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IIM A - Vishnu rathore


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IIM A - Vishnu rathore

  1. 1. Name : Vishnu PratapRathorePGP-ABMIIM-A
  2. 2. • I have a childhood dream to contribute toward the Indian agriculturalsector, and farm related activities and I firmly say that efficientmanagement of agribusiness can transform this sector into a highlyprofitable and more prosperous business.• I can contribute toward this sector either by associating myself with alikeminded organisation or by starting my own agribusiness venture,whichever is more efficient in achieving set objectives• I see potential in fruit trees cultivation and fruit juices and beverageindustry; I dream to replace all the soft drink with the fruit juices , theHoney beverages , the Herbal drinks.• I see potential in medicinal plants and commercialisation of extract ofmedicinal values, and Agri inputs like fertiliser , pesticide, irrigationequipment’s, seed , carbon trading are few of vast agribusiness field• I have a vision to carry out these transformations in systematic way asfirst to identify the potential in particular region and then work on howthat potential can be converted to income generating activities thenharvest the potential through efficient management practices.