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Goornong Guide July 2011

  1. 1. Goornong Guide your link to the Goornong Community Volume 26 Issue 7 270 copies produced each month 1st July, 2011 THANK YOU FOR ALL THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK ON OUR EFFFORTS! WELCOME TO Birthdays Local News! Goornong Guys & Gals: Book review& Crime Report Resident of the month Personal City of Notices Greater Bendigo news Join us online at Become a friend of Goornong! YOU CAN
  2. 2. P a g e 2 G o o r n o n g G u i d eWe are a growing community with so much CONTENTSpotential.  Local NewsThe Goornong Guide is produced by a smallgroup of volunteers to bring you up to date  Articles of interestwith news, events and articles of interest.  CalendarOver 270 copies of The Goornong Guide are  Goornong Guys & Gals:produced monthly by the Goornong Guide Resident of the monthCommitteePRESIDENT: Janet Filbey  City of Greater BendigoSECRETARY: Janet Filbey newsTREASURER: Trish AshOTHERS: Lorraine Leheny;  Book reviewVanessa Hawkins & Georgina Wood  Crime ReportWe welcome your contributions, articles andideas.  Personal NoticesEmail: or  Fun thingsmail to P.O. Box 46 Goornong.Janet’s Ph: 5432 2202  BirthdaysVisit us at  Classifieds EDITORIAL POLICY ADVERTISING 1.To provide a means of communication for all The current advertising fees are as follows: community and sporting groups in the Goornong SIZE MONTHLY District. 2. To produce a newsletter by members on a vol- Business Card $7.50 unteer basis. 1/4 page $10.00 3. The Goornong Guide accepts no liability for 1/2 page $15.00 views submitted by the public. Full page $30.00 4. The Committee reserves the right to refuse to publish any articles which they consider to be Your ad and hyperlink will also feature unsuitable . online. A 10% discount applies if paid for 5. ―The Guide‖ is available FREE of charge, but 12mths in advance. donations will be gratefully accepted. VISIT DONATIONS Goornong Traders on Helping the Goornong Guide to cover the costs of printing. Many thanks goes to:  Christina Lonsdale; And book your ad online.  Elmore Primary Health Care;  Goornong RFB; We can also feature you on our  Northgate, Fosterville Gold Mine; Face Book page  And anonymous contributionsDeadline for copy is the 26th of each month. Donations can be placed in boxes at the Goornong Please forward ready made artwork to our Store, the Drovers Arms hotel and the email address above or Goornong PO. contact Vanessa on 0417 363 710 Future donations will be gratefully received to ensure for further details. ongoing production.
  3. 3. P a g e 3 G o o r n o n g G u i d e HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PERSONAL NOTICES We hope that you have a wonderful day Please let know if you have any births, and that you know how special you are deaths or bereavements you would like in every way! to share Our thoughts are with Ian, Sonya and Daniel Jackson. We wish them all a SURPRISE SOMEONE PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU’D speedy recovery after LIKE A PERSONS NAME their accident. MENTIONED HERE. CRIME REPORT WANNA DANCE? We will try to update you on local news and Rock’n Roll; Jazz; Ballroom; information. Jive; Tap; Boot Scootin etcIn the meantime, please appreciate the support we receive to keep our community safe. Would you like to learn how to dance and have some fun on a regular basis? We would like to have lessons and want to know who would join us. Could you please email: or ring Georgina on 0437 460 384 to register your interest.
  4. 4. P a g e 4 G o o r n o n g G u i d e C a l e n d a r o f e v e n t s J u l y / A u g u s t July ~~~ SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ~ July 1—17 ~~~ Wednesday 6th Goornong Gals Rec Res. 7.00pm Thursday 7th Hall Meeting Soldier’s Memorial Hall 7.30pm ~~~ NATIONAL DIABETES WEEK ~ July 10—16 ~~~ Monday 11th Community Plan Rec. Res. Hall 7.30pm Wednesday 20th V.F.F. / Landcare Rec. Reserve Monday 25th C.F.A. Rec. Res. Hall 7.30pm Wednesday 27th Rec. Res. Triennial Meeting Rec. Res. Hall 7.30pm August Monday 1st Community Plan AGM Rec. Res. Hall 7.30pm Wednesday 3rd Goornong Gals Rec. Res. Hall 7.00pm Thursday 4th Hall Meeting Soldiers’ Memorial Hall 7.30pm Monday 8th Cemetery Trust AGM Drovers Arms Hotel 8pm Tuesday 9th Pool Meeting Rec. Res. Hall 7.30pm All meetings and events can be viewed online— LOCAL COMMUNITY GROUPS LOCAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY DIRECTORY You are welcome to join us. Accommodation at The Bush Courtyard 5432 2446 GOORNONG RURAL FIRE BRIGADE Brick laying —5432 2450 5432 2205 COMMUNITY & DISTRICT PLAN Drovers Arms Hotel —5432 2202 5432 2210 ELMORE CUBS & SCOUTS Electrician —5432 6387 5432 2596 GOLD FIELDS EQUESTRIAN CLUB Elmore Primary Care —0417 363 710 5432 6001 GOORNONG CEMETERY TRUST Florist - 5432 2236 5443 5519 GOORNONG GALS Liquid Waste —5432 2248 5448 8478 GOORNONG GUIDE GE Silos —5432 2202 5432 2384 MEMORIAL HALL & HISTORIAL SOC Goornong Post Office —5432 2240 5432 2295 RECREATION RESERVE Goornong Recycling & Transfer Station — 5432 2305 0458 346 652 SWIMMING POOL Goornong Store —5432 2220 5432 2203 CRICKET CLUB United Gas 5432 2248
  5. 5. P a g e 5 G o o r n o n g G u i d e What’s on in July July 3rd -Rock & Roll to ―Knock Knock Rattle‖ Time: 2.00pm till 5.00pm All Welcome July 10—16 NATIONAL DIABETES WEEK July 11th 2011 Discussion on the FINAL draft of the Community Plan The Goornong Rural Fire Brigade meetings are held at the Goornong Recreation Reserve, Community Hall, July 25th EVERYONE IS WELCOME. WE WOULD LIKE MORE MEMBERS! The Goornong Recreation Reserve TRIENNIAL TRIENNIAL MEETING July 27th at 7.30pm MEETING Ph: 5432 2205 The Gold Fields Equestrian Club Inc July 5th, Education Day. July 17th, Rally ALL WELCOME What’s on in August GOORNONG & DISTRICT COMMUNITY PLANAGM Monday, August 1st 2011 at 7.30pm, Rec Reserve Hall. Election of Officer Bearers. *** PLEASE NOTE: We would like you all to come! *** *** HELP SAVE OUR SWIMMING POOL *** TUESDAY, August 9TH at the Rec Reserve from 7.30pm For further information please contact Tony Dillon on 54322220.
  6. 6. P a g e 6 G o o r n o n g G u i d e Goornong TRIVIA QUESTIONS. is now on the web! 1. The young of which animal is called a lev- eret?This has a front page which then links to the COMMUNITY PAGE which looks like this 2. Goodbye & Farewell & Amen was the fi- >>>>>>> nal episode of which TV show?On the right hand side there are links to other pages: 3. In which European city is the Trevi Foun-  The +25 Community Plan survey tain?  Become a Friend of Goornong  Historical dates 4. The shitake is what kind of food?  Goornong Guys & Gals  Goornong Traders 5. What kind of vehicle is a Ketch?  Goornong Notice Board  Calendar of Events 6. Which US country singer owns a dinner chain called Dixie Stampede?  The Goornong Guide online  Press releases from the 7. What is the name of the author who wrote City of Greater Bendigo James & the giant peach?  Goornong Guide Articles  CFA news 8. How many strings does a cello have?  Local areas of interest  Fosterville 9. Azure & cyan are primary shades of  Elmore which colour?  Bendigo  The Bendigo Advertiser 10. The mascot of Sydneys AFL is represent- We welcome your ideas and contribu- ed by what animal? tions! PLEASE become a Follower and a Answers; page 21 Friend of Goornong White Hills Amcal Pharmacy Serving your community for 30 years **Friendly service and advice you can depend on** **The pharmacists are available to speak with you throughout the day** Helping you maintain good health Ann Howe, Mary Boromeo, Megan Sellars – Pharmacists 499 Napier Street, White Hills, 3550 - Ph: 5442 4244 Fax: 5443 9000 **Diabetes Australia Sub-Agent*******Tattslotto and Intralot available.
  7. 7. P a g e 7 G o o r n o n g G u i d e  PRACTICE MANAGER Kathy Tuohey  RECEPTION STAFF Pam Oliver Pauline Keath Mary McIntyreDR ADEL ASAID DR JOSEPHINE SALAZAR Rohan JennerMBBCH, AMC, FRACGP MBBS Ceri SandsDR INOKE BUADROMO DR POATE RADREKUSA  PRACTICE NURSESMBBS, FRACGP MBBS, FRACGP Leanne Holmberg DR PATRICK NZEGWU (Elmore’s Resident Doctor) MBBS Claire Coates  OTHER SERVICES OFFERED Psychologist, Practice Nurse, Community Health Nurse, Podiatrist, Dietitian, Maternal and Child Health, Hearing Screening, Meals on Wheels, Planned Activity Group, Men in Sheds, Bill Wilkinson-Optometrist, Holter Monitoring Diabetes Education Respiratory Education Minor Surgeries Planned Activity Group (Incorporating “The Shed” Mens Program) Venue - Christine Cumming Activity Centre, Elmore Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (Co-ordinator: Judy Ryan - 9am to 4pm) Walking Group Tuesdays 9am—10am, Thursdays 9am—10am Strength Training Venue - Christine Cumming Activity Centre, Elmore Tuesdays 10:30am—11:30am, Thursdays 10:30am—11:30am (Facilitator: Sandra Holmberg) Kathy Tuohey - Practice Manager / Site Coordinator Elmore Medical Practice (Elmore Primary Health Services)
  8. 8. P a g e 8 G o o r n o n g G u i d e As part of Diabetes Week 2011, Elmore Primary Health Services incollaboration with BCHS & Rochester and Elmore District Health Ser- vice would like to present: Diabetes Education and Prevention Session To raise awareness and promote prevention of Diabetes Thursday 14th July Christine Cumming Activity Centre (PAG Building) ELMORE 2:00pm - 3:00pm (Healthy Afternoon Tea) PROGRAM  Diabetes and Eyes - Guest Speaker Nicole Baines (Bill Wilkinson Optical)  Are you or somebody you love at risk of developing diabetes?  How can you reduce this risk?  Healthy Eating!  How to exercise without knowing you’re doing it! RSVP Monday 11th July 2011 Elmore Primary Health Services Phone: 5432 6001 Email:
  9. 9. P a g e 9 G o o r n o n g G u i d e Red undies under the radarIt’s a challenge for any community group or organisation to raise awareness of their special needs.This is particularly so in the field of health and medicine. Kidney Health Australia has approached thischallenge from a somewhat different perspective; by highlighting the colour of our underwear. Did younotice the Red Undies promotion at the end of June?Generally, underwear is not as immediately obvious as some other articles of clothing; but neither iskidney disease usually foremost in our mind. As the Kidney Health website says it’s time to give somedecent exposure to chronic kidney disease (CKD), a disease which has flown under the radar for fartoo long – just like our undies??In any event, we can’t over estimate the importance of our kidneys and the significance of kidney dis-ease. One in three adults is at increased risk of developing CKD.The kidneys are two small fist-sized, bean-shaped organs situated on the lower back of the abdomen.Small they may be, but they do an enormous job. In fact, one functioning kidney is essential for life.If the lungs are our air-conditioning unit, then the kidneys are our body’s washing machine and wastedisposal system. They’re also a superbly effective filter system with about 200 litres of blood passingthrough 2 million tiny filters every day; resulting in the removal of about 2 litres of waste products andunneeded water. As well as enabling us to excrete certain unwanted and toxic substances, the kidneysproduce hormones and regulate water levels and blood pressure.Of course, properly regulated blood pressure is critical for good health. While there are no firm and fastrules about what constitutes a normal blood pressure reading – blood pressure varies from person toperson and with individuals from time to time – a confirmed reading of greater than 140/90 is consid-ered sufficiently high to require treatment.There is a close relationship between high blood pressure and kidney disease: high blood pressure cancause kidney damage and kidney damage can cause high blood pressure.Uncontrolled blood glucose levels (ie: diabetes) is another major risk factor for CKD. Around half of allpeople with diabetes develop kidney damage; so it’s important for people with diabetes to have regularkidney function tests.With diabetes, all the small blood vessels in the body are damaged; and those in the kidneys are espe-cially vulnerable. The blood cleaning activity of the kidneys does not operate effectively; the body re-tains more salt and water than it should, leading to swelling of the ankles and weight gain.Being overweight or obese are in themselves risk factors for kidney disease. As well as increasing thelikelihood of both blood pressure and diabetes (and therefore increasing the risk of CKD), as we getbigger and more overweight, the kidneys have to cope with a greater workload.Being overweight is a very visible characteristic, but having high blood pressure and diabetes can oftengo unnoticed until the CKD is well established and difficult to treat. So a regular visit to the doctor isessential. The kidney health check involves a blood pressure test, a urine test for protein and blood testfor a substance called creatinine.Prevention strategies (and often initial treatment as well) involves dietary and lifestyle changes – losingweight, cutting down on alcohol intake, exercising regularly, consuming less salt and stopping smoking.If medication is necessary it may involve life-long treatment.You can get more information about diabetes and high blood pressure and their relationship to kidneydisease from The White Hills PharmacyYou’ll have to bring your own red undies.Yours in good healthAnn Mary Megan and Girls at the White Hills Pharmacy
  10. 10. P a g e 1 0 G o o r n o n g G u i d e GOORNONG GUYS AND GALS Resident of the Month ~ We are lucky to have them!My name is Lyn Comer I am the owner of G. E. Silos in English’s Road Goornong.My Story starts as a city girl being bought up in the centre of Bendigo, schooling and endedup working in the office of Kangaroo Flat Technical School for approximately 9 years.During my High School years I became friends with quite a few people from Goornong, somy association with the Goornong community began in my year 7 at school.In 1981 I married Noel Comer from Goornong and we had 3 children.During this time, Noel was setting up a business in a converted shearing shed. This shear-ing shed can tell many stories as it was the meeting place on a Friday, Saturday night andmany Sunday afternoons. There are still many beer cans in the rafters of the roof.(Before .05 came in)After my second child was born I gave up working full time at Kangaroo Flat Tech. I was in-volved in Noel’s business helping with the finances and running the business.I was also involved in the Goornong Health Centre, Play Group, the Primary School, theSwimming Pool, Goornong Water Board, the dance/ballet group and I umpired netball for MtPleasant Netball Club.A couple of years of Noel being there, someone asked him if he could build them a silo. Thatis where it all started. We build the first few silos outside of the shed as the roof was not tallenough to build them inside. We eventually built on to this shed to cater for silo manufactur-ing. In 1994 we built a purpose built factory for the growing demand for the manufacture ofsilos.The business grew quite successfully over the years and we started employing workers.This meant that I didn’t have to do as much manual labour in the factory. I cannot weld oruse a large angle grinder, but I have used all the other machines.I November, 2000, Noel was diagnosed with bowel cancer and secondary liver cancer. Sad-ly Noel passed away the next year in May. Our children were still teenagers at high school.During Noel’s illness he taught me as much as he could about the steel side of the business.I never even gave it a thought about selling this business during the time Noel was sick.I just kept going and after Noelpassing I did just that. I keptgoing. I was not easy. Threeteenagers still in school and allthe football and netball runs todo and the Jazz ballet commit-ments. And trying to keep myhead above water with runningthe business.At the time I was asked whydon’t you sell up and moveback to Bendigo. I could havesold the business 6 times inthe first 6 weeks of Noel pass-ing, as all the machines start-ed to have problems and other
  11. 11. P a g e 1 1 G o o r n o n g G u i d efactors happened. But I thought that if I sold the business, I would have to relocate back toBendigo and find work. I thought I can run this business. And I did.10 years has passed now, and in these years I have extended the factory and built a 16metre tower on the factory to cater for the larger silos that have been in demand over theyears. Some of the locals asked me if I was working for NASA and if I was going to buildspace ships?I have done quite a few large projects over the past years. I now make small industrial si-los, and have had contracts to supply up to 44 silos for a single project. I am currently sup-plying 36 silos to a poultry farm. With the installation of the new tower I was able to buildsilos that hold 66 Tonne of pellets for a mill at Cohuna. Without the tower I could not haveachieved this.I have had great support from my employees, suppliers and agents over the past 10 years.My children have all grown up now, Cindy and Jenita completed University degrees and Ja-son completed his apprenticeship with me a few years ago. Cindy and Jason are now mar-ried and Cindy had a baby boy (Ethan Noel) in February this year. Jenita is working in Mel-bourne.In the last 18 months Jason has moved up in the business, from working in the factory, toAssistant Manager, now Manager.Jason and I are currently improving the process of manufacturing silos inside the factory.He has made many improvements in this business, and has taken a lot of the load off meand my time. Jason is a great asset to this company with his knowledge and vision.We supply a range of silos to our clients; they are all made to order as our clients often re-quire different functions for their farm. Majority of the business is supplying pellet silos topoultry, piggeries, and dairies, feedlots for either cattle or sheep. We also supply pellet andgrain silos to horse studs and crop farmers. We also manufacture small industrial silos oc-casionally and manufacture from 170 to 200 silos per year. The number of employeesranges from 7 to 9 depending on the year’s weather and time of year.We delivery silos to all areas of Victoria, in-cluding Gippsland, Warrnambool area, SouthAustralia and New South Wales. We are veryproud of our reputation for quality, and striveto ensure only the best products are used tocreate our silos. We only use AustralianSteel products.I am also glad that I have been able toachieve what I have in this business.
  12. 12. P a g e 1 2 G o o r n o n g G u i d e MEDIA $511,000 for new Mandurang Community Pavil- RELEASES ion $371,450 for extension and upgrade of Strathdale Park Pavilion $350,000 for Ewing Park Oval redevelopment $57.87 MILLION FOR MAJOR $357,000 for extension and upgrade of We- WORKS eroona Oval Pavilion $450,000 for heritage garden restorations atThe City of Greater Bendigo will spend $57.87 Bendigo Botanic Gardensmillion as part of the 2011/2012 budget to un- $210,000 to construct a synthetic multi purposedertake a range of significant capital and major training facility at Kenningtonworks projects and initiatives to benefit localcommunities, business and residents throughout Major local road projects include:-the municipality $1.2M - Mitchell Street (from Pall Mall to Myers Street)City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Rod Fyffe $832,000 - Patons Road Eppalock (Gleesons tosaid Council has provided $12.8 M toward the Czar Crt)proposed new 418 space, multi deck car park $1.2M - Kennewell Street Epsom (Scott Streetfacility in Edward Street. to Buckland Street) $539,500 - Elmore Barnadown Rd Goornong“This is the single biggest allocation in the budg- (Bendigo/Murchison Rd to Ellis Rd)et. The community has repeatedly told Council $546,000 - Mackenzie Street West Stage Onethrough the annual community surveys that (Alder St to Olympic Pde)parking is the number one priority and this year $351,000 - Thunder Street North Bendigowe are moving forward with this important $2.6M - Reseals and asphalt resurfacing to vari-community and business project. ous roads.“We are also proposing to spend $9.5M though Cr Fyffe said in addition to new road projectsour road construction program, $4.9M on drain- Council will also spend $12.7 M on roadage works and $841,000 on footpaths. maintenance works such as resealing, resheeting and shoulders across the whole of the munici-“The floods we experienced earlier this year pality.highlighted the need for additional spending inthis area and Council has responded by provid- “We are really very fortunate to have the ca-ing significant funding for new drainage infra- pacity to maintain a large capital and majorstructure including $1.5M to upgrade drainage in works program that ensures we continue tothe California Gully Shopping Centre. invest in the future of our municipality.“Other drainage works will also be undertakenin Golden Square, Kangaroo flat, Strathfieldsaye “Greater Bendigo continues to experienceand Flora Hill,” said Cr Fyffe. strong growth and it is important for Council to continue to provide new infrastructure and un-Other highlights of the works program include: dertake works to cater for our growing com-$3.8 M to undertake environmental compliance at Eaglehawk Landfill$1.3M for new Bicycle and Walking Paths “Over the next 12 months we will undertake a$1.3M for improvements to Early Learning Cen- range of small and large projects across all areastres and pre schools of our operations to continue to provide excel-$3.23M for new Epsom Huntly Community Pa- lent facilities for residents,” Cr Fyffe said.vilion
  13. 13. P a g e 1 3 G o o r n o n g G u i d eCITY LAUNCHES NEW SUSTAINA- a small organization that develops andBLE LIVING GUIDE TO CELEBRATE assists organizations with online environ- WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY mental information.The City of Greater Bendigo has launched a “It’s a wonderful up to date resource fullnew online sustainable living guide to cele- of simple actions we can all take to helpbrate World Environment Day on Sunday reduce our impact on the planet and in-June 5. cludes images and links to related re- sources,” said Cr Fyffe.World Environment Day is the annual Unit-ed Nations event to promote worldwide Topics covered in the guide includedawareness of environmental issues and en- transport, house, food, products, waste,courages us all to take action. community, garden and work.City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Rod Each topic has a range of specific actions,Fyffe said he encouraged all residents to log which includes information about the is-onto to access the sues being addressed and how the sug-new comprehensive guide on how to live a gested action helps create a more sus-more sustainable life. tainable future for us all.“The guide has been designed to help resi- “This new initiative is a great resourcedents take action to live more sustainably at for our community and builds on otherhome and in the community and is packed sustainability initiatives being undertakenwith ideas, tips and inspiration. by City of Greater Bendigo and other community organizations” said Cr Fyffe.“It demonstrates that small, easy changescan have positive impacts on the environ- The sustainable living guide can be ac-ment and your health and wellbeing as well cessed at:as saving you some money. Environment/Sustainable_Living_Guide“The new guide has been produced in con- Media Inquiries:junction with the Natural Strategies Group, Ros Manning 54346114 For more press release, please fol- low the links from our website
  14. 14. P a g e 1 4 G o o r n o n g G u i d e GOORNONG COMMUNITY SWIMMING POOL LETTER TO THE COMMUNITYRecently, the committee put out a survey in the Goornong Guide, asking thecommunity for their opinions as to the future direction of the Pool. We had NOresponse from this survey at all.We feel that the community is underestimating the seriousness of the situationbecause the possibility of the pool closing is very, very real. We are asking foryour help to avoid this happening.The following positions exist and as of the next AGM all of them will be vacatedand need to be filled:President:Vice President:Secretary:Treasurer:Pump Manager:Elmore Field Days Co-ordinator:Cleaning Co-ordinator:Kiosk Volunteer Co-ordinator:Food Co-ordinator:Grounds/Maintenance ManagerLife-Guard Co-ordinator:At the moment, a few people are trying to do the work involved with all of the-se positions and it is basically impossible. Unless we have people willing totake responsibility for these positions, the pool cannot continue to operate,simply because we don’t have enough manpower to run it.The next meeting is TUESAY NIGHT, the 9TH August at the Rec Reserve from7.30pm. If you would like to have the pool continue, consider taking on one ofthese positions and come along to the next meeting. No-one wants to see thepool close as it is an important, and historical part of our community. For further information please contact Tony Dillon on 54322220.
  15. 15. P a g e 1 5 G o o r n o n g G u i d e special homework program for refugee stu- dents at Bendigo Senior Secondary College, the upgrade of kitchen facilities at both the Huntly and Axedale Public Halls and funds to repair facilities at the Heathcote AP & H Society. A group of students at Bendigo LOCAL COMMUNITIES BENEFIT South East College are directed their ener- FROM GOLD MINE gies to circus performance to increase so- cial and physical wellbeing via involvementEight local community groups received fund- in the No Fear Circus. They will receiveing from the Fosterville Gold Mine Commu- funds to purchase unicycles. The Huntly-nity Grants Program at a special presenta- Spring Gully Pony Club, the Central Victori-tion on Thursday 9th June. an Junior Motocross Club, and the Bendigo Arthritic Club will receive assistance to up-The Grants will be presented to the suc- grade equipment, meeting or storage facili-cessful groups at the mine by General Man- ties for their members.ager Mr Ian Holland and committee memberMr Maurie Sharkey. Since the grants com- Due to the large number of applications re-menced in late 2005, 82 local groups have ceived, the process for a grant was veryreceived funding of more than $115,000. Mr competitive and the committee thanks allHolland said that ―the aim of the grants is to groups who took the time to apply on behalfhelp sustain local communities and to assist of their organizations.small groups to provide services for theircommunities. Over the last six years a Community Grants are available to commu-great number of projects have been assist- nity groups twice yearly and details can beed by the mine, as well as mining personnel obtained from the Company web site.being involved in supporting local fairs, golf and other activities.‖ The next round of grants applications willA diversity of organizations will receive fund- close on the 30th September this year and include assistance to a
  16. 16. P a g e 1 6 G o o r n o n g G u i d e Revised Goals from the Goornong Community Plan “GETTING GOORNONG GOING!”Support the Development of Infrastructure, Industry and Economic DevelopmentGoal: Advocate for updated infrastructure and service provision to Goornong Township resi-dents.Strategies: Form partnerships and undertake lobbying for ongoing maintenance, extension and linking of cycle and walking paths. Upgrade footpaths between commercial and public areas. Liaise with relevant authorities to enhance road safety in the local area, such as sign- age, turning lanes and speed restrictions. Continue advocacy for provision of sewerage service to residences in the township.Time Line:Partners:Community Champion(s): Ruth JenkinsPromote areas in and around Goornong as venues for tourists and local visitorsGoal: Publicise and further develop facilities to promote and encourage visitors to stay.Strategies: Signpost and advertise local attractions, including places of interest, historical sites and camping locations in public places, such as the town entrances and using other media.Time Line:Partners: CoGB (Tourism); Regional Tourism; RACVCommunity Champion(s):Preserve the Natural EnvironmentGoal: Beautify and plant trees in selected central locations.Strategies: Form suitable collaborative partnerships such as with school groups, to undertake planting and regular maintenance in selected sites in the town.Time Line: ongoingPartners: Goornong Community / Schools; ? MiningCompanies as a source of fundsCommunity Champion(s):Maintain existing facilities and develop additional opportunities for Sports, Recreation and LeisureGoal: Maintain and upgrade existing recreation and sporting facilities that are fully utilised.
  17. 17. P a g e 1 7 G o o r n o n g G u i d eStrategies: Identify repair and maintenance needs and priorities for existing sports and recreation facil- ities. Develop management plans for the ongoing maintenance and financial viability of existing sporting facilities.Time Line: Immediate – 1 yearPartners: Recreation affiliated groupsCommunity Champion(s): 1. Angie Kennedy; 2. Deb Sturt / Ross McKinstryGoal: Develop and / or maintain opportunities for local events and celebrations that bring thecommunity together.Strategies: Investigate the wider use of existing public and private community facilities for community sports and other recreation activities such as Playgroup, bowls, communal meals and events.Time Line:Partners:Community Champion(s): Vanessa Hawkins YOU ARE ALL INVITED to be part of the GOORNONG & DISTRICT COMMUNITY PLAN Next meeting: July 11th 2011- Discussion on the draft Review of the Community Plan Annual General Meeting: August 1st 2011 - Election of Officer Bearers. KIDS CORNER1. Knock-knock . 3. Knock-knock . 5. Knock-knock . Who’s there? Who’s there? Who’s there? Butcher. Dune . Cinnamon . Butcher who? Dune who? Cinnamon who? Butcher hands Dune anything Cinnamon up! This is a this afternoon? dressed in blue robbery! pass by? 4. Knock-knock .2. Knock-knock . Who’s there? 6. Knock-knock . Who’s there? Matthews. Who’s there? Abbey. Matthews who? Fido. Abbey who? Matthews are Fido who? Abbey Birthday wet. Can I come Fido known you to you! in and dwy my lived here , I’d socks? come to visit sooner.
  18. 18. P a g e 1 8 G o o r n o n g G u i d eCOMPUTERCORNER/ Internet CHURCH TIMESAccess to our computer, printer,scanner and the Internet is available at the Recreation Re-serve. St George’s Anglican Church, Goornong:Also photocopying is available at the same area. 2nd, 4th Sundays: 8.00amCost: Computer and Internet Access: $2.50 per hour—payable on collection of St Martin’s Catholic Church, keys Muskerry: Each Sunday: 8.30am Printing/Photocopying: 30c per sheet—payable on return of keys For bookings for St Martin’s Church Contact: Lyn Harrop,ALL BOOKINGS AND ENQUIRIES Ph: 5432 2281should be directed to Janet Filbey, Ph: 5432 2202 HIRING OF VENUES Goornong Gals AROUND GOORNONG CONTACT DETAILS Goornong Recreation Reserve Hall Bagshot Street Goornong Contact : Janet Filbey 5432 2202 Please leave a message and I will get back to you Social meeting held on the first Wednes- day of each month. All Welcome Soldiers Memorial Hall Bring something to doKeys for the Memorial hall can be picked up at the post office eg: craft project, quilting, knitting etcRailway place South, Goornong { Midland Hwy} Contact Kath Read: 5432 2240 or 5441 2809 Venue: Rec Reserve Hall Time: 7.00pm till 9.00pm Goornong Community Computer. Gold coin donation and a plate to share if you wish Please Note:The use of computer is limited to one All enquires welcome Ph: 5432 2248 person per hour unless notified. $2.50 per person per hour MOBILE LIBRARY Mondays 4—4.30pm Outside Goornong Primary School Come along and Support our local library, plenty of books to choose from.
  19. 19. P a g e 1 9 G o o r n o n g G u i d e G o o r n o n g R u r a l f i r e b r i g a d e . F o r f i r e e m e r g e n c y d i a l 0 0 0 The next Goornong Rural Fire Brigade meeting will be held on Monday 25 th July, 8pm at The Goornong Recreation Reserve, Community Hall, EVERYONE IS WELCOME. WE WOULD LIKE MORE MEMBERS! Home fire safety checklistAre you prepared for the risk of a home fire? Use this checklist to find out.Heaters and other appliances Before every winter I have chimneys and flues cleaned I make sure all heaters are installed, maintained and operated according to manufacturers in-structions Fire screens are always placed in front of open fires and heaters in my home I place items that could catch fire, like clothing and curtains, at least 1m away from heaters My children are supervised near all types of heating All portable heating is turned off and open fires extinguished before I go to bed or leave the house My appliances are in good working order (using damaged electrical appliances can result in afire) There are no overloaded power boards and I have replaced damaged equipment The lint filter in my clothes dryer is cleaned after each useIn the Kitchen Cooking is never left unattended and is turned off when I leave the room I keep curtains and tea towels well away from the toaster and stove I turn pot handles inward so they cant be knocked over My children are supervised in the kitchen and kept away from the stove top and the oven Brigade Management TeamWelcome to our new and re-elected Officers to the brigade. Farewell to Captain David Patterson. Yourleadership has created a brigade that is getting stronger and stronger every day. You have made allmembers feel welcome, appreciated and safe, no matter what their age, gender or experience is. Wewish you happiness in your future endeavours. We would also like to thank Di Patterson for her hugeinvolvement in the Barnadown NightOwls CFA, to Frank Dole for his years as past Captain and recentlyas 1st Lt for his immense experience and to Donna Papworth for her time as fourth Lt. Donna has hada huge role in working with Tim to create Sunday Training activities. VISIT US AT ~ For more information, please contact Goornong Rural Fire Brigade Captain: Tim McCrohan (0459) 533 163 Or Encourages diversity, team work and a family atmosphere. Secretary: Felicity Nicholls on 5432 2450 It involves itself in 1601 Epsom-Barnadown Road, Goornong, 3557 community projects. Visit our web site at It has a broad age group and new members are most welcome.
  20. 20. P a g e 2 0 G o o r n o n g G u i d e Wes White Bricklaying All types of brickwork Free quotes FIREWOODMob 0438441226 Houses, Fences, Renovations, Patch Ups, Wineries, Sheds Old & New—cut your ownH 0354322205 Laying of new & old bricks Block work Phone: 0417 363 710Goornong 3557No Job Too BIG or Too SMALL! Elmore cubs & scouts 2011 We are a very small Group this year and are hoping to increase our numbers during the year. Parents please note we are providing quality programming in a small community as part of the worldwide scouting movement. Scouting is for both boys and girls Elmore offers two separate sections with both cubs and scouts operating under very experienced leaders. Cubs - MONDAY afternoon at 4.00PM Leader in charge: Christine McCormick Phone 54326679 Assistant Junior Leaders Cameron Edwards and Erin Edwards. Scouts – MONDAY nights at 7.00PM Leader in charge - Liz Dow Phone 54326263 We are looking for interested persons to come along and help with leadership. Please contact Group Leader Christina Lonsdale for further details: Phone 54326387
  21. 21. P a g e 2 1 G o o r n o n g G u i d e STAYING WARM WITH AN NEW RECIPE! EASY KNIT BEANIE. SAVOURY SCONES You will need: 2 x 100g balls Moda Vera Wool, 2 cups S.R. Flour 1 pair 7.00mm Knitting Needles, Scissors, 1/2 teaspoon Salt Sewing Needle, Tape Measure, Cardboard. Pinch Cayenne Pepper 1 tbs Butter TENSION. Chopped parsley or chives 10.5sts x 22 r0ws to 10cm over garter st. 1 carrot, grated using 7.00mm needles. Beanie. [worked sideways] 3/4 cup grated tasty cheese Using 7.00mm needles, cast on 34 sts. 1 onion, grated **Work 4 rows garter st. 1 egg 5th row Knit to last 3 sts, turn. Milk 6th row, Knit to end. Beat egg into a cup and fill with milk. Rep. 5th & 6th row once more. Rub butter into sifted flour and herbs, Work 4 rows garter st. across all sts. 13th row, Knit to last 3 sts, turn. and then mix in grated ingredients. 14th row. Knit to end. Stir in egg and milk. Rep. 13th & 14th rows once more. Work 4 rows of Garter st across all sts ** Put dessertspoons onto a greased Rep. from ** to ** 3 more times. slide [tray] and cook in a hot oven Cast off loosely. 10 to 12 minutes. TO MAKE UP: Do Not Press. Using mattress st. sew cast on edge to cast off NOTICE TO RESIDENTSedge. Using running st, gather shorter edge, pull DUMPING OF GARDEN GREENS OR WASTEup tightly to form crown and fasten off securely. IN GOORNONG RECREATION RESERVE IS NOT PERMITTED BY MEMBERS OF THE PUB- LIC, EVEN IF A PRE– EXISTING PILE OF FOR Tassel, wind yarn around a 15cm BURNABLE MATERIAL IS FORMEDwide piece of cardboard 6 times. Tie together atone edge and cut yarn at the other edge. fold in OFFENDERS WILL BE FINED half at knotted end. Goornong Recycle & Wrap a length of yarn around tassel Waste Transfer Station 5cm below fold and fasten securely. Trim. Attach to centre of crown. Is open 8am-5pm every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. Most recyclable and reusable items are FREE Basic Fee (recyclable items) 50cents Full fee (non recyclable waste) $19.00 TVs, Screens and Monitors. $5.00 Fridges, Freezers, Air Conditioners $15.00 More information is available can be found on or on 0458 346 952.
  22. 22. P a g e 2 2 G o o r n o n g G u i d e Elmore Community Pharmacy …….… for all your medicinal needs A range of Gifts and Toys! Teddy 78-80 Railway Place Elmore Bear & Phone: 5432 6600 Fax: 5432 6599 Friends Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm / Sat 9am-12pm (most) We can deliver free to the Goornong store. Gifts! Please ring us to arrange your prescriptions. Arthur Pappas – Pharmacist /Jess Stokie – Dispensary Technician Aspect Eyewear – New StylesBeautiful Australian Chocolates Value priced quality medication A large range of Coral Colours cosmetics now available. For Men and WomenNeed a service? Think local…. Ph: 5432 6600 (Note: this site also lists Goornong, Rushworth and Colbinabbin businesses)
  23. 23. P a g e 2 3 G o o r n o n g G u i d e Trivia Answers:- 1. Hare. 2. M.A.S.H. 3. Rome. 4. Mushroom 5. Sailing craft. 6. Dolly Parton. 7. Roald Dahl. 8. Four. 9. Blue. 10. Swan.
  24. 24. P a g e 2 4 G o o r n o n g G u i d e GOORNONG POST OFFICE Open Mon—Fri: 9.00am - 5.00pm Saturday: 9.00am - 12.00am For all your Postal, Bill paying and Banking needs We have an extensive Giftware Range and offer FREE gift wrapping CONTACT Cheryl O’ Brien 5432 2295 TRENCHES, FOOTINGS , POSTHOLES,RIPPING &LEVELING PICKET, PALING & COLOURBOND FENCES DINGO MINI DIGGER ELECTRONIC WATER LEAK DETECTIONS LOCATION AND TRACING FOR ALL:  DOMESTIC WATER PIPES  SEPTIC TANKS & PIPES  STORMWATER &SEWER DRAINS  POWER CABLES  TELEPHONE DATAS CABLES  POOL & SPA LEAKS Kel O’Brien Ph:03 5432 2295 or 0418 700554
  25. 25. P a g e 2 5 G o o r n o n g G u i d e Flowers for all occasions Teddy Bears, Balloons, Chocolates, Life like plants Phone Carol and her friendly staff Free delivery to Goornong Monday - Friday after 6pmCylinder AGENTDealer A&A DILLON OLD MURRAY ROAD GOORNONG Phone: 5432 2248 45KG EXCHANGE BOTTLES 9KG BBQ EXCHANGE REFILL BBQ AND FORKLIFT BOTTLES 6 MONTHS FREE RENTAL ON 45KG BOTTLES VERY GOOD RATES
  26. 26. P a g e 2 6 G o o r n o n g G u i d e ADVERTISERS! Want to promote your event or business? The Goornong Guide is distributed via the mail run right around our region to Huntly, Axedale, Elmore, Fosterville Mine, and Toolleen. We are also online via the web and FaceBook.Advertising space is available in the Goornong Guide offers fantastic exposure direct to local people as well as to visitors and the world wide web. WE ARE GREAT VALUE!Due to an increase in printing costs our Advertising Rates will rise to cover costs. We would also like to improve the quality of the Goornong Guide but need more funds and volunteers to help out. Ad Size Monthly Yearly Business card $7.50 $82.50 Quarter page $10.00 $110.00 Half page $15.00 $165.00 Full page $30.00 $330.00 We are a small group of volunteers who dedicate many hours to bring you this information. If you would like to support us or contribute to the guide, please email; or ring 0417 363 710 *** PLEASE NOTE *** The deadline for each edition is the 26th of the month. (As from 1st July, all future yearly advertisements will be for 12 months only & not 13.) Septic tanks cleaned Servicing Goornong and surrounding areas. 7 days a week
  27. 27. P a g e 2 7 G o o r n o n g G u i d e
  28. 28. GOLD I S H O M E T O THE BUSH COURTYARD offers cosy pet friendly accommodation EQUINE SPORTS BREEDING (ESB) stands stallions at stud and has horses for sale. ESB is one of the largest producers of equestrian horses in Australia and breeder of ESB Irish Enough, sire of Beijing Olympic medal winner, Irish Jester. THE GOLD FIELDS EQUESTRIAN CLUB INChas world class training facilities including and conducts educa- tional sessions on the first Tuesday of every month and events on the third weekend of every month.Riding lessons and agistment is also available by arrangement. and THE GOLD FIELDS STADIUM Is designed to seat over 10,000 people. Music concerts, foodand wine festivals and major events are planned for the future. We invite you to join us and share in our wonderful setting, facilities and activities. ESCAPE AND ENJOY THE SERENITY! PHONE: 03 5432 2446