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Personal Branding Lessons from the Jersey Shore gang? Yes. Mike The Situation Sorrentino provides a great example of publicity and self-promotion for entrepreneurs. This article contains at least 4 powerful tips and even some advice from Gary Vaynerchuk another media maven.

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Personal branding-lessons-from-jersey-shore

  1. 1. Personal Branding Lessons From The Jersey Shore (To read article and watch video on website, click here: Personal Branding Lessons) This Halloween week (or weekend), I counted at least 5 explicit references to “The Situation”, including an ode from Regis of “Live With Regis & Kelly”, where he dressed up as Mike “The Situation”, from “Jersey Shore” a reality TV series featuring the adventures and (misadventures) of a group of young people on the Jersey shore. Although I have only watched the show once, I do get my pop culture updates from the TV show TMZ (I love that show…reminds me of our meetings with our newspaper sales manager during my days as a newspaper advertising rep)! TMZ episodes (which I manage to catch at least once every 2 weeks), often feature references to the “Jersey Shore” and joking references to “The Situation”. What I was particularly impressed by is how one fairly ordinary young man from Jersey has managed to insinuate himself into every use of the word situation. In recent months, I’ve heard newscasters, TV hosts, and comedians have to issue clarifications like, “…not that Situation”, whenever they used the word. How To Own A Piece Of The Public’s Mind The term “personal brand” is a simplistic description of what is actually a complex system of ideas, impressions and beliefs about a particular person. As with any complex product, your marketing message or public persona must be packaged in a way that makes it easier for a low-attention span audience to digest. With Halloween retail authorities having predicted brisk sales of “Mike The Situation” and other”Jersey Shore” costumes, I think Mike has already accomplished a neat little trick. Here are some of the keys to the personal branding success of Mike “The Situation”. Represent A Big Idea
  2. 2. It takes a lot of work to dig deep and define the essential value you bring to your audience. I honestly don’t pretend to know what the tag “The Situation” actually refers to, but my thought is it doesn’t hurt when the idea you seem to represent is reckless partying, a “great bod” and a carefree good time. Example: When Steve Jobs launched the Apple Macintosh in 1984, a potentially uneventful technology product unveiling was turned into an iconic cultural moment because Apple tapped into the “Big brother” motif and positioned its product as the leading shot of a revolution against externally enforced conformity. Lesson: Package yourself, your business or your services to represent a simple, but powerful idea. Nicknames And Tags That Pack A Punch “The situation” is such an evocative phrase when applied to a person that it has really insinuated itself into the public consciousness. I mentioned earlier that I noticed the somewhat comical situation (no pun intended) of news anchors qualifying or clarifying their use of the word. As a sports fan, I can’t help but recall all the great nicknames of past sports history, and how the best ones (“The Greatest”) capture an essential idea, grab a hold of our minds, and refuse to let go. Baseball fans might recall “The Bronx Bomber”, among others. Example: In the marketing world, Dan Kennedy and his “No B.S.” series of books and “Renegade” marketer labels have spawned a multitude of admirers (or imitators) whose use of the labels often only serve to evoke reminders of Dan Kennedy and his offerings. Lesson: Work hard to find a nickname, label or phrase that will do the heavy lifting for months/years to come. Leverage Contrast And Polarization Cocksure, ebullient and seemingly self-confident, Mike “The Situation” and his cronies nonetheless represent behavior and lifestyle choices that make others (including me) cringe in disapproval; which works just fine for marketing purposes. Branding is about nothing if not standing out. By creating a sharp contrast with your image, nickname, ideas and branding, you will polarize some and attract others. And that’s just the way it should be. Trying to be everything to everyone is a simple recipe for confusing all of us, considering we will only dedicate the occasional “throwaway moment” to thinking “thoughts of you”.
  3. 3. Our time is much better spent thinking about our wives, our children, our money, goals, dreams, problems, etc. Differentiation through contrast and polarization make you far more memorable. Example: Over the last few months, I have profiled Southwest Airlines Marketing Campaigns such as the “Bags Fly Free” campaigns that continually pound away at the difference between them and the competitors in how they treat your bags. More recently, they have gone to a 70′s era cop theme that still makes the point … “while they ALL do X, we do Y”. Lesson: Do not be afraid to alienate some members of your marketplace in order to attract more of your supporters and gain momentum for your marketing messages. Put Your Brand Out There It doesn’t make sense to go to all this work to develop a well-defined, differentiated personal brand without putting in the work to get it out there. In this interview with Jay Leno, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino describes his path to the Jersey Shore. You may or may not be surprised that it involved mailing pictures of himself in his underwear. But that’s beside the point. The real point is that it required action on his part to get himself on his broadest marketing platform. Example: Entrepreneurial lore is rife with stories of people who caught their break in unusual ways. However, thousands of success stories involved conventional marketing outreach – the authoritative website, strategic partnerships, books, speaking engagements, advertising, etc. Just do it! Lesson: A personal brand is dead without a strategic marketing platform to get the word out. Share Your Own Ideas On Personal Branding By no means is this an exhaustive list of personal branding lessons that might be drawn from this or similar scenarios. I would love to get your own additional advice and tips on personal branding for entrepreneurs, CEOs and even career-minded managers. For instance, Here is Gary Vaynerchuk on Personal Branding in the video below (What do you think about his advice to Robin)?
  4. 4. (Click On The Image Below To Watch Video) Share your ideas in the comments below so that we can all benefit…or let me know your thoughts on some of these ideas I’ve shared above. Article by Gogo Erekosima, The Small Business Digital Coach TM Click here to read other articles from his personal blog for entrepreneurs, sales & service professional, as well business owners and managers. ©Gogo Erekosima 2010