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Sibm - Shilpa Minj


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Sibm - Shilpa Minj

  1. 1. MY DREAM How did it all start? MY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FOR FOOD What’s the one thing that no one absolutely, no one can deny? GOOD FOOD!!Isn’t it.Whether it be a boy or a girl, grandfather or grandmother, Chinese or an Indian acrossrace, nationality or sex. FOOD delights all and so to me. I am a big Big BIG foodie andloves to gorge on delicacies. When kids were busy with their toys, video games, homeworks etc only one thing that remained on my mind was FOOD. And with age my love forfood just grew stronger and stronger. I am an inquisitive person and when it comes to foodits all the more. I love trying new dishes and I naturally tend to try them at home even if Idon’t know the recipe. And here was the genesis of my interest and hobby. I startedcooking myself and really enjoyed it. It has become a stress buster for me now. I believeif there is a heaven on earth its GOOD FOOD, GOOD FOOD, and GOOD FOOD 
  2. 2. So what is my Dream? To go to different kinds of restaurants or cafes and experiencetheir great food .What purpose will it serve?When in a restaurant I am actually in a dilemma as to what should I order from the widerange of menu given the limited budget that I have. So firstly it will serve my two D’s -Desire and Dream to have various kinds of cuisines in top grade restaurants withoutthinking about the budget ;). Secondly and most importantly it will serve my long termpurpose or say THE ULTIMATE DREAM of opening up my own restaurant. It will give me achance to visit different types of restaurants experience their service, ambience, foodwhich otherwise is difficult for me to afford. Having their signature dishes and whatmakes them stand apart from others i.e their USP. First thing that attracts a person in arestaurant is good food. The service that it provides is crucial and hence understandingthe needs, tastes of the people is important. I will get a firsthand experience of these
  3. 3. restaurants which will help me in understanding the industry better and will further pushmy desire to be a restaurateur.How will Godrej Loud make my dream come true?Some of the restaurants I would like to go and why1)The Taj Mahal Palace,Mumbai2)Le Meridian,Delhi3)Magique-as it is the brainchild of famous food critic Marut Sikka and has an excitingmenu (as I have read)4)Chef’s Ritu Dalmia’s Diva5)Bukhara At Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi. The name says it all.6) Aer bar and lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel- An open-air restaurant at the 34thfloor and provides an inspiring dining experience with all international flavors coupled withthe lovely music of 80s and 90s.Need I say more.7) Travertino At: The Oberoi, New Delhi for its Italian food.8) Hakkasan and Yauatcha, BandraBudget Outline-Rs 1.5 lakh would include the cost of travelling and accommodation andfood at these restaurants.And so here is my DREAM at your hands. 