The LTE Subscriber: Unraveled


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LTE Solution Brief- the need for an evolved subscriber data management solution (eSDM)

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The LTE Subscriber: Unraveled

  1. 1. SOLUTION BRIEF THE LTE SUBSCRIBER: UNRAVELED As the momentum towards 4G is picking up, it 2. NON-VOICE-CENTRIC DEVICES WILL PERVADE EVERYDAY LIFE 6. USERS WILL CONSUME “DATA APPS” MORE is evident that unlike previous evolutions of Machine-to-machine devices and inter-connectivity of everyday THAN EVER technology (e.g. 3G) which were driven by things will flood the market and their presence in a subscriber’s With the influx of applications for mobile devices and the service providers’ need to increase capacity; daily life will grow exponentially. Other than the usual mobile increased demand for real-time content delivery; new online 4G is being driven by the subscribers’ devices and laptops: home appliances, cars, electricity meters, and applications and ‘App Stores’ will drive monthly spending realization that they can use mobile data other electronic devices will be connected to the 3G/4G network and become a major component of service provider’s ARPU. applications in their everyday life. and exchange information over it. Apple and Google have demonstrated how much money The ability of a service provider to link these non-voice services to service providers leave on the table by not properly the mobile 3G/4G subscription will drive a huge revenue addressing the end-user application space. LTE is rapidly becoming the global mobile broadband choice, with several service providers opportunity. Achieving this would require multiple devices and Rapidly engineering and introducing such applications will selecting the 3GPP evolution as their preferred 4G identities to be enrolled into a single user subscription using a become a critical competitiveness element. An eSDM technology. What remains to be understood is central subscriber identity. The eSDM solution would need to have solution should support a relational global schema that can how the end-users and their devices will use this limitless scalability with limitless profiles per subscription. be easily customized and extended by the service provider immensely large, mobile, connection-pipe to while being in-service, to support in-house and third-party 3. USERS WILL EXPECT SERVICE UBIQUITY AND CONTINUITY applications. access and share information. Let us unravel the expected end-user behavior and requirements of Services available on 3G, such as voice and SMS, will need to be a LTE subscriber to understand how an evolved available in LTE. Several 3GPP work items are attempting to address 7. THE LTE USER WILL SEEK A PERSONALIZED Subscriber Data Management (eSDM) solution such topics and are basing their architecture on IP Multimedia MOBILE EXPERIENCE can enable the LTE service provider to efficiently Sub-System (IMS). While this is an interesting long-term goal, manage those expectations. today’s service deployments are mostly pre-IMS-based. An eSDM As more aspects of the user’s day-to-day life get solution for LTE will have to cope with web-based (SOAP) and connected to the network, ranging from home pre-IMS SIP-based (IETF) service frameworks, and enable voice and electronics and mobile devices to cars and security UNDERSTANDING THE LTE SUBSCRIBER SMS continuity across the CS domain and LTE’s IP-based access pipe. systems, there will be a pressing demand for a more personalized end-user experience. The service provider 1. LTE USERS WILL BE MULTI-DEVICE 4. THE LTE USER WILL DEMAND SEAMLESS MOBILITY would need to know the subscriber in order to meet their demands and sustain market share. Despite most ‘crystal-ball’ predictions of the early For the years to come, LTE coverage will consist of small 4G islands 2000’s, the LTE subscriber will not have a single, surrounded by a sea of 2G/3G coverage. The eSDM solution will be The service provider’s goal is to leverage the richness of do-it-all super-device. More and more required to consolidate and seamlessly share real-time subscriber subscriber information and manage the ability of purpose-built devices, such as eBook readers, information, such as subscriber context and location, across all applications to blend together, to create a truly network video/photo frames, digital cameras and access domains. personalized 4G end-user experience. navigation devices will appear on the market. The current devices will continue to co-exist with LTE 5. THE LTE-USER WILL REQUIRE AN ALWAYS-ON AND devices. ALWAYS-CONNECTED EXPERIENCE To support the multi-device nature of the LTE Social networking has cultivated an expectation to communicate subscriber, service providers will need a freely with whatever they want, whenever they want, with multi-profile, flexible SDM solution that can relate whomever they want, using whichever mode they want. these devices to a single unique subscription, and Service providers will need a supremely reliable eSDM solution with understand real-time registration statuses with a high-availability architecture offering all scenarios of internal and the capability of selecting the right device and the geographic redundancies. The solution would need a distributed right domain for a given data application. and layered database structure. Blueslice Networks 1 | Page Global Leaders in evolved Subscriber Data Management Solutions
  2. 2. THE LTE SUBSCRIBER: UNRAVELED 8. THE LTE USER WILL BE MORE EDUCATED There is a delicate balance that can only be achieved by a flexible multiple domains and create a platform for hosting ON THEIR PRIVACY RIGHTS eSDM system that manages per-subscriber rules and preferences. next-generation services. New vendor-agnostic applications and services can be easily added using open-standard interfaces and Social networks and other online applications have MANAGING AND SERVING THE LTE SUBSCRIBER flexible in-service global schema modifications. The eSDM taught us that end-users are not going to accept solution will consolidate and seamlessly share subscriber infringements on their personal life, and will seek It is evident from the demands of the LTE end-user that the success of LTE will be underlined by the intelligence of the network to information across all access domains (2G, 3G, IMS, VoIP, 4G etc.). more control on what they accept to share publicly. manage and serve the LTE subscriber. For this purpose service 3G service providers currently benefit from an providers are seeking a best-of-breed and future-proof solution BENEFITS OF THE CSP 3000™ FOR LTE unequaled ‘trust relationship’ with their end-users. termed as evolved Subscriber Data Management (eSDM). Centralized subscriber provisioning across all access As a trusted provider, they will also have to ensure domains. that efforts to leverage subscriber data for mobile The proposed approach will go beyond traditional Subscriber Data personalization will not cross the privacy Management by integrating the shared and centralized subscriber Centralized Authentication and Authorization boundaries of each user. data under a single, central subscriber identity. The eSDM solution will enable support for enhanced multimedia applications across Common ngHLR for shared subscriber context and volatile data in 2G, 3G and 4G networks Figure 1: The LTE Architecture A converged eSDM approach can manage 2G, 3G and 4G subscribers in a single logical solution. eSDM consolidates and seamlessly shares subscriber Flexible and modular solution information across all domains. Service provider customizable subscriber templates. LTE User Devices Pre-Release8 Core evolved Subscriber Data management (eSDM) Unlimited scalability without “central index” bottlenecks Unified subscription for all combinations of end-user devices. Blueslice CSP 3000™ Shared user presence between domains GERAN SGSN MSC Guaranteed call-termination across networks using PC Card and Personal VLR redirection techniques. USB dongles Electronics SDS 3000™ Support for Single-sign-on D Gr Ability to host several value-added services and applications ngHLR AAA HSS on a single logical platform. evolved Packet Core (EPC) 3000 3000 3000 Mobile Devices CPE & Router UTRAN A future-proof solution with the flexibility to add 2G 3GPP 3GPP next-generation technologies S6d 3G WLAN TISPAN SGSN S6a Blueslice Networks, Inc. MME 1751 Richardson Street, Suite 7500 4G WiMAX PktCbl Smartphone Cars Montreal, Quebec, H3K 1G6 Canada Tel: +1-514-935-9700 E-UTRAN Gc Fax: +1-514-932-9701 Gi SIP-AS S6b 3000 AuC ENUM Multimedia Home PGW handheld Appliances SGW GGSN devices FMC SLF PRE- IMS IMS SIP MNP- 3rd Non-3GPP SRF Party e.g. WiFi Laptops & Security Notebooks Devices ePDG PCRF © 2010 Blueslice Networks, Inc. The material contained in this document is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. No part of this And More... document may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, or stored in a retrieval system in any form or by any means without the written permission of Blueslice Networks. Blueslice Networks 2 | Page Global Leaders in evolved Subscriber Data Management Solutions