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Holding Physical Gold in an IRA


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In this economy, prudent investors are holding physical gold in an IRA to hedge against inflation and protect their wealth.Over the last few years the value of even the most stable blue-chip shares and many currencies have been decimated by the global financial crisis. For investors that held gold during that time, it has proven to be a safe haven and their investment has doubled. For most small investors, gold is not generally part of their investment portfolio. For something that's been traded for centuries you would think that more people would know about how to profit from trading gold. Luckily the internet is full of useful research on how to get started. Retirement is one financial target that just about everyone has in common and now there is more pressure than ever to ensure you can afford it, so investing wisely now is your only change.

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Holding Physical Gold in an IRA

  1. 1. Holding Physical Gold in an IRA Discover how holding physical precious metals in a Self Directed IRA can help you to both diversify and add profitability to your retirement portfolio.
  2. 2. Holding Physical Gold in an IRA The last decade or so has been painful for the individual investors. From the internet stock and real estate bubbles bursting, the post 911 crash and most recently the great recession, chances are your individual retirement account has taken a huge hit.
  3. 3. Holding Physical Gold in an IRA And the future appears very uncertain for those invested in traditional stocks.
  4. 4. Holding Physical Gold in an IRADid you know the gold backed retirementaccounts have grown over 350% in value since2000? A Gold IRA Investment can also reducethe volatility of your retirement portfolio.Historically, gold has moved counter to thedirection of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  5. 5. Holding Physical Gold in an IRAGold is the ultimate asset and is the purestform of money. We’re no talking about justanother paper asset, but actual physical goldthat’s held on your behalf.Governments can’t devalue it and it has noboard of directors, politicians or centralbankers to tinker with its value.
  6. 6. Holding Physical Gold in an IRASo Why Gold? Gold has been considered to benot only a currency, but a store of value, akamoney for thousands of years.Governments can debase currencies throughover printing (sound familiar?) and inflation isgenerally the result.
  7. 7. Holding Physical Gold in an IRAGold is money maintains its value in times ofinflation. If your investments are strictlypaper, that is stocks, mutual funds, bonds etc.they can suffer the ravages of inflation or bewiped out over night.Remember 2008?
  8. 8. Holding Physical Gold in an IRA• Gold is real.• Gold is tangible.• Gold has real world uses• Gold cannot be manufactured• Gold cannot be deleted from a computer• Gold is a hedge against inflation and economic collapse
  9. 9. Holding Physical Gold in an IRAYour portfolio could be at risk due to sketchyFED policy and volatile markets. A Gold IRA may help you attain the safety andprofitability you want for your retirementinvestments.
  10. 10. Holding Physical Gold in an IRATo learn more about the benefits of a holdingphysical Gold in an IRA , visit