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  1. 1. Smartphone's <br />Productivity + Smartphone = good idea?<br />By: Suhasini Naomi Manuel<br />
  2. 2. Contents<br />Introduction <br />Types of different Smartphone’s<br />Pro’s and Con’s <br />Statistical findings <br />Research information<br />Conclusion <br />
  3. 3. Introduction<br /><ul><li>Smart is an advanced cellular device that has advanced functions like a PC.
  4. 4. Some of the Popular brands of Smartphone’s are Blackberry, Palm Source, Nokia, Apple and Windows CE.
  5. 5. It can store many applications such as wireless internet, email and digital camera.</li></li></ul><li>Different Types Smartphone’s <br />Nokia N8<br />First Smartphone (2000). The Ericsson R380.<br />iPhone<br />Blackberry <br />Kyocera 6035 <br />Sony Ericsson X20<br />Palm OS 4.0<br />Nokia N95 <br />
  6. 6. Pros and Cons <br />Cons<br />Pros<br />More difficult to use than other phones.<br />Expensive to buy.<br />Sending text message is limited as there is restricted space capacity.<br />The more Applications added, the lesser the battery life.<br />Viruses and Malware scare can be passed from the phone to any PC.<br />Portable multimedia device. Play music and videos.<br />Variety of accessories such as GPS navigation software and Bluetooth.<br />Support Wi-Fi that can carry world wide web.<br />Access email and internet from anywhere.<br />Small, light weight devices that can fit into the pocket<br />
  7. 7. Statistical findings <br /><ul><li>Pew Survey: 60% of Apps downloaded are games.
  8. 8. Most Popular Smartphone of 2011 is Apple iPhone 4.
  9. 9. 49 % of Small business owners use Smartphone’s.
  10. 10. Smartphone allows to conduct your business anywhere.
  11. 11. 29% of People who are between the ages of 25-35 use Smartphone’s the most.
  12. 12. Smartphone’s can improve productivity by allowing quick access to internet, to-do-list and e-mail.</li></li></ul><li>Research Information<br />Research in Motion: Smartphone’s have negatively impacted people by making it difficult to shut down from the office.<br />Economist: people are avoiding their work and are plugged into social network.<br />Broardbent,S .: Smartphone’s improves communication by allowing people to stay connected with friends and family. Not only through calls, but email <br />Research in Motion: Blackberry user converts one hour of downtime to productive time and improves work efficiency by 38% <br />Smartphone’s allow people to access business emails and internet anywhere and at anytime.<br />Does Smartphone have an impact on our daily working lives and means of communication?<br />
  13. 13. Conclusion<br />Smartphone’s are not only useful for private business owners and other working class people, but it’s a new advance in technology.<br />It increases productivity by allowing people to communicate and conduct research. <br />Office work and email done on the Smartphone itself.<br />Students can access eBooks and research material.<br />