E.T.I. Malawi Training Trip in 2008


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Evangelism Training International conducts a training session of African pastors in Malawi back in 2008.

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E.T.I. Malawi Training Trip in 2008

  1. 1. Evangelism TrainingEvangelism Training InternationalInternational 2008 Mission Trip2008 Mission Trip Malawi, AfricaMalawi, Africa
  2. 2. The Mission TeamThe Mission Team  Pastor Malvory Peffer (S. Africa)Pastor Malvory Peffer (S. Africa)  Dr. Dave Hook (USA)Dr. Dave Hook (USA)
  3. 3. Dave, Duncan, and MalvoryDave, Duncan, and Malvory
  4. 4. Our ObjectiveOur Objective  To train and equipTo train and equip pastorspastors,, leadersleaders,, andand believersbelievers to share the Gospel.to share the Gospel.  To preach to all who will listen atTo preach to all who will listen at churcheschurches;; town squarestown squares;; streetstreet witnessingwitnessing;; orphanagesorphanages, etc., etc.
  5. 5. The Migowi, MalawiThe Migowi, Malawi Pastoral ConferencePastoral Conference  OverOver 120120 pastors and wives attended.pastors and wives attended.  TheThe main emphasis?main emphasis? Train leaders to be powerful/effectiveTrain leaders to be powerful/effective lifetime witnesses for Jesus.lifetime witnesses for Jesus.
  6. 6. The Facts:The Facts:  Most of theMost of the pastorspastors, leaders,, leaders, and attendees who attended theand attendees who attended the conferenceconference did not own a Bibledid not own a Bible .. ThatThat is…is…
  7. 7. …………..until now!until now!
  8. 8. TheThe EvangelismEvangelism TrainingTraining
  9. 9. Migowi EvangelismMigowi Evangelism ConferenceConference  ManyMany churcheschurches were represented.were represented.  ManyMany denominationsdenominations werewere present.present.  Many livesMany lives impactedimpacted!!
  10. 10. SomeSome excitedexcited pastors waitingpastors waiting to get started!to get started!
  11. 11. Practicing…Practicing…
  12. 12. Some of the “Some of the “excitedexcited “ graduates!“ graduates!
  13. 13. The results of theThe results of the trainingtraining InIn one hourone hour of practicing what theyof practicing what they learned out on the streets:learned out on the streets:  264264 accepted Jesus as their Savior!accepted Jesus as their Savior!  1616 led someone to Christ for the firstled someone to Christ for the first time!time! 277277 accepted Jesus for theaccepted Jesus for the entire trainingentire training!!
  14. 14. PreachingPreaching  ChurchesChurches  Open airOpen air  OrphanageOrphanage
  15. 15. A rural church outside of Pholombe.A rural church outside of Pholombe. No water. No electricity. Much love!No water. No electricity. Much love!
  16. 16. Waiting for the service to startWaiting for the service to start
  17. 17. AA pricelesspriceless gift of eggs given after preaching.gift of eggs given after preaching.
  18. 18. Malvory preached at the town square inMalvory preached at the town square in Migowi. Many decisions were made for Christ.Migowi. Many decisions were made for Christ.
  19. 19. Ministering at theMinistering at the orphanageorphanage
  20. 20. The needs are great!The needs are great!
  21. 21. Malawi, Africa isMalawi, Africa is beautifulbeautiful
  22. 22. But theBut the greatestgreatest beautybeauty of all is…of all is…
  23. 23. the people!the people!
  24. 24. Because ofBecause of youryour faithfulfaithful prayers and support…prayers and support…  Many pastors and leaders wereMany pastors and leaders were trained to share the Gospel!trained to share the Gospel!  There wereThere were 450450 souls that receivedsouls that received Jesus Christ as their Savior.Jesus Christ as their Savior.  Pastors continue to share the GospelPastors continue to share the Gospel and will be training theirand will be training their congregations.congregations.
  25. 25. This email was received:This email was received: ““We are now missing you. You have been aWe are now missing you. You have been a blessing to us here in Malawi. We thank youblessing to us here in Malawi. We thank you for your coming. We enjoyed your meetingsfor your coming. We enjoyed your meetings very much and the pastors have startedvery much and the pastors have started evangelizing in the villages. Manyevangelizing in the villages. Many testimonies are coming that many aretestimonies are coming that many are receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior.”receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior.” Pastor DuncanPastor Duncan
  26. 26. THANKTHANK YOUYOU!!!!!! Your faithfulYour faithful prayersprayers,, laborlabor, and, and financial supportfinancial support have made thishave made this possible! (Philippians 4:15-20)possible! (Philippians 4:15-20)
  27. 27. You can contact us:You can contact us: Visit our website :Visit our website : EvangelismEvangelismTrainingTrainingInternational.orgInternational.org EmailEmail :: hook4jesus@embarqmail.comhook4jesus@embarqmail.com 407-443-8590407-443-8590