Sell Gold And Grow Rich Ubiquitous overview of the Precious Metals Industry Opportunities


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Sell Gold And Grow Rich Ubiquitous overview answers questions related to the precious metals industry Training for Agent/Consultants

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Sell Gold And Grow Rich Ubiquitous overview of the Precious Metals Industry Opportunities

  1. 1. Ubiquitous Overview: What can this book do for you? Are you really a candidate who can commit themselves to acquiring the key knowledge necessary to become one of the very few precious metals Agent/Consultants who will become very wealthy selling gold and other precious metals to refineries, private investment funds, and upscale jewelers including a large clientele of very wealthy none traditional buyers? Below are some of the most common questions and concerns expressed through inquires. Q. which segments of the precious metals industry is the most and least profitable A. There are no least profitable areas of the precious metals industry; however there are areas of the industry which are very profitable, like refining, large scale mining, buying in large quantities at 20% to 30% under market price and selling the merchandise at 15% to 20% profit. Q. How is an Agent/Consultant different than the “we by gold operators?” A. An Agent/Consultant only does business with other businesses and never with the public; in fact Agent/Consultants interact with sellers of precious metals from around the world. These communications are directly with miners or the spokesperson for the miners. Q. What about security when buying and shipping gold, isn’t it dangerous or at best very risky? A. Gold is moved anonymously through well-guarded armed security protocol; this and other security redundancies combining other measures are employed while moving or shipping Gold. Q. How does a manufacturing company purchase gold for their products which require tiny amounts of gold for items such as cell phones or computer tablets? A. Manufactures usually purchase directly from mines which they also have long term purchase agreements with. As an Agent/Consultant you will do the same with the right seller from a mining operation. Q. Is a gold business startup of this kind expensive? A. The key to setting up a gold business of this kind is primarily the training which you will receive thus enabling you many options in how your transaction will be funded.
  2. 2. Q. What kind of fees is associated with importing gold into the USA, Europe or even the Middle east and Asia? A. The kind of gold an Agent/Consultant will be managing is of the alluvial type which is smelted into ingot bars often referred to as Dore bars; meaning that they are not pure gold, or not 24 karat gold, nor in a refined state. This means that the product is actually an ore and not pure gold based upon the impurities of the merchandise. So the import fees will be fairly low compared to if the merchandise were 24 karat bars, in that case the price would be quite high. Q. How long is the training and will I have help once I am finished with the training? A. The Agent/Consultant training provides many training options; choosing the right training option is a matter of preference, typically the training is structured as a three month time frame. This structure is built upon two factors for which a trainee can choose, 1) Intensive- three months of online, live and work manual training, which the trainee has committed him or herself to a focused time period to complete the training to begin the process of executing a sell purchase agreement transaction. 2) Extensive- this choice is often based upon the need to work at a manageable pace; busy lifestyles usually demand this option. Q. Does the training platform and work material really work and is it sufficient enough to become an Agent/Consultant? A. The training offered by Apex Epic Resources is actually a well tested and proven system used now throughout the precious metals and stones industry worldwide; for further proof to this fact, one may research how large gold transactions are done as a reference. However the training provided is very thorough and detailed; upon the completion of one’s training enables the full undertaking and completion of a gold sell purchase agreement with ease. Q. Once the training has been completed who would by gold from me as a new Agent/Consultant? A. This question is by far besides cost, is the most commonly asked question; and to answer this question honestly would be over #300,000 buyers worldwide would purchase merchandise from you in a New York second provided that you execute the sell purchase agreement properly. The fact that you are new in the precious metals industry matters not
  3. 3. to a buyer, only your ability to deliver the merchandise properly with all basis covered as the training and the precious metal professional support will fully insure. Q. Why does Apex Epic Resources offer this training to the public when keeping this information close to the company’s chest would seem to be much more advantageous? A. This is the question that many would like to ask but do not; there are over #100 countries mining in this world today for precious metals, and an even smaller percentage of them allow for small mining cooperatives and associations access of mining privileges. Only the largest mining companies on earth can occupy at most 30% of these regions leaving the remaining 70% to be explored. Therefore small mining cooperatives open for business with the global market is a manageable endeavor to access. Or in other words, the scale of opportunity is enormous and no one company can fully engage every possible region for business agreements on this scale, and as a result we target the regions that fit our model for business. These facts are not a secret in the precious metals industry; such information is simply not available to the public until now. The opportunities are enormous but so can be the success with the proper training, this fact cannot be overstated. Q. How does the shipping process work with gold being a high value commodity? A. Shipping gold is a fairly standard security procedure and is offered by many shipping and security companies worldwide, the procedures are as follows but may vary from company to company √ Shipping company inspects and validate the products authenticity i.e. Gold purity and volume etc. to be shipped √ Company offers a security guarantee or insurance service through their company or second party insurers such as Lloyds of London etc. √ Company signs agreement with customer via shipping service agreement details, which include location of supplies and destination supplies are to be shipped √ Shipping company then takes procession of the cargo via air cargo and submit to the customer an airway bill which is a document detailing the cargo, tracking number etc. √ The cargo is then flown to its destination and delivered
  4. 4. Q. Why have I never heard of this training program before? A. Apex Epic Resources does not offer training often; as our schedules and work is often pre-occupied by business itineraries and private training; but when training is offered, we at Apex Epic Resources do our best to get the word out, it is also important to search for key words in the popular search engines and you will find sources leading to the training. Q. Can Apex Epic Resources prove that it has trained other people in the precious metals industry and how there new professions are working for them? A. Apex Epic Resources has trained over 40 people to date from the year 2011 and now 2013, training was not available to the public until now, our clientele is largely private companies and associates whom Apex Epic Resources has done business with for many years. The focus of Apex Epic Resources has and is locating legitimate sellers worldwide through research or through travel; global buyers acquire supplies from these sellers which Apex Epic Resources has vetted. Q, Can the training offered really help people to become rich once they have completed the training and if not why? A. The precious metals industry is one which must be carefully understood with all of its nuances and vast conditions leading to purchase sell agreements between sellers and buyers, Apex Epic Resources offer the bottom line of information which provide the compass and map of how to navigate this industry from a worldwide perspective. And with added emphasis; the precious metals industry is absolutely global in scope and diversity regarding sellers and the buyers who are in search of quality properly managed merchandise. Apex Epic Resources will guarantee world class training in every detail unavailable anywhere else in the world today. That’s a tall claim; but Apex Epic Resources stand on its innovation and challenge any reader to disprove the efficacy of Apex Epic Resources training platform for the precious metals industry not to be the premier source of Agent/Consultant training for the industry. There are many ways to view the strategic importance of the precious metals industry and the great wealth it provides to those in the industry; Apex Epic Resources work to help those who can see the importance of precious metals in the new financial world order of how it can help others obtain the wealth which they seek. Global financial interests are reshaping the financial world rather quickly and to know what is coming and how to gain from it is what Apex Epic Resources offer in its world class training. For more information contact Apex Epic Resources at