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Unorthdox studios


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Minor project Presentation

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Unorthdox studios

  1. 1. Synopsis
  2. 2. Exodus: Fall of Atlantis is a First person RPG shooter game.The game will focus on a world beyond ours run by technologyand poverty. The purpose of the game is to work your waythrough a heavily influenced scientific world to become astronger warrior through new armor and weapons also todefeat the administrators that are responsible captivity of manycitizens from the main land.
  3. 3. Deep understanding of everything.• Understanding my character, what it is.• Understanding Technology within my world• Understanding the an creating a characterwith the logic of my world
  4. 4. Real Life Hydra!
  5. 5. Understanding the World.Mass effect 2 concept art.
  6. 6. Understanding the TechnologyMass effect 2: Normandy
  7. 7. Fish
  8. 8. Front Side