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The Goornong Guide April 2011


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We are a growing community who welcomes visitors.

That's G, O, O, R ....

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The Goornong Guide April 2011

  1. 1. Goornong Guide your link to the Goornong Community Volume 26 Issue 4 280 copies produced each month 1st April, 2011 THANK YOU FOR ALL THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK ON OUR EFFFORTS! WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR COMMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS. WELCOME TO Birthdays Local News! Goornong Guys & Gals: Book review& Crime Report Resident of the month Personal Notices City of Greater Bendigo news Join us online at Become a friend of Goornong! YOU CAN
  2. 2. Pa ge 2 G oorn ong Gui d eWe are a growing community with so much CONTENTSpotential.The Goornong Guide is produced by a small  Local Newsgroup of volunteers to bring you up to date  Articles of interestwith news, events and articles of interest.  CalendarOver 280 copies of The Goornong Guide are  Goornong Guys & Gals:produced monthly by the Goornong GuideCommittee Resident of the monthPRESIDENT: Janet Filbey  City of Greater BendigoSECRETARY: Janet FilbeyTREASURER: Trish Ash newsOTHERS: Lauraine Leheny; Vanessa Haw-  Book reviewkins & Georgina Wood  Crime ReportWe welcome your contributions, articles and  Personal Noticesideas.Email: or  Fun thingsmail to P.O. Box 46 Goornong.  BirthdaysJanet’s Ph: 5432 2202  Classifieds EDITORIAL POLICY 1.To provide a means of communication for all ADVERTISING community and sporting groups in the Goornong The current advertising fees are as follows: District. SIZE YEARLY MONTHLY 2. To produce a newsletter by members on a vol- Business Card $48 $4 unteer basis. 1/4 page $72 $6 3. The Goornong Guide accepts no liability for 1/2 page $108 $9 views submitted by the public. Full page $156 $13 4. The Committee reserves the right to refuse to publish any articles which they consider to be unsuitable .Your ad and hyperlink can also feature online 5. ―The Guide‖ is available FREE of charge, but for an additional 25% of the above fees. donations will be gratefully accepted. VISIT Goornong Traders on MARCH DONATIONS Helping the Goornong Guide to cover the costs of printing. Many thanks goes to: We can also feature you on our  Christina Lonsdale; Face Book page  Elmore Primary Health Care;  Goornong RFB;Deadline for copy is the 26th of each month.  Northgate, Fosterville Gold Mine;Please forward ready made artwork to our  And anonymous contributions email address above or contact Vanessa on 0417 363 710 Donations can be placed in boxes at the Goornong Store, the Drovers Arms hotel and the for further details. Goornong PO. Future donations will be gratefully received to ensure ongoing production.
  3. 3. Pa ge 3 G oorn ong Gui d e HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PERSONAL NOTICES We hope that you have a wonderful day Please let know if you have any births, and that you know how special you are deaths or bereavements you would like in every way! to share SURPRISE SOMEONE PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE A PERSONS NAME MENTIONED HERE. CRIME REPORT BREAVEMENT NOTICE Casey O’Brien We will try to update you on local news and Our sincere condolences to information. Cheryl, Kelvin, Darcy and fami- ly on the sad passing of Casey,In the meantime, please appreciate the support we receive to keep our community safe. On behalf of the Goornong Guide Committee and the Goornong Community.
  4. 4. Pa ge 4 G oorn ong Gui d e NOTICE TO RESIDENTS Goornong Recycle & Waste Transfer Station Open 8am-5pm every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. DUMPING OF GARDEN GREENS OR WASTE IN Most recyclable and reusable items are FREE GOORNONG RECREATION RESERVE IS Basic Fee (recyclable items) 50cents NOT PERMITTED BY MEMBERS OF THE PUB- Full fee (non recyclable waste) $19.00LIC, EVEN IF A PRE– EXISTING PILE OF BURNA- TVs, Screens and Monitors. $5.00 BLE MATERIAL IS FORMED Fridges, Freezers, Air Conditioners $15.00 OFFENDERS WILL BE FINED More information is available can be found on or on 0458 346 952. FROM THE GOORNONG GUIDE COMMITTEE We thought we would start a new WE WISH YOU All A VERY HAPPY EASTER section to feature local characters. ‘Goornong Guys & Gals’ Resident of the month. This can be a story about anyone who lives in the Goornong area . Please feel free to submit any inter- esting information and some pictures. We’d like to know your story! This month is about ‘Vanessa Hawkins’ Page 6 & 7 C a l e n d a r o f e v e n t s A p r i l / m a y April Wednesday 6th Goornong Gals Rec Res. 7.00pm Thursday 7th Hall meeting Soldiers Memorial Hall 7.30pm Monday 11th Goornong Guide Rec Res. 2.00pm Wednesday 13th Recreation Reserve Drovers Arms Hotel 7.30pm Wednesday 20th Landcare Rec Res. Monday 25th C.F.A. Rec Res. 7.30pm May Wednesday 4th Goornong Gals Rec Res. 7.00pm Tuesday 10th Swimming Pool Rec Res. 7.30pm
  5. 5. Pa ge 5 G oorn ong Gui d e Cluster swim sports Our Grades 3 to 5 competed against the other Campaspe GOORNONG schools on March 4th at Rochester They competed in a variety of events across and down the pools. Many reached the finals and placing ribbons from PRIMARY SCHOOL the finals were awarded. news Ph: 5432 2236 Fax: 5432 2425 APRIL MAY 8th End of Term 1 16-20thEducation Week 27th Start of Term 2 SWIMMING SPORTSOur House Swimming Sports were held on Friday 25 th ofFebruary. The students competed with great determina- tion to gain as many points for their house as possible. Campaspe were successful in defending their title with PIE DRIVE FUNDRAISER Robertson second and Bennet a close third. At the start of second term the Parents Club will be hold- ing a Pie Drive with the Elmore Bakery. There is a huge range of pies/pasties/quiches/desserts/etc for sale at rea- sonable prices. Order forms will be available at the Post Office and at School. It is a great way to stock up the freezer for winter. COLES SPORTS FOR SCHOOLS Thank you to the Goornong community for helping us last year with this fundraising effort from Coles for sport- ing equipment for the school. Pictured below are some of the equipment we were able to purchase. Young leaders The Grade 6 students went down to Melbourne to attend the National Young Leaders Conference on March 4 th. Guest speakers included Mike Martin from the Halogen Foundation, Matt Preston from Masterchef, Craig Laps-ley, Chief Fire Commissioner for Victoria, Kate Leemingwho pedalled 22,00km across Africa and Stevie and Tim from Hi-5. All guest speakers shared what leadership meant to them on a personal, community and global basis. They spoke of pivotal moments in their lives when significant levels Louise and Charles are pictured with a new soft croquet of determination and self confidence were required and set and some soft javelins. how these moments had shaped their lives.Some common themes came out and our Gr.6’s spent the BULB FUNDRAISERfollowing week setting themselves some leadership goals Thank you to the Goornong community for supporting for the remainder of the year. our bulb fundraiser again this year. We will be in contact when the bulbs arrive.
  6. 6. Pa ge 6 G oorn ong Gui d e GOORNONG GUYS AND GALS Resident of the Month ~ We are lucky to have them!Breeding success in equine business I went to see the first stallion in Australia, BantryBy JOHN HOLTON, reprinted thanks to the Bay, who was imported by a vet named ArthurEnterprise Magazine & the Bendigo Advertiser. Young.‖ ~~~ It was a watershed moment for Vanessa. In 1987 sheIt’s often said of people in the equine in- graduated as Dux of the college and won a traveldustry that they have a passion for horses scholarship that allowed her to visit Ireland andin their blood. But for Vanessa Hawkins, study the Irish Draught horse first-hand.founder of Equine Sports Breeding (ESB), ―I spent four months travelling 10,000 miles acrossthe past 30 years have been a quest to Ireland (in a Mini!) studying Irish Draught horses,‖ Vanessa says. ―I uncovered previously destroyedbreed the perfect bloodline in event horses. stud records dating back to 1918.‖Through persistence and belief she has established Equipped with this information and the anecdotalone of the world’s leading breeding programs and stories of the old Irish horsemen she had met alongequine properties, right on Bendigo’s doorstep. ESB the way, Vanessa was convinced that crossing thisprogeny regularly compete at some of the biggest breed with the TB (Irish Sports Horse) was the wayevents around the world including the Beijing Olym- forward. But the real key to the puzzle, she believed,pic Games. in breeding an elite athlete would be to start with an Irish Draught mare rather than a stallion.But, like so many young girls, Vanessa’s love affairwith horses began at pony clubs. ―My parents are In 1989, Vanessa purchased her first two mares,English and I was born in Cyprus,‖ Vanessa says. Irish Anna and Irish Bea, and ESB was born. It has―We emigrated to Australia in 1968 and horses were now become one of the largest and most consistentvery much a part of our lives. My parents introduced producers of eventing horses in to ponies at an early age and I was very competi-tive in eventing right from the start.‖ ESB bloodlines are now seen competingThis competitiveness saw Vanessa win the Pony worldwide and include household names suchClub State Championships in 1976 at the age of 16. as Irish Jester, a silver medal winner at theShe went on to compete overseas in 1984, but a con- Beijing Olympics in 2008. But the consistentstant frustration was the search to find the right results are not only due to good breeding, buthorse to take her the next step. an overall concept for success.―I remember thinking, surely it can’t be that hard to ―Team ESB is a joint venture between us asfind a horse with a good temperament, well put to- the breeder, riders in the UK, USA and Aus-gether, with a bit of movement and jump. A horsethat hadn’t suffered from the rigours of racing.‖ tralia, owners, sponsors and supporters,‖But it wasn’t that easy. Vanessa soon realised that if Vanessa says. ―It’s a united and collaborativeshe couldn’t buy the horse she wanted, she would approach to foster the development of riders,have to breed it herself. promote the sport of eventing and to achieve athletic excellence in both the horses and rid-It was the catalyst for a huge change in her life. She ers.‖now had a mission: to produce world class eventhorses and, eventually, establish a major equestrian ―We partner horses with certain riders who are thencentre here in Australia. ―My parents were horri- supported by other members of the team – the own-fied,‖ she remembers. ―I left my nursing career anders and sponsors – to get the best results. Mentoringenrolled in horse breeding management at VCAH plays a big part in our success. If the combinationGlenormiston, a two-year full-time course. clicks, then everybody’s dream of competing at in- ternational level can be achieved. Obviously the pin-It was during my time at Glenormiston that I first nacle is being selected for the Olympics.‖came in contact with the Irish Draught horse.
  7. 7. Pa ge 7 G oorn ong Gui d ePart two of Vanessa’s mission – to establish anequestrian centre – has also come to fruition. Overthe past six years, her 300 acre property, GoldFields, at Goornong has grown to become one ofAustralia’s premier equine centres. Only 15minutes from the centre of town, ironically, fewBendigonians would be aware of its existence.It’s a more than an impressive set up. With capac-ity for 10,000 people, a main arena the equivalentof three Olympic-size sand areas, warm up arenas,cross-country courses, sponsors areas, 17 post andrail horse yards – even accommodation – the de-velopment continues to grow.―Having been Event Director at some majorevents in the past has helped me understand whatpeople want in a venue,‖ Vanessa says. ―In 2009we held the Pony Club State Championships atGold Fields, with 200 competitors and over 600spectators.The property is also home to the Gold FieldsEquestrian Club Inc. which makes these incredi-ble facilities available to the local community ―My aim at this stage of the journey is to help de-and promotes appreciation and interest in equestri- velop the horses and riders of tomorrow,‖ Vanessaan sports, rural living and horse activities. The says. ―For me having a successful business hasaim is to educate, train, coach and encourage rid- always been inseparable from living my dreams.ers of all ages to enjoy the sport. You just have to trust in your own judgement and, above all, enjoy every day.‖“We offer a great facility with access to thewhole property, cross country course and Visit - or Vanessa’s blog at:great riding,‖ Vanessa says. ―We hold www.goldfieldstheproperty.blogspot.comeducation days on the first Tuesday ofevery month and clinics or events on thethird weekend of every month. We attractguest speakers and instructors from allover the country, including Olympicmedallist’s and even internationally later inthe year.‖Vanessa describes her life as colourful and varied(no arguments there). Aside from horses, surfingand skiing have featured prominently. She hasbeen a Director of the Australian and VictorianHorse Council, published the A-Z Horse IndustryDirectory and continues to lecture and educateother horse professionals and those just startingout in the equine industry.
  8. 8. Pa ge 8 G oorn ong Gui d e
  9. 9. Pa ge 9 G oorn ong Gui d e
  10. 10. Pa ge 10 G oorn ong Gui d e MEDIA COUNCIL PROVIDES $110,000 RELEASES TO IMPROVE SMALL TOWNSHIPS CITY KEEN TO KNOW RURAL LAND- Small townships are set to benefit from a range of HOLDERS works following the Greater Bendigo City Council’s allocation of over $110,000 through its annual Small FLOOD SUPPORT NEEDS Township Funding Program.The City of Greater Bendigo is preparing to contact City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Rod Fyffe said therural landholders following recent flooding events in an City’s Small Township Funding Program is closelyeffort to gain a better understanding of the full impact aligned with the Bendigo +25 District Community Plansof the floods on the rural community and what their and the funding will enable seven small townships tosupport needs are. undertake special works and projects that have been identified in their Community Plan.Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Rod Fyffe said the City iscurrently working with the Red Cross to coordinate “This funding program is about our smaller communitiesfarm visits in areas that were flood affected. telling Council what is needed in their own communi- ties. Council is pleased to make this annual funding“We will also write to all landholders in the municipality available as we know it really does make a huge differ-who may have been affected by the floods and ask them ence to our small township communities,” said Cr fill out and return a response sheet to provide uswith important feedback about how the floods have He said Council is yet to consider applications fromimpacted on their properties and what their needs are. Elmore, Heathcote, Marong and Mia Mia communities but will do so before the end of the current financial“North Central Catchment Management Authority year. “All of these communities are still working onmapping shows significant flooding on the flood plains to their applications,” said Cr Fyffe.the north of Bendigo. However, word of mouth indi-cates that flooding has also occurred across many other The following projects have received allocationsparts of the municipality. through the program:- $15,000 toward the development of an Axedale Muse-“We know that people are doing it tough out there, but um.we need to find out the true extent that the floods have $15,000 toward the purchase of a tractor for the Goor-impacted on our rural residents and what their current nong Recreation Reserve.needs are so that we can give them the support they $15,000 to refurbish Lockwood and District Hall toiletneed”, Cr Fyffe, facilities. $5,000 to purchase and install additional rain water“The floods have followed very closely on the heels of tanks at Neilborough Community Hall.extended drought making it extra tough on many rural $28,641 toward a range of projects in Raywood includ-residents. ing the installation of a self composting toilet at Ray- wood Cemetery, replacement of a damaged light“Many landholders may not be aware of the full range of pole, purchase and installation of new awning andgovernment flood support that is available, while others purchase of a new fridge at Raywood Recreationmay not qualify for various reasons but in the meantime, Reserve, repair of white ant damaged wall and in-they may need help with cleanup and to link in with oth- stallation of new vinyl kitchen at Raywood Golfer support services,” Cr Fyffe said. Club, and purchase and installation of new blinds and a new telephone at Raywood Memorial Hall.The City of Greater Bendigo has recently committed to $15,000 towards installation of additional power points,employing Jenny Pendlebury as a full-time Rural Support improved pedestrian and vehicle access and playingCoordinator. Ms Pendlebury will work closely with the surface improvements at Redesdale Recreation Re-Council’s Municipal Recovery Manager and other per- serve.sonnel to identify rural resident’s needs. She can be $16,673 for Woodvale Fire Brigade shed improvements,contacted by residents on 54346479 or via email purchase of a whiteboard for Woodvale Association, purchase of removable AFL and soccer goal posts for Woodvale Recreation Reserve andAll Media Inquiries: Ros Manning 54346114 purchase of equipment to complement activities at Woodvale Hall.
  11. 11. Pa ge 11 G oorn ong Gui d e COUNCIL SUBMISSION CALLS FOR REALIGNMENT OF WARD BOUNDARIESThe Greater Bendigo City Council’s submission to theVEC’s Electoral Representation Review recommendsthe municipality’s electoral structure be based on ninesingle Councillor wards that share equitable voternumbers, communities of interest and logical geograph-ic boundaries.City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Rod Fyffe saidCouncil has acknowledged in its submission that thepresent nine ward boundaries should be realigned dueto the numerous communities of interest allocated tothe two current rural ward Councillors.“Our current rural wards are far too extensive for twoCouncillors and we believe that the boundaries shouldbe realigned to share our rural areas between moreCouncillors.“Council is proposing a model which would see Great-er Bendigo represented by three urban based wardsand six wards that contain a mixture of both urban andrural areas.“The model Council has proposed would align withlocality boundaries – something Council believes is im-portant. The last thing we want to see is strong com-munities divided between wards. AS WELL AS BEING ONLINE WITH OUR“Council is also keen to have input into the renaming OWN WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE, WEof wards,” said Cr Fyffe. ARE GLOBAL!He said Council is not supportive of an un-subdivided Thanks to Sharon Fullex, the Goornong Guide iselectoral structure or multi member wards as this not only being distributed around our regioncould lead to significant communities of interest being [Huntly, Axedale, Elmore, Fosterville Mine, Theunrepresented and could cause confusion of responsi- advertiser and G.o.G.B council] the guide is nowbilities and duplication of effort by Councillors. headed to the States and to England.....“Large numbers of candidates might be confusing forvoters and groups could form within Council in the in In the States our guide is electronically sent to onthe case of a structure where there are no wards,” 5,000 house holds and nearly 1,000 in the UKsaid Cr Fyffe. {these are being printed free of charge}The VEC will release a preliminary report detailing the So the Guide has now just under 6,000 read-range of options that have been identified through the ers ......not bad for a small country town paper!submission process on Wednesday March 30. So if you have something to advertise, feel free For more press release, please follow the to contact us. links from our website WE ARE GREAT VALUE!
  12. 12. Pa ge 12 G oorn ong Gui d e FREE BROADBAND 4 ALL BOOK REVIEWS Want to share your favourite book?Tell us about it and we will feature it in our book review section next time.
  13. 13. Pa ge 13 G oorn ong Gui d e CONTRIBUTED BY KATH READ
  14. 14. Pa ge 14 G oorn ong Gui d e
  16. 16. Pa ge 16 G oorn ong Gui d eCOMPUTERCORNER/ Internet CHURCH TIMESAccess to our computer, printer,scanner and the Internet is available at theRecreation Reserve. St George’s Anglican Church, Goornong:Also photocopying is available at the same area. 2nd, 4th Sundays: 8.00amCost: Computer and Internet Access: St Martin’s Catholic Church, $2.50 per hour—payable on collection of keys Muskerry: Each Sunday: 8.30am Printing/Photocopying: 30c per sheet—payable on return of keys For bookings for St Martin’s Church Contact: Lyn Harrop,ALL BOOKINGS AND ENQUIRIES Ph: 5432 2281should be directed to Janet Filbey, Ph: 5432 2202 Goornong Gals HIRING OF VENUES AROUND GOORNONG CONTACT DETAILS Goornong Recreation Reserve Hall Bagshot Street Goornong Social meeting held on the first Wednes- Contact : Janet Filbey 5432 2202Please leave a message and I will get back to you day of each month. All Welcome Bring something to do Soldiers Memorial Hall eg: craft project, quilting, knitting etc Keys for the Memorial hall can be picked up at the post officeRailway place South, Goornong { Midland Hwy} Venue: Rec Reserve Hall Contact Kath Read: 5432 2240 or 5441 2809 Time: 7.00pm till 9.00pm Goornong Community Gold coin donation and a plate Computer. to share if you wish Please Note: All enquires welcome Ph: 5432 2248 The use of computer is limited toone person per hour unless notified. $2.50 per person per hour MOBILE LIBRARY Mondays 4—4.30pm Outside Goornong Primary School Come along and Support our local library, plenty of books to choose from.
  17. 17. Pa ge 17 G oorn ong Gui d e G o o r n o n g R u r a l f i r e b r i g a d e . F o r f i r e e m e r g e n c y d i a l 0 0 0 The Goornong Rural Fire Brigade meetings are held at the Goornong Recreation Reserve, Community Hall, Our next meeting date (AGM and Election) will be determined at the March meeting due to public holidays. All Welcome Fire Danger period has Ended electric alarms that detect visible smoke. Re-Well I guess it’s no surprise that there has been an search indicates that although both types ofannouncement by the Chief Officer that a declara- alarms give occupants time to escape, photo-tion ending the Fire Danger period has been an- electric alarms are consistently more effective atnounced. Officially the Fire Danger period ended detecting smouldering fires in 1.00 pm on 7th March. I would still like to cau-tion people that even with the rain we have seen a Remember,number of fires, exhibiting quite drastic fire behav- Change Your Clock for Daylight Saving,iour. There is an added dimension for us as fire Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries.fighters in trying to contain fires on saturated pad-docks and the real possibility of bogging fire New Fire Stationtrucks. So I urge everyone to exercise caution Our new fire station is taking shape and going upwhen burning off or using equipment outdoors. quite rapidly. At the moment we expect to have the official opening in June or July and the Goor- Smoke Detectors nong community will be invited to celebrate withThis brings me to my next concern and that is the us on that occasion.increase in structure fires around the region so Iwould urge everyone to check there smoke detec- Captaintor. If anyone is not sure how please contact one David Pattersonof the brigade members and we will arrange for itto be checked. Building regulations state that eve-ry home in Victoria must have a smoke alarm com- Goornong Rural Fire Brigadeplying with Australian Standard AS 3786. Existing Encourages diversity, team work and ahomes may install battery-powered smoke alarms, family atmosphere.but all new houses must be fitted with hardwired-in smoke alarms prior to occupancy. There are It involves itself in community projects.two types of smoke alarms - ionisation alarms that It has a broad age group andpredominantly detect the presence of extremely new members are most welcome.small particles of smoke, and the newer photo- For more information, please contact Captain: David Patterson on 5432 2403 Or Secretary: Felicity Nicholls on 5432 2450 1601 Epsom-Barnadown Road, Goornong, 3557 Visit our web site at
  18. 18. Pa ge 18 G oorn ong Gui d e Rodwells Rochester welcomes Formerly of BR&C Agents in Swan Hill, Michelle Michelle has nowRodwells Rochester is excited to introduce moved to the Roch-our newest staff member in Michelle ester District and al-Boyle. Michelle comes to us with a wealth so enjoys playingof knowledge regarding Real Estate Sales netball with Elmoreand also Water Trading. Netball Club.Michelle will be specializing in Temp Water Rodwells RochesterTrading, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and Agents can assistalso Permanent Sales with contacts you with all inquiries.throughout Vic & NSW. CONTACT:As a Real Estate Agents Representative, Michelle Boyle on 0447 355 603 Water Trading, Rural & Residential RealMichelle is excited and keen to work in Ru- Estate Sales.ral & Residential Sales. Her friendly per- Toy Hoppell on 0427 842 228sonality and diligent, honest work ethic Real Estate and Livestock Saleswill ensure that the high standard of ser- Fiona Alley on 0411 669 134vice Rodwells Rochester’s clients have Residential Real estate sales inquirescome to expect will continue. Bruce Foster on 0418 507 819 Live stock Sales Inquires RECIPE Wes White Bricklaying for All types of brickwork Caramel Slice. 1 packet Marie Biscuits, Free quotes 1 tin Condensed Milk, 3 teaspoons Brown Sugar, Mob 0438441226 Houses, Fences, Renovations, 1 tablespoon Golden Syrup, Patch Ups, Wineries, Sheds 125g Butter, H 0354322205 Laying of new & old bricks Block work Goornong 3557 Crush Biscuits. Melt butter, condensed No Job Too BIG or Too SMALL! milk, brown sugar and golden syrup in saucepan, simmer 8 minutes stirring constantly. Add crushed biscuits, mix well. Press into slice tin, lined with baking paper. Icing. 60g Copha, 125 Chocolate Melts Melt copha & chocolate melts together in a pan over a saucepan of boiling water. Pour over slice, allow to set.
  19. 19. Pa ge 19 G oorn ong Gui d e White Hills Amcal Pharmacy Serving your community for 30 years **Friendly service and advice you can depend on** **The pharmacists are available to speak with you throughout the day** Helping you maintain good health Ann Howe, Mary Boromeo, Megan Sellars – Pharmacists 499 Napier Street, White Hills, 3550 - Ph: 5442 4244 Fax: 5443 9000 **Diabetes Australia Sub-Agent*******Tattslotto and Intralot available. Coping with a can of worms and decreased appetite; but all of these symptoms canAccording to the Australian Museum, there are about be indicative of other conditions, too. (They include6000 species of earthworms grouped into 20 families, haemorrhoids, and candida, fungal and thrush infec-eight of which exist in Australia. They occur in soil, leaf tions.) And sometimes there are no symptoms. So, di-litter, under stones and logs, and even in trees. agnosis can be tricky. Stickiness is what’s used to over-Overall, earthworms are useful chaps; they act as de- come the trickiness. The process involves pressing acomposers. That is: they assist in breaking down ani- piece of sticky tape over the anus in the morning be-mal and plant refuse by munching through organic ma- fore a bath or shower; and asking the doctor to exam-terial to replenish the soil with nutrients. ine the tape under a microscope.But worms which inhabit our insides are altogether a Of the available treatments, mebendazole (Vermox)different kettle of fish – or should that be: a different and pyrantel (Combantrin) are both available withoutcan of worms? They come in all sizes and shapes, usu- quite clearly described by their names; hook, Mebendazole is taken as a single dose regardless ofround, tape and so on. However, far and away, the age or weight; although it is not generally recommend-most common parasites that live in our intestines are ed for children under the age of two years, nor duringthreadworms. the first trimester of pregnancy. The recommendedThreadworm infections are found worldwide and can dose of pyrantel is based on body weight and can beaffect anyone and everyone regardless of age, sex or given to adults and children of any age.socioeconomic group. Nevertheless, threadworm infec-tions more commonly occur in children (the parents of Threadworm infestation is easily spread amongst familyinfected children can also be at risk) - almost certainly members; so if infestation is confirmed or highly likely,because of the way the infestation is transmitted. the whole family should be treated; and as re- infestation is common, re-treatment may be necessaryThreadworms (they’re also called pinworms), unlike for complete eradication.some of the other worms we host from time to time, Effective treatment and prevention of threadworm in-only inhabit humans. They have no desire to be- festation requires attention to personal hygiene as wellcome acquainted with any other animal and you do as routine measures to clean bedding, towels and thenot catch them from animals. house generally to remove threadworm eggs.Initial infestation is usually by oral ingestion; and thefemale worm moves to the anus where she deposits Fingernails should be kept short and clean. Childrenher eggs – held together by an irritating mucus should be urged to stop nail biting, finger sucking or(irritating to us that is; the eggs find it quite comforta- bottom scratching. For everyone in the family the ad-ble). If the eggs are scratched beneath the fingernails vice should be to wash the hands thoroughly with soapthey can be transferred to the mouth and re-infect the and water, especially after going to the toilet, afterhost. They can also be transmitted to someone else by changing nappies and before preparing contact or indirectly via clothing, bedding, towels More details about treatment and prevention strategiesor toys where the eggs can survive for up to three can be found on the Threadworm fact card, which isweeks. available from The White Hills Pharmacy Yours in good healthAs well as the itch and irritation, symptoms of thread- Ann, Mary, Megan and Girls at theworm infestation can include fatigue, disturbed sleep White Hills Pharmacy
  20. 20. Pa ge 20 G oorn ong Gui d e Elmore Community Pharmacy …….… for all your medicinal needs A range of Gifts and Toys! Teddy 78-80 Railway Place Elmore Bear & Phone: 5432 6600 Fax: 5432 6599 Friends Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm / Sat 9am-12pm (most) We can deliver free to the Goornong store. Gifts! Please ring us to arrange your prescriptions. Arthur Pappas – Pharmacist /Jess Stokie – Dispensary Technician Aspect Eyewear – New StylesBeautiful Australian Chocolates Value priced quality medication A large range of Coral Colours cosmetics now available. For Men and WomenNeed a service? Think local…. Ph: 5432 6600 (Note: this site also lists Goornong, Rushworth and Colbinabbin businesses)
  21. 21. Pa ge 21 G oorn ong Gui d eWhen: Saturday, April 23rd 2011. Time: 7-11 pmWhere: Domaine Asmara Vineyard, Cellar Door & Bistro,4 Gibb Road, Toolleen 3551What to expect: An all weather event with great entertainment by Jazz Trio ―Seguĕ‖ Stephen Briggs-Keyboard/Piano, Rebecca Briggs-Vocals, Wesley Hunter-Drums & Percussion, Special Guest: Ben Gibbons-Double Bass Savour regionally inspired gourmet finger foods, match them with 5 star rated wines (James Halliday). Fantastic views overlooking the vineyard and Mt Camel ranges. Champagne welcome drink and lucky draws of some top drops. Possibility of shuttle bus service from various pick up points. Ticket cost: AUD 45 pp, including food and welcome drink (excludes transportation cost) Bookings/enquiries: Andreas or Henni at 5433 6133, mobile 0432 501 135 Online booking at
  22. 22. Pa ge 22 G oorn ong Gui d e Goornong is now on the web! This has a front page which then links to theCOMMUNITY PAGE which looks like this >>>>>>>On the right hand side there are links to other pages:  The +25 Community Plan survey  Swimming pool survey  Become a Friend of Goornong  Goornong Guys & Gals  Goornong Traders  Goornong Notice Board  Calendar of Events  The Goornong Guide online  Press releases from the City of Greater Bendigo  Goornong Guide Articles  CFA news  Local areas of interest  Fosterville  Elmore  Bendigo  The Bendigo Advertiser We welcome your ideas and contributions! PLEASE become a Follower and a Friend of Goornong Elmore cubs & scouts 2011We are a very small Group this year and are hoping to increase our numbers during the year. Par-ents please note we are providing quality programming in a small community as part of the world- wide scouting movement.Scouting is for both boys and girls Elmore offers two separate sections with both cubs and scouts operating under very experienced leaders. Cubs - MONDAY afternoon at 4.00PM Leader in charge: Christine McCormick Phone 54326679 Assistant Junior Leaders Cameron Edwards and Erin Edwards. Scouts – MONDAY nights at 7.00PM Leader in charge - Liz Dow Phone 54326263 We are looking for interested persons to come along and help with leadership. Please contact Group Leader Christina Lonsdale for further details: Phone 54326387
  23. 23. Pa ge 23 G oorn ong Gui d e ANSWERS TO TRIVIA 1/ Skirt; 2/ London; 3/ Roy & HG; 5/ Robyn Hood; 6/ King Lear; 7/ None; 8/ Vlad the Impaler; 9/ 100; 10/ China
  24. 24. Pa ge 24 G oorn ong Gui d e GOORNONG POST OFFICE Open Mon—Fri: 9.00am - 5.00pm Saturday: 9.00am - 12.00am For all your Postal, Bill paying and Banking needs We have an extensive Giftware Range and offer FREE gift wrapping CONTACT Cheryl O’ Brien 5432 2295 TRENCHES, FOOTINGS , POSTHOLES,RIPPING &LEVELING PICKET, PALING & COLOURBOND FENCES DINGO MINI DIGGER ELECTRONIC WATER LEAK DETECTIONS LOCATION AND TRACING FOR ALL:  DOMESTIC WATER PIPES  STORMWATER &SEWER DRAINS  POWER CABLES  TELEPHONE DATAS CABLES  POOL & SPA LEAKS Kel O’Brien Ph:03 5432 2295 or 0418 700554
  25. 25. Pa ge 25 G oorn ong Gui d e Flowers for all occasions Teddy Bears, Balloons, Chocolates, Life like plants Phone Carol and her friendly staff Free delivery to Goornong Monday - Friday after 6pmCylinder AGENTDealer A&A DILLON OLD MURRAY ROAD GOORNONG Phone: 5432 2248 45KG EXCHANGE BOTTLES 9KG BBQ EXCHANGE REFILL BBQ AND FORKLIFT BOTTLES 6 MONTHS FREE RENTAL ON 45KG BOTTLES VERY GOOD RATES
  26. 26. Pa ge 26 G oorn ong Gui d e Septic tanks cleaned Servicing Goornong and sur- rounding areas. 7 days a week
  27. 27. Pa ge 27 G oorn ong Gui d e Contributed by Equine Sports Breeding (ESB)
  28. 28. Pa ge 28 G oorn ong Gui d e
  29. 29. Pa ge 29 G oorn ong Gui d e OK, that’s all of the fun stuff Now we need your input. Unfortunately we’ve been hit with two important surveys at once but that’s life in the fast lane for you. & WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!Attached are TWO surveys which you can either fill in on the attached two pages and return to the Goornong Post Office OR PREFERABLY YOU CAN FILL THEM IN ONLINE. Please log onto the internet and go to then follow the links to complete the following two surveys.Now please log on or pick up a pen & put it into action before you get distracted. 1. GOORNONG AND DISTRICT COMMUNITY PLAN We are reviewing the Goornong & District +25 Community Plan,. If we are going to benefit from the funding and support of local government then we need to put in. So we would REALLY appreciate your thoughts on the following GOALS and ACTIONS of the existing plan. 2. THE GOORNONG SWIMMING POOL Is here for your benefit and needs your support.
  30. 30. Pa ge 30 G oorn ong Gui d e GOORNONG COMMUNITY SWIMMING POOL GENERAL MEETING TIMES:The Pool Committee always welcome those who can offer some time to assist with the run-ning of the pool. There is always something you can do to help—everyone has a skill thatcan be of use!! If you would like to come along, our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesdayof each month at 7.30pm at the Rec Reserve. The next meeting is on Tuesday 10 th May.QUESTIONNAIRE:At the community evening we asked people to fill out a questionnaire regarding the future ofthe swimming pool. Thank you to those who did so. We have included a copy of the ques-tionnaire in this issue of the Guide. Could you please take the time to fill the questionnaire inand drop it back into the Post Office.We need your feedback to guide us in the future decisions of where you believe our Poolshould be headed. This year we struggled with volunteers for the kiosk and it is becomingharder to maintain the upkeep of the pool with less and less volunteers so we need to look atthe reasons behind the lack of support and implement ideas to rectify the situation and wewant to make decisions that are representative of the community that we represent. THE BENEFITS OF SWIMMING
  31. 31. WE NEED YOUR HELP!Please log onto the internet and go to— to complete the following two surveys. Other wise, PLEASE TEAR OFF THE NEXT TWO PAGES, COMPLETE AND RETURN TO THE POST OFFICE.
  32. 32. GOORNONG SWIMMING POOL, page 2