SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft Certification for Students


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SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft Certification for Students

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SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft Certification for Students

  1. 1. SharePoint 2013Gokan
  2. 2. About me
  3. 3. Microsoft Certifications
  4. 4. SharePoint Server 2013 ( MSCE )
  5. 5. SharePoint Server 2013 ( MSCM )
  6. 6. SharePoint Server 2013 ( MSCM )
  7. 7. SQL Server 2012
  8. 8. SharePoint Certification ( IT-Pro vs Dev )IT-PRODeveloper
  9. 9. SQL Server 2012 ( BI vs Data Platform )BIData Platform
  10. 10. Online Certification ( MVP vs MCC )- The MVP award takes those contributions into consideration, but it looksbeyond these tools at overall industry leadership. They consider quality,quantity, and level of impact. It involves sharing knowledge (Forums,Wiki, blogs, Gallery), speaking at conferences, and leading others. Theyevaluate based on whether youre educating the community, providingsupport to the community, and providing feedback to the product teams(but they look for people who lead others in these goals). They evaluateon the previous 12 months of contributions.- The MCC award "is an award offered by Microsoft, which is designed torecognize notable contributions to Microsoft online community forumssuch as TechNet, MSDN®, and Answers." There are more active MCCs inthese tools than MVPs. It is more difficult to become an MVP, and theselection process is more rigorous. The MCC selection process is nowautomatic, based on your accomplishments.
  11. 11. Why Microsoft Certification?- Industry Leadership- The Power of Choice ( Exchange, Active Directory,…)- World Class Customers ( AvePoint, HP, DELL, … )- Poisoning education ( Childeren )- Monopoly behavior
  12. 12. Microsoft Family- Windows- SharePoint- Exchange- SQL- Office- Word- PowerPoint- Excel- Visual Studio- Cloud- Azure- SkyDrive- Xbox- …
  13. 13. SharePoint Server 2013
  14. 14. SharePoint 2013FoundationStandard / EnterpriseFormal Answer• SharePoint is a general purpose platform used forconnecting people with information.
  15. 15. SharePoint is easySharePoint is a server based product to which users connect to.Most common ways to connect to SharePoint:- Anybody can learn to use SharePoint!- Easier than using Word or Excel
  16. 16. SharePoint Sites• Ask and you shall receive• Individual Websites• Team Websites• Company Websites• Practice Groups Websites• Housing• Consumer• Public Benefits• Family• Employment• Economic
  17. 17. SharePoint Sites
  18. 18. SharePoint CommunitiesSharePoint helps you work in Communities in several ways:• Calendars• Discussion Boards• Task Lists• Reminders• Work Flows• Blogs• Document Libraries• Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings• Social Bookmarking• Blogs and Wikis• My Sites• Activity Feeds• Profiles and Expertise
  19. 19. SharePoint 15 ArchitectureIn general model has stayed same as in previous versionNumerous platform level improvements and new capabilities• Shredded Storage• SQL Improvements• Cache Service• Request Management• Themes• Sharing
  20. 20. SharePoint MobileClassic and Contemporary views for mobile browsersAutomatic Mobile Browser RedirectionTarget different designs based on user agent stringOffice Mobile Web Apps• Excel• PowerPoint• WordPush notifications
  21. 21. Business IntelligencePerformancePoint ServicesFilter enhancements and Filter searchDashboard migrationSupport for Analysis Services Effective UserVisio ServicesRefresh data from external sources – BCS and Azure SQLSupports comments on Visio DrawingsMaximum Cache Size service parameterHealth Analyzer Rules to report on Maximum Cache Size
  22. 22. Search• New Search architecture with one unified search• Personalized search results based on search history• Rich contextual previews• Fast Server• Continuous Crawl
  23. 23. SocialMicrobloggingShare content, links, and mediaFollow people, sites, content, and conversationsActivity FeedsProvides a view into recent activity related to content, links, media,and peopleTwitter# tagLikeAnswer
  24. 24. Service applications in SharePoint 15New service applications available and improvements on existing onesOffice Web Apps is no longer a service applicationWeb Analytics is no longer service application, it’s part of search
  25. 25. Hardware
  26. 26. Web & Application Servers | Single ServerFarmsMinimum Hardware RequirementsProcessor: 64-bit, 4 coresRAM:8 GB for production use4 GB for developer or evaluation useHard disk:80 GB free for system driveMaintain 2x free space as available RAMWeb tierApplication tierDatabase tierWeb servers withquery componentApplication server with:• Central Administration• Search administrationcomponent• Crawl componentDatabase server with:• Central Administrationconfiguration and contentdatabases• Farm content database• Search administration database• Crawl database• Property databaseLoad balanced or routed requests
  27. 27. Web & Application Servers | Single ServerFarms
  28. 28. Browser Support
  29. 29. Q&A