Gold and silver power positions of the decade for 2011


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The Gold Bullion Making Money Success System
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Gold Bullion and Precious Metals Industry in as little as 120 to 90 days or less

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Gold and silver power positions of the decade for 2011

  1. 1. Gold Bullion and Precious Metals Income and Revenue Strategies for 2011Two days away from the start of 2011 and less than 5% of the population of North America is awareof the forty or more new laws beginning in the New Year which will directly affect them, this factmakes more difficult for any economist or trends forecaster to accurately present plausibleinformation based indicators which might provide some probable possibilities as to where thesociety is headed.We do know that the QE2 process will further undermine the value of the US dollar and alleconomies attached to it worldwide, so the US government proposed idea that a devalued dollarwill somehow enable more US exports is by all reason questionable, considering that the problemwith this premise is the fact that the US manufacturing capacity is almost none existent except for itsagricultural and military hardware industries, which combined employ less than 00.3 percent of thetotal number of those employed in the US.Everywhere we turn in the society we often encounter some sort of fiscal or economic crisis of acurrent nature or one that is in the making, so as the disinformation campaigns which promotestock market gambling ramps up, remember, smart money navigates towards precious metals andreal assets of enduring value.If each of us were to look at our current lives as a three dimensional chest board subject to today’sworld of enhanced rules and regulations, would present to us an expressed road map illustrating thefollowing endeavors and pre-conditions which we all are encumbered with in one way or another.Here is where we all essentially have fifteen economic and or financial moves available to us all withtwenty-two or more flags to avoid or counteract, these financial and or economic moves are: Employment Self Employed Entrepreneur or Business Owner Savings Credit Cards and or Loans of some kind Investments Inheritance Family Collective Living and Support Friends and Community Support International Living and Business Retirement, State Welfare, Government help or Unemployment benefits Incarceration Illegal Activities to generate income
  2. 2. Homelessness Natural living in NatureAre the not so obvious moves which many US citizens currently have available to them in some formor another, however unlike the chest board ruled by linear movement calculations, half of theoptions are linear and limited while half are not linear and limited with regard to how much one ora collective could prosper and thrive under any adversity, from this list you must determine whereyou are and ultimately where you would like to be.This set of differentials simply allows the reader to visualize the full spectrum of what constitutesfinancial and or economic livelihood, and from these categories it is possible to redraw a map ofnone linear limited options, now onto the flags, this is where the path gets quite rocky, therefore itis necessary to eliminate any bias you may harbor while reviewing these flagsCapital Controls of some form or anotherBank withdrawal limitsPossible Limited Bank HolidaysHighly Plausible Attacks Aimed at Precious Metals Acquisition in some form or anotherHighly discouraging measures taken to limit international travelSubstantial Limitations on internet contentProgressive Government Poverty Assimilative MeasuresAssets taxed disproportionatelyAggressive new tax laws that bite hardReduced Government SupportGovernment Imposed AusterityMassive Unemployment CyclesStock Market CrisisUnprecedented Crime Spikes Unseen BeforeSubstantial Cost Increases for basic essentialsAggressive Military RecruitingMassive Government Surveillance ProgramsGeopolitical Instability and Possible ConfrontationsFurther Contraction of Money in the Real EconomyCurrency and Trade Wars between Nations Trading BlocksCovert and Overt acts of violence nationally and geopoliticallyExtraterrestrial PropagandaClean Food and Water Crisis of some kindAnd finally viral outbreaks of some kind upon the horizonIf you could but reduce your exposure to the flags, and increase your none linear limited moves, youcould win the game of success and prosperity, however by carefully cross referencing the flags andthe moves with broad swaths of divers information relating to the flags and moves; will withoutquestion enable you uncommon insight and abilities
  3. 3. which to some may appear to be unfathomable in comprehension, and always make room for theunknowns.The world is still a big place and no matter where you go in it, there is always a landlord, andsometimes to be free and prosperous may mean that you may have to move around to find the rightplace to settle down and prosper in, this is the reality today, even if you are willing to adjust to thepains ahead, prepare yourself for a rough ride into the future, but by all means keep your preciousmetals and business endeavors in top shape as certain options presented may become moreattractive as the storm intensifies.
  4. 4. This illustration presents an accurate formation of income obtained throughthe Gold Bullion Money Making Success System, and unlike any other incomesource which might be a job or an MLM, Gold Bullion Enterprising is neither ajob nor is it a MLM, Gold Bullion Enterprising provides a highly viable serviceto refineries by selling to them Au79 Alluvial Placer Gold supplies of highpurity and quality.All you have to do to become a Gold Bullion Enterpriser is to complete youronline training, then begin contacting refineries in your state to sell GoldBullion Supplies to them, its that simple, once the sell has been completedWith the support of Apex Epic Resources you will receive a check, the biggerthe order made by the refineries, the bigger your check.And the great part about it is, you never have to leave the comfort of yourhome or office.
  5. 5. When ever the world of finance enters into a state of crisis, immediately andquietly the focus is shifted towards the oldest store house of value with overthree thousand years of history, Gold Bullion.Precious Metals Enterprising will produce millionaires by the thousands,fundamental difference between the pass decade of how millionaires createdtheir wealth and how todays entrepreneurs will create wealth presents to us achasm of characteristics quite apart from yesterdays economic environment.Gold Bullion Enterprising Wealth is Portable Convertible Liquid Global DemandAnd its also Inflation Proof Bubble Proof Deflation Proof
  6. 6. Holding a light to truth is not easy nor is it simple in a world ofmassive deceit, if Gold Bullion made the Billionaires ofyesteryear, why can’t it do the same today? The answer in short is, for the average person or business, there arent many opportunities with a guarantee, as precious metals can make such a claim.
  7. 7. Now that Gold and Silver Bullion has displaced many of the worldscurrencies ( Through The Gold Bullion Money Making SuccessSystem Methodology) You can produce highly profitable andsustainable income and revenue for many years forward to createinter-generational wealth.
  8. 8. The New Millionaires – Gold Bullion Enterprisers When Gold Bullion hit its record high of $1420, the wake up call to world economies that debt is taking over the real economy was made, governments globally responded by printing more money and lowering interest rates. This act alone ushered into the worlds economies a precedence unseen before, and would challenge the very function of currencies world wide as to its viability in the medium and long term.
  9. 9. Gold Bullion and other precious metals assets storage and global shipping methods for safekeepingToday now more than ever, the need to move or ship precious metals out of various countries to saferand more stable locations has become urgent to many clear thinking individuals whom haveaccurately evaluated the conditions of their respective countries concluding that, relocating variousassets is now very important.This article will shed luminous light upon the topic {Precious Metals Safe Shipment to desireddestinations} as a premise of action requiring immediate attention.For US and UK residents and citizens there is no secret as to what these societies are becoming, I neednot go into the subject, I will say however that if we as citizens of these nations are not prepared todefend and protect what is ours, you can be certain that certain nations will eventually get around toacquiring what is yours through any number of bureaucratic bills to achieve such ends.This is the chronological pathology often used by tyrants, and it is best to create distance early, as thecycle of systematic theft ensues engulfing every asset or resource of value insight.Moving Precious Metals:Before I begin presenting sound solutions to the concerned readers, a word of caution must be offered,and that is, whenever something is written and presented into the public domain, it is quickly pickedup and evaluated by anonymous sources as to the usable value it could have to counteract the efficacyof that information.Lesson, be extremely careful with what you release into the public domain, because once you releaseit, you can never retract it, and, it can easily be destroyed thus making it irrelevant and useless.Step one: You have Gold Bullion 1 oz. American Eagle Coins and you would like to ship them to asecond country for storage and safetyStep one solution: Exchange the gold eagles for Perth mint coins or Krugerrand coins, and then shipthem to a specific place using a private reputable currier service that will fully insure the full value ofthe items being shipped.Why should you convert to another mint? Anything associated with the government in question hasby default strings attached, and more strings unseen, so it is best to relinquish any national mintedcoins if you hope to minimize potential snags.Step two: You have a certain amount of capital and you would like to purchase a substantial volumeof precious metals and then ship them to a specific locationStep two solution: Because you are prepared to purchase a substantial amount of precious metals, it isbest that you first establish a reputably reliable source with which to purchase from, then travel to thelocation you wish to receive the precious metals and then make the order, and if possible through alegal entity in that country such as a trust, foundation or business entity.Why go through all of these procedures? In a world of massive deceit requires that one isthoroughly prepared if success is what is desired, this is all that I can say at this juncture for moreinformation you may contact us through the resource box listed
  10. 10. Financial sense starts with embracing non-traditionalthought and resource acquisition and allocation, now,start constructing a different none linear blueprintwhich may encompass all of the tools rejected bymodern day schools of thought, for it is such schools ofthought obsessed with obsolete ideologies which havefailed us all and need not be considered in your primaryobjectives to create real wealth today.