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MDI - Apoorav Goel


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Published in: Technology, Business
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MDI - Apoorav Goel

  1. 1. Apoorav Goel (12p010), MDI-GurgaonPaint my Dream…… : Reunion/Get-Together of “three generations” of my family It includes family members from maternal side as well as paternal side.
  2. 2. In today’s world people are so much involved in their personal andprofessional life. They don’t have time for each other and are apart like theletter in the word why above. Even brothers and sisters are not able to meeteach other for yearsSo through this dream ( I will arrange a get-together where 3 generations canmeet each other) where some of them can revive their old days, youngergeneration came to know about their belongingsEven some family members have issues and their relations are not as it shouldbe. So this could be the time where I can try to resolve the grudges betweenthem.“Reunion after long separation is even better than ones weddingnight." ~Chinese Proverb“When you look at your life, the greatest happiness are familyhappiness.” ~Joyce BrothersEveryone is supposed to celebrate New Year. So “let us celebrate it togetherthis time”We can arrange the function on 31st December 2012.Brief Details of the execution and budget dates is on the next page:Please refer to that.
  3. 3. Task Should be completed ByPreparing List 1st October, 2012Their Contacts( Postal, Phone, Email, FB) 1st November, 2012Cards designing and posting 1st December,2012Booking of Hotel, Catering, decoration etc 15th Decemeber,2012Contact through phone and other mediums 25th December,2012Final visit to all the arrangements to suggest any 29th December, 2012improvement/changes, if necessaryEvent concluded on 31st December,2012Return Gift (T-Shirt with family photograph pasted on it) 31st January,2013and post via courier Total Expected member: Total Expected Expected Avg.Conversion Members Conversion(optimistic) Conversion(pessimistic)Paternal 40 35 32 33SideMaternal 45 42 36 38SideTotal 85 77 68 71 Budget:Task Expected Amount ( in Rs)Preparing List and getting their contacts 500Card Designing and posting 6000Contact through phone and other medium 500Booking of Hotel, Catering, Decoration etc 91000 (70 *1300)Other Expenses( Travelling, photography etc) 15000Return Gifts (T-shirt with family photograph pasted on it) and 35000post via courierTotal Amount 1,48,000