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Goornong Gatherings


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Our Town, Our People

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Goornong Gatherings

  1. 1. The Goornong & District Community Group Inc, (GDCG) began in 2007 through the Ben-digo +25 community planning initiative. The planning process stressed the importance ofa vision and a plan for Goornong which was supported by the community wants andneeds for the future.The original plan launched in April, 2008, set out the vision of the local community for thefuture and detailed the projects that the community aspired to undertake. More recently,the committee has reviewed the progress and revised the initial Community plan usingthe goals, objectives and actions in the original plan to ascertain what has already beenachieved and to look forward to new and current priorities. This relaunched plan will nowbe used as the basis for seeking funding from council and other funding sources to con-tribute to the events and activities of the town.
  2. 2. GOORNONG GATHERINGSWe would like to expand on these pages, so please feelfree to send us your photos. If you would like a photo re-moved from these pages, just let me know. We are excit-ed about the positive energy and friendships developingwithin the town of Goornong and look forward to a brightand happy future.All the best, Vanessa HawkinsEditor of the Goornong Guide, CFA volunteer, web design-er of and Vice President of the Goor-nong & District Community Group Inc, (GDCG)