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The Developer vs. The Relational Database: How to do it right


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Presented at Dev Day 2013, Sri Lanka, this presentation focuses on tips and standards an application developer can utilize when interacting with a relational database. (Slide notes included)

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The Developer vs. The Relational Database: How to do it right

  1. 1. The Developer vs The Relational Database
  2. 2. About me MVP: SQL Server Gogula Aryalingam MCSE: Business Intelligence 6 Author: Chapter 57 Technical Architect 2011 #DevDaySL @gogula
  3. 3. Agenda Database Design Do it right: Defensive Programming Indexing considerations Best Practices Documenting #DevDaySL @gogula Utility objects
  4. 4. What’s wrong with this picture #DevDaySL @gogula
  5. 5. Here’s what… Keys/Uniqueness Constraints Normalization Data Types Naming Convention #DevDaySL @gogula
  6. 6. A better design #DevDaySL @gogula
  7. 7. Database design Code is Agile #DevDaySL Data base is brittle @gogula
  8. 8. Programming defensively 1. Define & understand assumptions 2. Modularize into fully testable and fully tested code 3. Test as many use cases as possible 4. Reuse code when feasible* #DevDaySL @gogula
  9. 9. Indexing for performance A clustered index on a heap (table) is a good idea Unique, narrow, static field Leave small tables as is Non-clustered indexes on fields used in JOINs and WHERE predicates Do not index every field Index based on usage Consider included indexes Consider filtered indexes #DevDaySL @gogula
  10. 10. Use utility objects The Numbers table, for set based: String sorting Extraction of distinct characters Generate time ranges or time slices Even something trivial like Find IDENTITY gaps generating an IP range #DevDaySL @gogula
  11. 11. Document your code Document through code Document the Why apart from the What #DevDaySL @gogula
  12. 12. Do we have time for a demo? Defensive database programming #DevDaySL @gogula
  13. 13. Questions? During the break #DevDaySL @gogula
  14. 14. THANK YOU #DevDaySL @gogula
  15. 15. Contact MVP: SQL Server @gogula Gogula Aryalingam Technical Architect #DevDaySL gogulaa@gmail .com @gogula n/gogula