technical teams have over 100 years of combined experience with a proven track record of success in the Yukon.
  11. 11. This team is responsible for multiple discoveries, including some that have become world class mines. </li></ul>3<br />
  12. 12. ACCOMPLISHED TEAM OF EXPLORATIONISTS<br /><ul><li>DR. LAWRENCE (LARRY) DICK, Ph.D., P.Geo.has over 35 years of mineral experience, and is an internationally recognized explorationist who has been credited with or played a key role in five major mineral discoveries in North and South America. He is very familiar with the Yukon, having spent more than ten years working throughout the Territory including the Carmacks Gold camp and the Nisling Range, which both form part of what is now known as the White Gold District. He formerly held a variety of positions with Chevron Resources Company in the Americas including Exploration Manager, and led the exploration teams that discovered the Golden Bear deposit in British Columbia, and discovered and developed the Can Can Gold-silver deposit in north-central Chile. He is a co-founder of General Minerals Corp. (now Sprott Resource Corp.) and has served for many years as its Executive Vice President and Independent Director, as well as directing its exploration activities. He also founded Copper 1 Inc., serving as its Chief Executive Officer and President, and subsequently co-founded and served as the President, CEO and Chairman of Evolving Gold Corp., before assuming his present role as Chief Geologist and Manager of Resources for Baron Global Financial Canada Ltd. He continues to serve on the Boards of a number of public companies, including Timmins Gold Corp., and is a Full and Fellow Councillor of the Geological Association of Canada Cordilleran Section, and a Full and Fellow Member of both the Society of Economic Geologists and the Geological Association of Canada. For his exploration successes in Chile, Dr. Dick was awarded the Chevron Chairman's Award, and the "Mente et Malleo" award at the Chilean Geological Congress for the most successful exploration team in Chile.</li></ul>4<br />
  13. 13. SPECIAL CONSULTANTS<br /><ul><li>TREVOR J. BREMNER, M.Sc., P. Geo. is a consulting geologist with a wide range of Canadian experience in petroleum, mineral exploration and government. In the mineral exploration industry he worked four years on nickel and Gold projects in NWT and Ontario, three summers for Aurora Geosciences on Gold, lead-zinc, and nickel projects in NWT and Nunavut, and eight summers for Archer, Cathro and Associates on copper, lead-zinc, tungsten, and uranium exploration projects in the Yukon. He also served the Government of Canada for 15 years in a variety of roles, including two years as Yukon's Chief Geologist, one year as Yukon's Acting Director of Mineral Resources, and three years as Head of Mining Legislation in Ottawa, and was instrumental in setting up the Yukon Geology Program (precursor to the Yukon Geological Survey), and helped to devolve mineral resource administration to the Yukon Government. Trevor is a registered Professional Geologist in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwest Territories.</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>TOM MORGAN is a lifetime Yukon prospector with a proven track record of success resulting in many new discoveries. Throughout his years of experience, Tom has developed a tremendous feel for Gold mineralization in the Yukon, whether placer or hard rock in origin. He won Yukon Prospector of The Year Award in 2004, and was an early pioneer who made a significant contribution in confirming the potential of the White Gold Camp. Tom’s property, was subsequently acquired by Underworld. Today, this property forms part of what is the renowned Kinross White Gold Property. Tom’s experience, reputation and long history of proven success in the Yukon will continue to prove invaluable to our exploration team. </li></ul>5<br />
  14. 14. CORPORATE STRUCTURE - POST FINANCING<br /><ul><li>34,000,000 issued and outstanding
  15. 15. 2,000,000 warrants at .30 cents
  16. 16. 4,000,000 warrants at .25 cents within Petro One Energy Corp.
  17. 17. 1M options price ≈ .40 cents
  18. 18. $5.4M CDN cash in bank ≈ .16 cents / share
  19. 19. Management, Insiders and friends ≈ 60%
  20. 20. $7.4M CDN fully diluted cash position = .18 cents a share
  21. 21. MCAP $10M post financing at .30 with 5.4M in the treasury
  22. 22. Strong institutional support</li></ul>6<br />
  23. 23. BUSINESS PLAN<br /><ul><li>AXP / GoldStrike Resources Ltd. is well underway to becoming a pure Gold explorer with an aggressive growth strategy in the Yukon Territory, Canada. In keeping with this strategy the company is currently reviewing many key opportunities, post financing it intends to significantly expand it’s Yukon gold property portfolio.
  24. 24. The next phase of exploration will include:</li></ul>- detailed geological mapping, prospecting, infill soil geochemistry, deep auger sampling and trenching. <br /><ul><li>Exploration will be directed towards confirming key horizons and drill target definition & drilling.</li></ul>7<br />
  25. 25. RATIONALE: The Case for Gold Exploration Investment - Declining Global Gold Production Relative to Demand<br /><ul><li>Given declining global Gold production, mining companies’ demand for reserve replacement and the acute scarcity of new Gold discoveries, there is no doubt that real, economic discoveries will be exceptionally valuable.
  26. 26. During the last 20 years, mining production has failed to satisfy ever-increasing market demand.
  27. 27. This trend has now accelerated. Overall demand is on the rise again, forcing bullion banks to cover their short Gold positions to repay central banks.
  28. 28. At current annual demand rates (about 3,800 tons), world Gold reserves will be exhausted in 22 years.
  29. 29. 86% of the Gold ever produced by humanity has been mined since 1900.
  30. 30. 69% of the Gold ever produced has been mined since World War 2, at an accelerating pace.</li></ul>8<br />
  31. 31. RATIONALE: The Case for Gold Exploration Investment - Declining Global Gold Production Relative to Demand<br />9<br />
  32. 32. RATIONALE: Multiple New Gold Discoveries Across The Yukon In Less Than 24 Months = Several Potential Emerging Gold Camps – ATAC As An Example <br /><ul><li>Northern Miner magazine ranks Yukon 1st overall jurisdiction in North America for Gold exploration, Fraser Institute ranks Yukon 4th in the world. These rankings result from both world-class geological potential and an extremely favorable socio-political environment.</li></ul> <br />Macquarie Private Wealth Sept 15th 2010: <br />ATAC’s Rau Gold Project = A rare find - a potential Tier One Gold deposit<br /> <br /><ul><li>Gold systems of this size and potential are only discovered every twenty years and, therefore, deserve early analyst attention.</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>ATAC Resources (ATC) is in the enviable position of being a junior mineral exploration company that has made a new, potentially large Gold discovery at the right Gold price, in a low-risk political jurisdiction, at a time when the senior and mid-tier Gold producers are bidding for assets held by juniors at increasingly early stages of exploration.</li></ul>10<br />
  33. 33. RATIONALE: The Case for Gold Exploration Investment <br />Why Canada’s Yukon and Gold<br />YUKON<br />11<br />
  34. 34. YUKON MAP<br />Recent Gold Discoveries<br />ALASKA, USA<br />NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, CANADA<br />GOLDSTRIKE – LUCKY STRIKE PROPERTY<br />Kinross/Underworld Deposit<br />ATAC Rau<br />AM Gold <br />Red Mountain Deposit<br />Kaminak Coffee Creek<br />Victoria Gold Dublin<br />Gulch Deposit<br />RockhavenKlaza<br />ATAC Osiris<br />Northern Tiger 3 Aces<br />BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA<br />12<br />
  35. 35. RATIONALE: Multiple New Gold Discoveries Across The Yukon In Less Than 24 Months = Several Potential Emerging Gold Camps – ATAC As An Example (cont’d) <br />New Potential +20moz Carlin-type Gold District: <br /><ul><li>ATAC’s Osiris and Tiger Gold discoveries lie within its 100%-owned Rau Gold project, which is situated in the north-eastern Yukon. Rau is ~ 270km east of and in a separate belt of rocks from the White Gold project that Kinross acquired via the takeover of Underworld Resources earlier this year, for ~ $140m. ATAC’s market capitalization has soared from ~ $200m to ~ $600m.
  36. 36. The senior Gold mining companies have been scouring the planet for the next Carlin-type Gold districts—Tier One Gold systems containing more than 20moz (the Northern Carlin Trend itself is host to more than 100moz of past production, and current reserves and resources).
  37. 37. The Rau project hosts the Osiris Gold target, a near-surface, sediment-hosted, “Carlin-type” Gold-arsenic system being drilled for the first time. Hole 1 intersected 4.65g/t Gold over 65.2m including 9.26 g/t Au over 31.13 m.</li></ul>13<br />
  38. 38. RATIONALE: Multiple New Gold Discoveries Across The Yukon In Less Than 24 Months = Several Potential Emerging Gold Camps – ATAC As An Example (cont’d) <br /><ul><li>From the “Osiris horizon”, surface rock sampling along this 150m-thick, favorable +2.5km-long horizon locally documented 2–39g/t Gold. One hundred kilometres west, Rau also hosts the Tiger Gold zone – a carbonate hosted deposit with over 100 drill holes and +1moz Gold potential.
  39. 39. A single drill hole on the Conrad zone intersected 8.03 g/t Au over 21.13 m, including 13.60 m grading 11.99 g/t Au. ATAC later reported October 20, 2010 the Nadaleen Trend (Sten/Osiris discovery) is defined by a 25 km long, 5 km wide, east-west-trending belt, where stream sediment samples are highly anomalous for arsenic and/or thallium and mercury. Eight days of surface follow-up and four weeks of reconnaissance drilling within a restricted eight sq/km area of the Nadaleen Trend revealed five significant areas of surface Gold showings. Four of these targets were drilled, resulting in three confirmed Gold discoveries at the Osiris, Conrad and Eaton Showings. The remaining 90% of the Nadaleen Trend will be aggressively explored in 2011. Highest Gold grades are associated with intense decalcification or decarbonatization and clay alteration of limestone, and enhanced thallium content -- all of which are signature characteristics of Carlin-type mineralization.</li></ul>14<br />
  40. 40. RATIONALE: Multiple New Gold Discoveries Across The Yukon In Less Than 24 Months = Several Potential Emerging Gold Camps – ATAC As An Example (cont’d)<br /><ul><li>Macquarie concurs with ATAC’s Carlin-type Gold model for its new Osiris target. This analogy is significant, as the prolific northern Carlin Trend in Nevada is host to over 100M oz of past production and resources.
  41. 41. This Gold deposit type analogy is based on similarities in:</li></ul> i) host rock types,<br /> ii) continental margin setting,<br /> iii) alteration/mineralization, and<br /> iv) trace metal signature.<br />15<br />
  42. 42. RATIONALE: Multiple New Gold Discoveries Across The Yukon In Less Than 24 Months = Several Potential Emerging Gold Camps – Kaminak As An Example<br /><ul><li>In 2010, Kaminak supplied abundant evidence that drilling Gold in soils is the best and most effective Yukon-specific technique for targeting potentially massive ore bodies.
  43. 43. Kaminak executed the first-ever drill program on the Coffee Gold project. The Coffee Creek Gold potential was generated and first confirmed by the AXP.V team in the 90sfrom a regional Gold silt anomaly followed by an extensive soils and prospecting mapping program back when Gold was $265.00 an ounce. Kaminak recently drilled eight separate and closely-spaced Gold discoveries in this same area within a 10-kilometre strike length. Discovery holes include:
  44. 44. CFD001 Supremo zone -- 15.5 metres at 17.1 grams per tonne Au;
  45. 45. CFD006 Latte zone -- 83.93 m at 1.08 g/t Au;
  46. 46. CFD027 Double-Double zone -- 35 m at 6.3 g/t Au;
  47. 47. CFD053 Kona zone -- 56.75 m at 2.21 g/t Au and 23 m at 1.92 g/t Au;
  48. 48. CFD064 Americano zone -- 18 m at 2.36 g/t Au;
  49. 49. CFD069 Connector zone -- 11 m at 5.5 g/t Au. </li></ul>16<br />
  50. 50. RATIONALE: Multiple New Gold Discoveries Across The Yukon In Less Than 24 Months = Several Potential Emerging Gold Camps – Kaminak As An Example (cont’d)<br /><ul><li>These intercepts led to Kaminak's discovery at Coffee Creek which feature long intersections of high grade Gold in strongly altered north-south faults ranging from a few metres to 50 metres wide across a 600 m corridor, with grades up to 17.1 g/t Au over 15.5 m, and 21.3 g/t Au over 8 m.</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Up to 10,000 soil samples will be taken across the property including extensions to the existing high tenor anomalies at Coffee, systematic grid sampling over the newly defined Sugar trend Gold-in-soil anomaly, and comprehensive first pass ridge and spur soil sampling across the remainder of the Coffee property.</li></ul>17<br />
  51. 51. RATIONALE: Multiple New Gold Discoveries Across The Yukon In Less Than 24 Months = Several Potential Emerging Gold Camps – Rockhaven As An Example<br /><ul><li>Recent exploration work by Rockhaven Resources Ltd., gives evidence that multiple camps are unfolding at the same time in different regions of the Yukon. Highlights include: 
  52. 52. Intersected 7.20 g/t gold and 260 g/t silver over 15.30m and 32.52 g/t Gold over 3.36m in two separate zones at Klaza, Yukon. 
  53. 53. KL-10-10 is the third drill hole that tested the full width of the Klaza zone. It intersected 1.04 grams per tonne Gold and 14.7 g/t silver over 33.3 m and 1.51 g/t Gold and 7.4 g/t silver over 9.3 m.  
  54. 54. These zones are hosted within a broader interval which averaged 0.70 g/t Gold and 8.3 g/t silver over 74.30 m. This hole was collared 125 m east of the previously announced KL-10-03 (see news release in Stockwatch dated Nov. 1, 2010), which returned 2.29 g/t Gold and 36.1 g/t silver over 19.75 m. 
  55. 55. 225 m east of the previously announced KL-10-07 which returned 7.20 g/t Gold and 260.0 g/t silver over 15.30 m. The Klaza zone remains open to extension downdip and along strike in both directions.</li></ul>18<br />
  56. 56. RATIONALE: Multiple New Gold Discoveries Across The Yukon In Less Than 24 Months = Several Potential Emerging Gold Camps – Northern Tiger As An Example<br /><ul><li>Northern Tiger's exploration activities at the 3ACE prospect have confirmed that the Yukon Territory is the world’s hottest exploration jurisdiction. Highlights include:
  57. 57. First hole collared 60m apart intersected 4.3 g/t Au over 30.3 m (including 13.5 g/t Au over 8.2 m)
  58. 58. Second hole collared 14.8 g/t Au over 10.9 m (including 145.2 g/t Au over 1.05 m).
  59. 59.  Northern Tiger reports that grab samples from its main zone have assayed up to 4,800 g/t (140 opt) Au, and chip samples have assayed up to 1,013 g/t (29.56 opt) Au over 1.1 m. </li></ul>19<br />
  60. 60. GOLD ASSETS: The Yukon – Lucky Strike Property<br /><ul><li>The Lucky Strike property comprised of the Lucky, Strike, and Au claims is bordered by claims owned by Kinross to the southwest, Golden Predator to the North and West, and by Shawn Ryan’s Brew claims to South.
  61. 61. Lucky Strike project totals some 10,000 acres, approximately 4500 hectares.</li></ul>20<br />
  62. 62. GOLD ASSETS: The Yukon – Lucky Strike<br />Pure Gold Exploration<br />On Track For Discovery I AXP TSX.V<br />21<br />
  63. 63. GOLD ASSETS: The Yukon – Lucky Strike<br /><ul><li>Lucky Strike project is located in the heart of an emerging Yukon Gold camp known as the White Gold District.
  64. 64. In contrast to the rest of Canada, the Lucky Strike property is in the part of Yukon that was not glaciated during the last ice age. Therefore, Gold soil anomalies and placer deposits are likely located close to their sources, as proven by Kaminak and Kinross / Underworld discoveries.
  65. 65. AXP / GoldStrike’s Lucky project is northeast contiguous to the Kinross claims acquired via the takeover of Underworld Resources earlier last year, for ~ $140m.
  66. 66. Lucky Strike properties are located fifteen kilometers east of the Kinross Golden Saddle deposit. The survey revealed patterns of structures and anomalous potassium that coincide with extensive Gold trends discovered as a result of reconnaissance soil geochemical surveys reported on Feb. 25, 2010.
  67. 67. The Lucky Strike property contains multiple, extensive Gold in soil anomalies as good as those first pass soils seen originally over the Underworld Golden Saddle Deposit. </li></ul>22<br />
  68. 68. GOLD ASSETS: The Yukon – Lucky Strike Geological Specifics<br /><ul><li>All of AXP / GoldStrike's claims are underlain by the same package of Devono-Mississippian metamorphic rocks that host the Coffee Creek Gold discoveries, and the Golden Saddle and Arc Gold deposits.
  69. 69. The structural patterns closely resemble those associated with the Gold discoveries reported by Kaminak on its Coffee Creek property, 30 kilometres to the south, and the adjacent claims encompassing the Underworld / Kinross 1.6-million-ounce Golden Saddle and Arc discoveries.
  70. 70. The geophysical surveys show that the Lucky Strike property covers part of a regional shear zone with a network of northwest structures that enclose a zone of strongly potassic rocks. Similar structures can be clearly seen on geophysical maps that cover Kaminak's Coffee Creek property.
  71. 71. Numerous linear Gold soil anomalies totaling more than 20 km, with one up to 7 km long, with values up to 75 ppb are concentrated within a potassic zone along well defined key northeast, north-northeast and north-south trends that are interpreted as crosscutting extensional structures as seen at Coffee Creek. </li></ul>23<br />
  72. 72. GOLD ASSETS: The Yukon – Lucky Strike Geological Specifics (cont’d)<br /><ul><li>A historic 585 ppb Gold soil sample taken by Shawn Ryan 3 km west of the Lucky Strike property appears to be located on the same northeast trend as a strong Gold soil anomaly and an associated geophysically indicated structure on AXP/ GoldStrike's claims.
  73. 73. The Lucky claims are less than one km from active placer claims on Brewer Creek, and the property is bisected by a surveyed placer baseline along Simmons Creek.
  74. 74. High-level Cretaceous intrusions on and 1.5 kilometres southwest of the Lucky claims could have provided a source for both potassic alteration and Gold in the metamorphic rocks.
  75. 75. Based on a compilation of all the positive results seen to date, an exploration program of mechanized trenching and deep infill auger drilling followed up by drilling is recommended to confirm the source of the many extensive Gold soil anomalies coincident with key geophysically indicated structures located on the Lucky Strike property.</li></ul>24<br />
  76. 76. <ul><li>Lucky Strike properties show an abundance of key indicators that led to the discovery of Kaminak’s Coffee Creek Gold discovery. </li></ul>25<br />
  77. 77. PEER COMPARABLES AND VALUATIONS<br />Comparables<br /><ul><li>AXP/GoldStrike  (AXP.V) 34M outstanding post financing, 10M MCAP at .30 (financing price)
  78. 78. Radius Gold (RDU.V) 54M outstanding, 40M MCAP
  79. 79. Silverquest (SQI.V) 84M outstanding, 41M MCAP 
  80. 80. Ryan Gold (RYG.V) 25M outstanding, 140M MCAP</li></ul>26<br />
  81. 81. SUMMARY<br /><ul><li>The company looks forward to executing its aggressive growth strategy in this emerging Gold district and the next phase of exploration on its existing Gold assets.
  82. 82. This strategy coupled with the strong relationships in place with top tier project generators and exploration teams with extensive local knowledge is certain to build shareholder wealth. </li></ul>27<br />
  83. 83. CONTACT INFORMATION<br /><ul><li>DAN STUART</li></ul>Direct: 604 971 0293<br />Mobile: 778 233 0293<br />Toll free: 877 566 9089<br />Facsimile: 604 564 8003<br />Accelerate Power Systems/Gold Strike Resources Ltd<br />730 - 1130 West Pender Street<br />Vancouver, British Columbia<br />Canada, V6E 4A4<br />Telephone: (604) 688-8656<br />Facsimile: (604) 688-8654<br />28<br />
  84. 84. APPENDIX<br /><ul><li>ABBREVIATED TERMINOLOGY</li></ul>Au: Gold<br />ppb: Parts Per Billion<br />opt: Ounces Per Ton <br />g/t: Grams Per Ton<br />29<br />