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Sell Gold And Grow Rich 20 insider secrets into gold enterprising and the preciuos metals industry now


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Sell Gold And Grow Rich Gold Bullion Money Making Success System 20 Insider Secrets in the Precious Metals Industry

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Sell Gold And Grow Rich 20 insider secrets into gold enterprising and the preciuos metals industry now

  1. 1. 20 Insider Secrets Into Gold Enterprising and the Precious Metals Industry
  2. 2. What are the most important factors of Gold 1 enterprising for profits?When purchasing Gold either for yourself, others or as an entrepreneur the mostimportant factors you must be aware of is: Price: The cost associated with the item being purchased by comparing it to the national price and spot gold price, this process will provide you with ample information in which to make a decision. Accessibility: How accessible are the items which you are purchasing, can you purchase as much as you like from, can you receive quickly and is delivery or purchase secure ton your standards Quality: The karat quality must be confirmed through proper testing utilizing electronic & acid testing procedures Reliability: Is there a consistent supply of high quality gold for purchase as well as related acquisition agreements.These factors are tantamount in the precious metals industry be it domestic orinternational, the practice of rigorous due-diligence reduce risk and increasesuccessful transactions. What are the quality differences of Gold? 2There is no universal standard for items which contain gold, here are someexamples: 9 kratat-10 karat-12 karat-14 karat-16 karat-18 karat -20 karat- and soon, the important factor here is that you must determine the true gold contentthrough testing the item because markings alone cannot guarantee gold contentin fact, I would suggest that you test all gold before purchasing it to be absolutelysure that it is really gold especially now since fraud is quite common in manystores and other outlets..(a word of warning test before you buy) think like anentrepreneur or a we buy gold proprietor to insure authenticity test it. Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprisingProfits
  3. 3. How important is karat quality regarding 3 value? The karat gold content of any item advertised as containing gold content mustcontain the gold content as indicated on the markings inside of the jewelry itemor the bar or coin and should be tested to confirm the markings or purity of theitem.Karat content determines the value of the item thus must contain theproportionate amount of gold, when this not the case, one should always reactimmediately to the matter. When purchasing gold items particularly jewelry,always look at the inside of the item for hallmarks ( The type of gold content orprocess used to create the item i.e.) K = Karat representing the standard measurement of gold content KP = Karat Plumb (exact amount of gold) K.P. = Karat Plate GF = Gold Filled (heavy plating), usually has a fraction, i.e., 1/20 10K GF GS = Gold Shell HGE = Heavy Gold Electroplate ..neither of these markings represents quality gold content. Are Gold Coins,Bars that are Registered 4 and certified more valuable than non certified sources of Gold?Certified coins and bars are important in that they are produced by reputablesources, but let us look at this topic in greater detail, coins can only be minted bygovernments, rounds are produced by reputable refineries, however bars arealso produced by reputable refineries and these bars are sold with a numbercode identifying the manufacture.Again are certified bars and rounds more valuable than non certified sources?The answer to this question is demand and perception, quality gold regardless ofits origin can demand premium prices as do certified gold depending on who it issold to, for instance jewelers prefer quality gold that can be melted over and overfor the creation of new jewelry items. With coins you cannot do that, howevergold bars in low ounce weights like 5 oz & 10 oz bars are easier to melt and workwith from a jewelers perspective, yet large manufactures of technical equipmentprefer any gold that can be processed for industrial uses. Ironically it is thissegment of the industry that uses over 70 percent of all mined gold to date. Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits
  4. 4. What’s the difference between 999 vs 999.9 5 Gold Content?The markings most seen on gold/silver palladium and platinum bars are 999purity and 999.9 purity, the fundamental difference between the two usually is 0.5to 0.9 parts gold, not a big difference but a noticeable one in the industry whereagain perception means all of the difference between increased point of sale anddemand for the specific grade offered be it 999 or 999.9. Which is better, Bullion Gold or 24 Karat 6 Gold Certified?This is a commonly asked question; bullion is pure gold either as coinage or barswhile 24 karat gold can contain other metals that enable strength to a coin vs.other uses of gold such as jewelry as well as other items. Now let us examine themetallurgical differences... (Jewelry can contain other metals to variousproportions without displacing the pure gold integrity greatly determined by themetal used in this case silver. Bullion is commonly 999 or 999.9 gold content withoccasional additional metals combined in the melting process. So what which isbetter Bullion is widely used certified metals are specialty therefore only the useof the metal must be considered,how will it be used and the demand, that is thedetermining factor of quality and value. How do I know I am getting a good value 7 for a Gold Purchase?The simplest way to answer this question is a: If you are purchasing gold jewelryreview the spot market price in relationship to the karat jewelry you desire topurchase compare the per karat amount to the item which you are buying, thismethod will give you a better understanding of value added items such asjewelry. However when purchasing retail, it is often difficult to purchase atcomparable spot market prices as retailers peruse the highest amount which theycan garner from each item sold into the consumer market place. The same istrue when purchasing coins and bars even rounds are all sold above spot marketprice. The key is to purchase gold to as close to the spot market price aspossible. Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits
  5. 5. Is a 24 karat item really worth what its 8 appraised for? 24 karat gold western value standards arebased upon the spot market price commonly monitored by precious metalsmonitoring entities such as and many others around theglobe. These monitoring entities are directly presenting daily even momentchanges in the market place which traders sell and buy gold as well as othermetals such as platinum, silver copper to name just a few, but as we haverepeated throughout this eBook, perception and demand goes beyond the spotmarket price index, for example there are many countries with internal marketsthat will pay two even three times as much for gold and silver. Therefore we mustbroaden the scope of what truly defines the value of gold and other metals basedon demand and perception across all boundaries of individual nations use anddemand for the precious metals. What is the best source for Gold 9 Purchasing as an Enterpriser?Gold Enterprising is a yet to be discovered opportunity for any serious mindedperson who is ready to generate inconceivable income in today’s market, andwith gold poised to rise to unprecedented levels in the near future one mustinform themselves of the importance of this major commodity as well as thedemand for it and very soon more in demand and use then currency.GoldEnterprisingProfits has established a membership for entrepreneurs andbuyers unlike any source in the world. Which means, as a member ofGoldEnterprisingProfits you will be able to purchase pure bullion gold below spotmarket price guaranteed that you can sell, keep and leverage profitably withshort term through long terms revenue income, without spending one dime tobecome a member..You heard it right! Visit toget started today as a Gold Enterpriser you will thank heavens that you did. Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits
  6. 6. Is it better to buy Gold from a dealer or the 11 Internet sellers?Gold purchasing is a delicate matter for most buyers, developing a goodrelationship with the seller is always desirable especially if you plan onpurchasing gold on going, it is also a great option to be referred to a reputableseller through a personal contact as this will reduce the amount of time learningrequired when buying gold also look for the best deals as a referral. Either of thesources can be advantageous, make sure that the source is highly reputablewithout any blemishes regarding servicing clients professionally and honestly. Why does two Gold Coins from two different 10 Countries with identical weights differ inprice?Most countries price their coins $100 to $150 above spot price as the coinagehas the ability to cross continents and maintain its intrinsic price point, thereforeits safe to say that any country that produce gold coins can price that coin at anyprice they choose above spot market price in compatible range of othercomparable coins, because in today’s global market there is no shortage ofdemand for gold in its many forms especially when one considers the actual andperceived value of all things gold. Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits
  7. 7. What is the biggest mistake people make 12 when buying Gold?The biggest mistake people make when buying gold is:  Not reading the hall marks on jewelry  Not testing the gold before purchasing it  Not attempting to negotiate the price  Not developing a solid relationship with the seller  Not getting the okay that you could sell it back at a decent price if need be Why are there so many we [Buy Gold] stores 13 Popping up every where these days?Gold Buying and selling is so profitable with minimal risk, that the market nowhas become quite saturated with more buyers than sellers, now think about thisfor a moment (more buyers than sellers of real gold) what we are nowexperiencing is the 21 century Gold Rush …we are all experiencing a uniquemoment in history, a time filled with events that only happen once in a life time,and if we all can recall when this happened over one hundred years ago, greatfortunes and wealth was created by a select few who to this very day, will evengreater power and influence..The real question should be why are you notbecoming a Gold Enterpriser today for heavens sake. The public sell to refinersat a 40 to 50 % loss with a gain to the refineries who sell to Governments andlarge manufactures at a profit gain of 99% and some times higher. That is why somany We Buy Gold locations are popping up everywhere...atGoldEnterprisingProfits you will have no competition because you willnever buy from the public or a retailer. Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits
  8. 8. 14 Are Gold prices tied to the economy?This is perhaps the most important question of all, are Gold prices tied to theeconomy, in the early 1900s one US dollar could purchase one ounce of puregold, today one ounce of pure gold 31.1 ounces of pure Gold cost $1200 USfederal reserves notes, now what does that tell you about Gold and itsrelationship to the dollar and economy. The dollar has essentially lost all of itsvalue and has become merely a fiat currency backed by nothing other thanBank Derivatives since good faith has been destroyed by Wall Street,The Banking Elite, Big Government, Big Corporate Interest and The US MilitaryIndustrial Complex. So, what we are left with today is the option to informourselves and prepare ourselves to begin using real money in the form ofSilver and Gold as well as platinum assets. Gold is not favored by mostgovernments because it limits their ability to print money and run up deficits, sodon’t look for government to provide you with any real or must initiate these necessities for you, your family andcommunity, begin it now minus tears tomorrow. In addition it is advised thatprospective Gold Enterprisers not only consider Gold & Silver metals as anenterpriser but keep a close eye on the followings metals for future if notimmediate access  Rhodium  Rare Earth Metals  Platinum  PalladiumThese four Metals will prove to be as valuable as Gold or Silver particularly to themanufacturing sectors as these metals account for most mass manufacturedconsumer and industrial products in much greater capacity than Gold & silvercombined. Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits
  9. 9. Do I need a substantial sum 15 of money to begin Gold Enterprising? When one hears the word Gold Enterpriser they are unsure what the scope ofthis endeavor includes, let us explore this status in some detail:  A Gold Enterpriser buys low and sell high  A Gold Enterpriser marginalize risk through secure channels of distribution  A Gold Enterpriser does not buy retail  A Gold Enterpriser does not buy from the public  A Gold Enterpriser can work from any part of the world  A Gold Enterpriser is in essence an Entrepreneur  A Gold Enterpriser has the World at Their Finger Tips With a Gold Enterprising Membership your cost is $Zero “Yes” Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits
  10. 10. 16 How can I make money as a Gold Enterpriser Step one: go to Step two: get your free eBook & videos showing you how and why Step three: Start Gold Enterprising What are the test used to determin Gold17 content and how do they work? Gold testing is simple and easy, there are a number of ways to test Gold as well as other precious metals  There is the acid test, easy to use and learn simply follow the instructions given and practice with on some small amounts of gold until you become very efficient at using the test kit (do not rush, learn the process short cuts)  Then there is the electronic testing equipment, they are costly average price starts at $400 dollars, these units are for volume testing of gold and often comes with written as well as video instructions which makes it easier to learn, however I would not recommend that the Gold Enterpriser purchase such an item as there will be no need for it in this unique enterprise. The Gold Enterpriser has the advantage that we buy gold proprietors don’t have, Gold Enterprisers never buy from retailers or the public, so Its hands off the laborious stuff. Gold Enterprising has innovated a personal stimulus package that keeps on producing without having to pay Someone back later with interest. Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits
  11. 11. Can I find bargain Gold from non 18 traditional sources?It is necessary to obtain precious metals from non- traditional sources as long asthe source meets the industry standards including  Testing accuracy for quality  Secure transaction  Acceptable Price  Reliability  Consistent SupplyWhen a non traditional source meets these basic requirements by all means dobusiness with that source. Can I save money buying duty-free 19 Gold in other countries?Purchasing duty free items have its limitations, however for personal or giftselections this can be a great way to purchase precious metal gifts if the countryhas better prices than your destination country, however check the duty lawscarefully to be sure before buying such items as these laws change regularlycountry by country Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits
  12. 12. About Our Company:• Gold Enterprising Profits is an innovative company reinventing the way equitable business is conducted through sustainable opportunity leverage• Gold Enterprising Profits is a Trademark Company of Apex Resources• Gold Enterprising Profits is showing people how to re-employ themselves simply and quickly through the power of information fortified by resources.• Gold Enterprising Profits has established itself with the industries top innovators spanding the global precious metals markets from producers to miners, and we have carved out a unique market that serves the start up entrepreneur• Please go to and find out why the 21 century Gold Rush will include savvy Gold Enterprisers that spread the wealth and the information far and wide to whom ever will hear it. Copyright 2010 GoldEnterprsingProfits