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Quick Lingo Complete Brochure


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Quick Lingo Translation Company has produced a number of brochures to aid clients in search of a language service.

Our clear and concise brochures explain the aspects of different translation and interpreting services to give clients a better understanding of the language help they require.

Our brochures are designed to give clients a brief but important overview of the services available at our London translation agency. Often, clients are not aware of the field of translation to which their language requirement is best suited, and these brochures offer clients a simple way to choose the most appropriate service. This in turn helps our team at Quick Lingo to allocate the relevant professional expertise for an appropriate language solution.

The brochures, which are divided into a series of booklets concerned with particular fields of translation, not only describe the fundamental aspects of the professional translation services available, but also point clients towards the technical details of certain services, which they had perhaps not previously considered.

Searching for the right translation service can be difficult and often confusing, particularly if your language requirement is very specific or niche. Our brochures aim to avoid all that confusion with a simple breakdown of some very specific services, to make sure you know exactly what you are getting from us.

For example, our brochures cover separate fields such as Legal Translation, Medical Translation, Technical Translation, Financial Translation, Certified Translation, Book and Magazine Translation, Website Translation, Scientific Translation, Transcription Services, and Interpreting, which all contain a very specific set of services, essential to providing the right assistance for your language need.

In order to make our clients’ decision as easy as possible, our brochures not only give a detailed explanation of the service, but also of the experts and the processes involved, to make sure clients know what to expect from our services.

We are dedicated to offering the most effective language solution possible, and with the help of these simple brochures, clients can clearly see the extent of our services and expertise, giving piece of mind to those who decide to choose our service.

There are many language and translation services out there, and at Quick Lingo we know the importance of finding the correct one for a client’s specific need. By browsing these brochures, clients gain a thorough knowledge of the processes involved in servicing their language requirement and thus can narrow down their search for a more appropriate and comprehensive service.

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Quick Lingo Complete Brochure

  1. 1. Professional Translation Services Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Table of Content• General information• Professional Transcription Services• Professional Legal Translation Services• Professional Medical Translation Services• Professional Scientific Translation Services• Professional Technical Translation Services• Professional Financial Translation Services• Professional Website Translation Services• Professional Book and Magazines Translation Services• Professional Certified Translation Services• Professional Interpreting Services• Contact Us Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. About UsQuick Lingo is a translation agency dedicated to providing a wide range of linguisticservices to the highest quality. Whether you are communicating with colleagues,partners, customers or suppliers overseas, we understand the importance placed onevery interaction. Our aim is to ensure that language will never be a hindrance to thesmooth running and global ambitions of your business, with exceptional accuracy andoutstanding customer service underpinning everything we do.Our ServicesWe provide all major translation services including legal, medical, technical financial,document and website translation (including localisation). Fully qualified professionalinterpreters and transcriptionists also help make up our extensive linguistic network.Our Clients include: Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Translation ExpertiseAccurate translation can never be achieved using machines. Human linguistic expertiseof the highest quality is required, which all native speakers in our network of over10,000 have through years of study and experience. This enables them to alwaysmaintain the message and sentiments of an original text, while at the same timetailoring it to a target audience by encompassing the distinct nuances and culture thatsurrounds every language.Then there’s the significant matter of specialistknowledge. Project managers will make sure thatsomeone is assigned to your project that meets exactlythe right criteria – possessing qualifications along withdirect experience of the industry in question, and beingmore than familiar with terminology unique to that field.If necessary, translators have access to state-of-the-artsoftware to assist them as well. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Professional Transcription Services Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. About UsTranscription services operate on an acute understanding of the mechanics of verbalinteraction. Our company provides only the highest standards in transcription services,using skilled professionals who are qualified to aid you in all aspects of transcription.Quick Lingo aims to combine the our skills in transcription with our language expertise tooffer a fully operational transcription and translation service with efficient andprofessional output.Media and Conference TranscriptionOur transcription services, which have supplied television channels and record companiesare experts in translation, subtitling and transcription across the breadth of the mediaindustry. We also provide excellent transcription services for businesses, financialinstitutions and academic organisations which regularly require their conferences andseminars transcribed with absolute precision.We transcribe:• Documentaries • Board Meetings• Movies • Presentations• Media Events • Seminars• Interviews • Focus Group Discussions• Music Files • Research Interviews• TV and Radio Programs • Web Conferences Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Transcription ProfessionalsAll translations can be certified, i.e. sworn to be accurate by a professional certifiedtranslator in order to comply with the guidelines that affect technical documents in aparticular county.Experts in the fieldAt Quick Lingo we pride ourselves on our ability to offer only the highest standards intranscription excellence. All our transcriptionists are qualified in their language field andhave the necessary qualifications in transcription to offer accurate and efficienttranslation and transcription services simultaneously.Certified KnowledgeIt is extremely important to access the services of a company that offers qualifiedprofessionals with specific knowledge and qualifications in their field. Our companyensures quality results by using only the finest transcriptionists, who are mother tongue,and are well versed in the variousmultimedia platforms required ofmany transcription projects. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. ProfessionalLegal Translation Services Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. About Legal TranslationLegal translations are without a doubt one of the most sophisticated areas of translation,which requires levels of linguistic excellence and unparalleled professionalism. Our legaltranslation team has the expert and subject specific knowledge essential to the fair andsuccessful translation of legal documents. Our services are designed to uphold thestrictest of security and privacy measures combined with our personal objective toproduce the most accurate and efficient legal translations around.Legal Translation ServicesWe provide legal document translation services for both individualand corporate clients, in addition to a variety of interpretingservices. An efficient project management system and stringentquality assurance measures ensure translations are accurate to thefinest detail.Our Flexible PricesAt Quick Lingo, you have a choice of what quote you takefrom us! You can pick from a “standard translation” quote or a“guaranteed accuracy” one. Standard translation is usuallyused for internal purposes whilst the latter is used for officialand legal use. Prices start from £0.11 per source word. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Legal Document TranslationTranslators within our network handle the following documents on a regular basis:•Contracts•Insurance Policies•Immigration Documents•Articles of Association•Powers of Attorney•Deeds and Wills•Witness Statements•Laws and Codes of PracticeCertified TranslationsAs well as providing certified legal translations, wealso make sure when necessary that the translatorprovides a sworn affidavit certifying that they haveprovided a legal equivalent of the source text in thetarget language.Interpreting ServicesSpecialist interpreters can be provided for conferences,client meetings and court interpreting. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Legal Translation ProfessionalsFamiliarity with complex terminology in the source and target languages along withextensive knowledge of legal systems in both relevant countries is crucial to accuratelegal translation, and our translators utilise these strengths to an optimum level. A carefulselection policy is in place to allocate a linguist with exactly the right expertise to yourproject, who will usually have prior experience of working in law themselves. Restassured, translators are bound by confidentiality agreements.LanguagesWe provide legal document translation services in more than 300 different languages like:• German • Turkish • Japanese• French • Urdu • Arabic• Spanish • Punjabi • Afrikaans• Russian • Tamil • Krio• Ukrainian • Bengali • Somali• Hungarian • Dari • Lingala• Lithuanian • Farsi • Swahili• Polish • Mandarin • AkanIndustry ExperienceFirms across the world in numerous different industries form our legal translationcustomer base. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. ProfessionalMedical Translation Services Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. About Medical TranslationThe medical translations available at our company are second to none. We know theintricate detail with which medical documents need to be translated, and we are skilled inthe art of translation for administrative, pharmaceutical, medical and surgicalprocedures. We uphold a distinct standard of professionalism at all times and wecomplete all types of translations with accuracy and speed. Here, we seek only to providethe best medical translation service possible, using qualified translation professionalswith certified knowledge in the field of medicine.Medical Translation ServicesWe provide an extensive range of medical translation services. An efficient projectmanagement system and stringent quality assurance measures ensures translations areaccurate to the finest detail. Confidentiality is guaranteed.Medical Document ServicesTranslators within our network handle the following documentson a regular basis: • Clinical Reports and Studies • Hospital & Insurance Reports • Medical Equipment Manuals • Medical Journals • Pharmaceutical Guidelines • Medical Brochures • Patient Reports Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Professional Medical TranslatorsOur policy is to only ever use native-speaking medical translators, in order to ensurecomplex medical terminology is translated correctly. In addition to their own in-depthmedical knowledge, translators also have access to glossaries and specialist dictionariesto achieve the highest possible level of accuracy – all of which precedes a stringentediting process. Rest assured that however complex the medical jargon involved,translations are tailored to read clearly to the target audience, regardless of whetherthey have medical expertise or not.Certified TranslationsAll medical translations are certified to meet the requirements of in-country regulatorybodies across the globe.Interpreting ServicesSpecialised medical interpreters can be provided for face-to-face interpreting services.Industry ExperienceNumerous firms in the health and pharmaceutical sectors have benefited from ourexpertise. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. ProfessionalScientific Translation Services Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. About Scientific TranslationWe offer scientific translations in a number of languages across a diverse range ofscientific projects including those within the life science industry.Our company has seen significant growth in demand for scientific translation and wehave responded accordingly, offering expert standards in scientific translation related tomedical equipment, research, medicines, veterinary science and agriculture.Scientific Translation ServicesWe offer a variety of language solutions for the scientific translation sector, and canboast numerous projects which involved collaboration with a large number of scientificfields. These fields include: • Biotechnology • Chemistry • Agriculture and Agronomy • Veterinary • Food Processing • Healthcare • Medical Devices • Pharmaceutical • Biology • Genetic Engineering • Physics • Earth Sciences Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Translating for the Pharmaceutical IndustryQuick Lingo is long standing provider of translation services for the pharmaceuticalindustry, and thus, our language professionals have many years of experience,particularly with medicine translations, the numbers of which have increased greatlythrough vast expansion of the global medicine distribution industry.Professional Scientific TranslatorsWith more than 5000 professional translators, trained in specific areas of scientifictranslation, Quick Lingo can offer their highly specialised services to numerous clientsacross a variety of scientific fields. We are proud to offer continuing linguistic support tomedical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary science, and all areas of biology, chemistry andphysics.Certified TranslationsAll our scientific translators are not onlycertified in their field of expertise but we alsoprovide each client with a mother tonguespeaker for their translation project. Ourtranslators are also trained to deal withcomplex and sensitive information, which isoften encountered in scientific translations,and to deliver language solutions withprecision. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. ProfessionalTechnical Translation Services Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. About Technical TranslationTechnical translation services at our company are some of the most refined services onoffer in the field of translation. Our translators are not only trained in varioustechnological fields, but are also highly skilled in the complex translation of documentsrelating to technical professions. All our technical translations services are designed tooffer high standards of precision in translation, combined with expert subject specificknowledge to provide clients with an accurate and professional result.Technical and Manuals TranslationWe have significant experience in delivering an extensive technical and manualstranslation service in fields that include aerospace, IT, energy, electronics andtelecommunications. An efficient project management system and stringent qualityassurance measures ensures translations are accurate to the finest detail.Technical Document TranslationTranslators within our network channel their expertise into the following documents on aregular basis: • Material Specifications • Operating Manuals • Policy Manuals • Safety Manuals • Service Manuals • Technical Manuals and Reports • Technical Standards • Users Guides Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. Certified TranslationAll translations can be certified, i.e. sworn to be accurate by a professional certifiedtranslator in order to comply with the guidelines that affect technical documents in aparticular county.Technical and Manual Translation ProfessionalsThe correct use of industry-specific terminology is crucial to thetranslation of any technical manual. In addition to already havingin-depth technical knowledge, our technical translators haveaccess to glossaries and translation memories to help achievethe highest level of accuracy, and project managers willendeavour to ensure that your project is allocated a translatorwho is perfectly suited. Native speakers are used every time sothat the subtle nuances of a target language are encompassed ina translation that still captures the finest details of the original.Trusted ExperienceWell-known firms across the world fromnumerous industries have made full useof our technical translation services,many of who are regular clients. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  21. 21. Professional Financial Translation Services Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. About Financial TranslationQuick Lingo offers a comprehensive and highly specialised Financial Translations package,with a select group of skilled professionals working across hundreds of financialtranslation projects throughout the world. Financial translation has never been soimportant and Quick Lingo has the knowledge and expertise to provide only the bestlanguage solutions to some of the world’s leading companies, financial institutions, publicservices and consulting agencies.Financial Translation ServicesOur team of financial translators provide expert professional translations across thefollowing range of financial documents: • Financial Statements • Credit Reports • Bank Statements • Credit and Equity Research • Annual Reports • Fixed Income Research • Profit and Loss Reports • Balance Sheets • Investment Documents Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. Financial Translation ExpertiseOur translators boast some of the highest qualifications in translation, as well asknowledge and experience in the financial sector. All our translators are mother tonguespeakers of the chosen target language and have an excellent understanding of thecomplexities in the field of finance, ensuring that your language need is given theprofessional attention it deserves.Banking and Finance TranslationsQuick Lingo offers a specialist translation service for projects involving financialtranslations for banks and financial institutions. These translations require a specific setof skills which include the tailoring of translations to match the language of the targetlocale, in order for banks and financial institutions to represent specific audiences withrespect and credibility.Laws and RegulationsOur financial translations experts are acutelyaware of the responsibilities involved with thetranslations of banking and financeinformation. We ensure all translations adhereto the regulations set out by the country ofthe target language, as well as maintainingcontinuity of numbering and terminology. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. ProfessionalWebsite Translation Services Copyright © 2012 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  25. 25. About Website TranslationOur website translations services are some of the most sophisticated around. We areexperts in the minute details of language localisation; one of the most important aspectsof website translation. We understand the need for complete accuracy as well as culturaladaptation when it comes to the translation of websites for any means. By choosing ourcompany your business will be in the safe hands of some of the most qualified websitetranslation professionals in the field, with many years of experience.Website TranslationWe provide website translation services in over 300 languages for individuals, businessesand organisations in all sectors. An efficient project management system and stringentquality assurance measures ensures translations are accurate to the finest detail.LocalisationProfessionals are at our disposal that haveexpertise in handling all aspects of an wide-ranging localisation process outside of purelinguistics, including design and layout,colour and images, character encoding andcontent management systems. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  26. 26. Professional Website TranslatorsWith over 75% of the world’s population speaking no English at all and Internet usersbeing over four times more likely to buy from a website in their native language, websitetranslation is a vital component in reaching foreign markets. Translators allocated to yourproject will be familiar with the field or industry relevant to you and skilled in utilising theterminology applicable to that area. Native speakers are always used to ensure that thetext is culturally suitable to the audience in question.Consultation and AdviceTheres no point in having a state-of-the-art website if it doesnt generate traffic. We cangive advice on all things digital marketing and search engine optimisation-related,helping to maximise your websites online visibility to the fullest. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. Professional Book and Magazine Translation ServicesCopyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. About Book and Magazine translationOur book and magazine translations services are structured to provide a wide range oflinguistic services to professional standards. We know how important it is to haveeffective business relationships with editors, publishers and writers in their own tongue,and to conduct all business with professionalism. Our goal is to provide assistance withevery area of the book and magazine translation business with accuracy and reliability,and to offer clients the professional support they need in this sector.Book and Magazine TranslationWe have expertise in delivering book and magazine translation services in over 300languages. An efficient project management system along with stringent qualityassurance measures ensures translations are accurate to the finest detail, andconfidentiality is always guaranteed.What We CoverProjects that our translators undertake on a regularbasis include: • Books • Magazines • Newspapers • Academic Journals • Leaflets & Brochures • Newsletters • Yearbooks • Serials Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  29. 29. Book and Magazine Translation ProfessionalsOur translators have journalistic or literary backgrounds, and for more specialist texts wehave experts in IT, social sciences, medicine, engineering and other industries. Capturingthe original message and sentiments of the author is key to everything they do, so weallow for the option of translations being done in accordance to a style guide to helpreproduce the exact tone of the original text. Native-speakers are always used to makecertain that the distinct nuances of the target language are respected in the finaltranslation and that it is tailored to suit the target audience.Trusted ExperienceWell-known firms across the world from numerous industries have made full use of ourbook and magazine translation services, many of who are regular clients. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  30. 30. Certified Translation Services Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  31. 31. About UsThe certified translation services at Quick Lingo are designed to offer first rate officialtranslations for non governmental public organisations such as universities, insuranceproviders, lawyers and potential employers. Our aim is to provide a professional standardof translation, and maintain a standard of excellence throughout the world. Our certifiedtranslations are accepted by NARIC and the General Medical Council, as well asconsulates and embassies around the world.Certified Translation ServicesOur team of certified translators provide professional translation solutions for thefollowing documents: • Academic Certificates • Immigration Documents • Powers of Attorney • Contracts • Statutory Declaration • Birth Certificates • Witness Statements • Medical Reports Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  32. 32. Qualified TranslatorsOur team of expert certified translators make up one of the most comprehensive teamsof translators for any given project. Our Project Managers choose the right translator foryour specific requirement from an extensive list of professional certified experts. No lessthan three translators are assigned to each project; A mother tongue translator, aneditor and a proofreader, who is also a native speaker of your target language.Additional SkillsOur certified translators alsohave the specific legal skillsto ensure the translation ofyour document is authenticand appropriate for its targetaudience. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  33. 33. Fast Certified TranslationOur ability to provide high quality language solutions at an affordable price have broughtQuick Lingo to the forefront in certified translations. In light of this growing success weare now able to offer same day translations for non-extensive projects across the world.Confidentiality and Ethical StandardsAll our translators perform language projects with thehighest degree of professionalism. They are bound by acommercial confidentiality and corporate non-disclosureagreement, ensuring complete discretion for yourcertified translation. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  34. 34. Professional Interpreting ServicesCopyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  35. 35. About InterpretingAt Quick Lingo we pride ourselves on being able to offer one of the most diverse andspecialised interpreting services around. Our skilled interpreters work across a widerange of public, corporate and private projects with professionalism and efficiency. Thegrowth in the sector and the high demand for interpreting means Quick Lingo now offersexpert interpreting services in more than 300 different languages, 24 hours a day.Interpreting ServicesAt Quick Lingo our team of professionals are pleased to offer the following range ofinterpreting services: • Conference Interpreting • Court Interpreting • Medical Interpreting • Legal Interpreting • Simultaneous Interpreters • Consecutive Interpreters • Face to Face Interpreters • Police Interpreters • British Sign Language Interpreters • Business Interpreters Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  36. 36. Public Service InterpretingEach of our interpreters is fully qualified in public service interpreting and thus hasspecific knowledge of the terminology and legalities associated with their chosen sector.Our interpreters are well versed in the codes of conduct of their particular field andoperate with the utmost professionalism and accuracy.Simultaneous InterpretingQuick Lingo offers a wide range of interpreting services including sector professionals insimultaneous interpreting and sign language. As it is one of the most difficult forms ofinterpreting, we are proud to offer experts in the field of simultaneous interpreting with aminimum of 5 years experience as standard. Our simultaneous interpreters haveprovided their services for the European High Commission, the Houses of Parliament andthe Courts of Justice.Sign languageQuick Lingo also provides NRCPDregistered Sign LanguageInterpreters and our highly skilledBritish Sign Language interpretershave all been accredited byprofessional bodies. Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.
  37. 37. Contact UsTo find out more about our services or for a free quote:E-mail:sales@quicklingo.comWebsite:www.quicklingo.comLondon (Head Office)Translation Centre,19 Shrubbery Road,London, SW16 2ASPhone: +44 (0) 208 835 7034Fax: +44 (0) 208 328 3510New York1225 Franklin Avenue,#325 Garden City,New York, 11530Phone: +1 (646) 652 6739Follow us on: Copyright © 2013 Quick Lingo Ltd. All rights reserved.