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Ayyapancoil Hanging Bridge


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Ayyapancoil Hanging Bridge, Periyar Lake and Surroundings, things to do, nearest tourist spots.

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Ayyapancoil Hanging Bridge

  2. 2. Ayyapancoil in Kerala is an ancient tribal village and an unexplored tourist spot in South India, the name means Temple of God Ayyappan got from the ancient Ayyappan Temple located near. The spot have history back from 3000s of years and there are number of cultural and historical artifacts existing as proud remains of this pristine village. Kovilmala is the nearest location of Ayyappancoil and the center of the only one Tribal King of entire Mannan Tribal in India. The village and surroundings are blessed with serine greenish landscape, the longest river in Kerala – Periyar making this virgin land wet and beautiful. The attractions to visit in Ayyapancoil are hanging bridge across Periyar river, 3000 more year old temple, ancient Neolithic dolmens, Idukki arch dam, biggest soli bridge in Asia, Periyar wildlife sanctuary, tribal village etc. Country boat riding, bamboo rafting, fishing, trekking, walk through hanging bridge, jeep thrilling, visit to tribal village etc.
  3. 3. Hanging Bridge during Summer Season, Ayyappancoil
  4. 4. Hanging Bridge, Ayyappancoil – One of the longest hanging bridge in Kerala and the bridge get blessed with a lake formed from flood of Idukki reservoir during monsoon season of Kerala. 6 months we can enjoy this pristine view and this lasts until the climate get hot during summer.
  5. 5. Hanging Bridge, Ayyappancoil – View from Nearest Hill Top
  6. 6. Hanging Bridge, Ayyappancoil – View from Nearest Hill Top
  7. 7. Hanging Bridge, Ayyappancoil – View during Summer Season of Kerala, this time the Vellilamkandam river, that carrying water to Idukki Reservoir become dry and can walk across the greenish dry land here .
  8. 8. Hanging Bridge during Summer Season, Ayyappancoil
  9. 9. The joining spot of Vellilamkandam River and Periyar
  10. 10. Periyar near Ayyappancoil during Summer Season in Kerala
  11. 11. The joining spot of Vellilamkandam River and Periyar
  12. 12. The meeting spot of Vellilamkandam River and Periyar
  13. 13. Vellilamkandam River and its banks during Summer : The spot is dry and greenish as like a big international stadium and the landscape become cricket pits and volleyball courts for villagers here , best time for kids to enjoy their summer vacation.
  14. 14. The dry land, but green carpeted nature around Vellilamkandam River and a distant view to hanging bridge
  15. 15. The monsoon raining will make Vellilamkandam River rich with flood water and rise in water level of Idukki reservoir will create a big lake and gradually the green carpeted dry land changing to a horizon of water body
  16. 16. Now the lake is ready for a leisure time. See the photo inset and know the change happened to this beautiful village. Best time to visit the spot is just after the monsoon season in Kerala. Especially Onam Festival Season is very good for a visit. So we can join with the villagers in Onam celebrations too.
  17. 17. Take a country boat and do a ride under monsoon clouds, never forget it.
  18. 18. Bamboo Rafting
  19. 19. Bamboo Raft was the resort for the villagers to cross the lake before the establishment of hanging bridge. Still keeping it for some adventure geeks to enjoy a ride.
  20. 20. Bamboo Rafting across Periyar lake is an enjoyable activity here
  21. 21. This is the biggest soil bridge in Asia build across Vellilamkandam River, the image taken during summer. The top of the bridge is the Kattapana - Kottayam Road and a main route to connect villages and nearest tourist spots – Vagamon, Thekkady, Idukki Dam etc
  22. 22. See the soil bridge now filled with lake water from Idukki Reservoir during monsoon. Inset image shoeing soil bridge during summer. Fishing is a main activity here during raining season.
  23. 23. This is the bigger ring under the Soil Bridge to make passage for water from other side, this flow leads to Periyar river and Idukki resrvoir. Origin of Vellilamkandam river is from the distant cardamom hills and the river was rich with water flow through out the year. But recently the river is dry during summer, because of climate change and lose of forest in distant mountain ranges.
  24. 24. The ring under the soil bridge is apt for adventure time and a different perspective of view to other side landscape through this big ring will be unforgettable , because the view from one side of ring to other end will feel as a look to 2D picture.
  25. 25. Ayyappancoil Lake : See the shore of lake got narrower and by seeing this villagers can say Kerala got enough monsoon raining in this year, but even in this time the water level in Idukki Reservoir do not reached at its full capacity of water storage. Because it is one of the highest Arch Dam and hydro electric prohject in Asia.
  26. 26. Ayyappancoil Lake
  27. 27. Ayyappancoil Lake
  28. 28. The view from a top hill in Ayyappancoil Village
  29. 29. Raman Raja Mannan – The new Tribal King of Kovilmala : The tribal community in Ayyapancoil is from Mannan Section. They migrated from Tamilnadu region and got special privileges from Travancore Kings to rule this area. The King and his 12 ministers governing the tribe and they are still following their ancient tradition and culture. This is the only one King for Mannan tribe all over India.
  30. 30. The only one temple in the world that in the middle of water for 6 months and another 6 months in normal land. During monsoon the Periayar lake will grow and cover the temple yard, the devotees and temple priest have to ride in a boat to pay homage. The temple is 3000 more years old and the deity here is of Ayyappa, and may be the idol here is more older than Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. Now village people trying to construct the floor level of temple to make above lake water , but the spot is under the control of Government, so blocked the renovation works.
  31. 31. Ancient megalithic tombs around the Periyar river and Ayyapancoil are the best artifacts, those lights up to the culture and life of people here 6000 years ago, is still not covered for a proper study and recording. The image is a dolmen site appeared in a construction field in Idukki.
  32. 32. Caradmom plantation near Ayyapancoil. Ayyapancoil and around villages are the part of famous cardamom mountain range of Kerala and these spots are participating in spice export of India as a main source of cardamom seeds. The mountains here is the mother land of cardamom plant and very important to world trade map from ancient time. The scent of cardamom and other spices like pepper, cinnamon etc will act as an air freshener and during our journey through these lands, this fragrance in air will be get marked as an unforgettable experience in our memories.
  33. 33. This is the Biggest Arch Dam in Asia and the 20 min boat ride through Ayyapancoil lake will get us to this pristine spot. But the boat ride through the lake is strictly prohibited due to security issues, but if we have special permissions from Government authorities, we can try it once. Country baot ride for tribal people not prohibited in lake and angling also allowable. The Dam is open only during festival seasons like Onam, Christmas, Easter etc. If we travel through road, there need a 30km ride from Ayyapancoil to Idukki Dam.
  34. 34. Vellilamkandam river Periyar Lake Cardamom mountain range : Origin of Vellilamkandam River