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Sibm - Saswati Subhasmita


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Sibm - Saswati Subhasmita

  1. 1. DREAM BIG - DREAM LOUDOnce again the needle struck about to give me a strokeTime and again the last digit says five but this time, its sixty five...On the weighing pan lost in the memory laneRunning here and there out of utter fear...Oh Lord!!!! Hide me hide mePlease somewhere...Mom again with a glass full of milk...Day long and night wants meTo drink milk all the time forcing me 3 litres a dayMakes her feel contended and gay....But you know what!!!Chocolate tempt me from the startIn its many coloured packTries to cause fascinating addictionBeing sure that I go back....I close my eyes for a momentWhen it melts upon my tongueAs my senses are quite awareOf the delicious flavour lingering there....I realized, yes that was the timeWhen I grew to be a cute fat teenAt the age of thirteen...I started thinking about a fairy tale not yet writtenFor a listener not yet conceivedWhere everything found is round.Oh lord!!! Please help them understandI am like everyone elseI hear the whispers, I hear the laughI can see the cruel jokes as I pass...I hope everyone else will seeI tried to be the best I can be...Feeling fat and frumpy, I headed for the gymGetting back in the swing was very hard at firstBut the music kept me going & the trainers spurred me onI really got back into it as the weeks went on.I worked all through and joined the aerobics tooI felt a whole new woman energised right through.I was happy the next time I go to store
  2. 2. Buying a chocolate barI will not see people laughing at far...I was happy the next time I can wearAll I used to fear...I was happy now that peopleWon’t say how, but wow...Ouch...ah what was that!!!Someone pinched me, said“Please come out”All the clouds went awayNo music and no chocolatesSuddenly realized I am stillOn the weighing pan!!!Looked down and thenNeedle said “sixty five” once again...Lost and gainedAnd cannot handle the pain again and againImagine yourself as you would like to beNot in your dream but relive yourself that you meant to be...I hear the scream so LOUDI penned down my dream to stand up in the crowd.The next time they see meThey won’t smirk, they won’t laughThey would not stop saying time and again“Girl you lived your dream”That was you thenAnd this is you here again...
  3. 3. Budget Plan:Join Gym for Cardio 21000 INR Fitness Club(Approximate Cost: (Inclusive of all tucks and termos required3500/month X 6 months Approximate Cost: 30000 for 15 sessions=21000 INR) 3 sessions per month i.e, 5 months X 3 sessions/ month= 30000 INR) 51000 INR Transportation Cost (Being in Pune) Up and down minimum charge 150 INR 3 days a week X 4/month X 6 months = 10800 INR 3 sessions per month X 5 months X150 INR = 2250 INR ~ 3000 INR (to round up) = 10800+3000 = 13800 INR So total transportation = 13800 INR 64800 INR Charge of dietician per hour Approximate Cost: 1500 INR Meeting once in 2 weeks i.e, 2 X 1 month X 6 months = 12 X 1500 = 18000 INR 82800 INR Wardrobe change Approximate Cost: 20000 INR 102800 INR New Me