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IIFT - Shailesh Kumar Nirala


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Published in: Education, Technology
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IIFT - Shailesh Kumar Nirala

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE UDAYANCHAL INFORMATION CENTRE A non-profit set up to facilitate information and knowledge sharing which will provide computers along with internet service, newspapers and competitive & agri. magazines. Mission Our Village Our effort for new technology Our village equipped with new technologies Vision We will endeavor towards development We will connect our village with the rest of the world We will work for better life styleA village named ‘Dhuska’, in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh where I, ShaileshNirala belong to and have spent half of my life, gives me various memories of mychildhood. I was not fortunate enough to see X standard CBSE results until 1 weekafter it was published as I had to visit the cyber café which is 15 kms away in the“tehsil” place which is only halfway connected by road. The nearest book store is20 kms away in Dildarnagar .My cousins in villages want to prepare for thegovernment exams but had no option other than going that far to seek even thebasic information. For ticket reservation people visit the booking centre whichwas 50 kms away from my village in Mughal Sarai.Though I cannot transform my entire village but I can contribute by giving my bitof contribution of opening an Information Centre in my village in order to connectit from rest of the fast moving world and prosper. Technology is available in
  2. 2. abundance in our country but the only requirement is to provide infrastructure.Various job vacancies are available, the only need is to educate youth. Variousmechanism for agriculture are innovated the only requirement is to educate thefarmers. Several economical methodologies are studies the only requirement is toconnect villagers and for that an information centre will do all this work.Information centre will provide basic necessities like: Educating Farmers about our latest technologies. Inform villagers about various government schemes and help them to get benefitted. Provide information about new vacancies for the unemployed youth of village. Help school going students to have an access of Computer and internet which has become the necessities of day Provide the ease of Technologies like booking railway tickets, banking, railway forecast etc. Contributing in Financial Inclusion.An information centre will provide Internet facility along with reading materiallike newspaper in English and Hindi, Agricultural and competitive magazines forthe farmers and Students. Mr. Santosh Teli is a BCA and has happily agreed tomanage the centre and train people with basic computer knowledge. He is happyto get a chance to enhance his skills while earning for his family. Villagepanchayat has also agreed to manage the centre from 2nd year onwards.
  3. 3. Projected cost structure Rs. 45,500/- (Chirag comp & HP 2 computers and 2printers printer) Broadband connection ( 1200 for 2 Conn.) Rs.14,400/- Salary and rent ( 3500+800 pm) Rs.51,600/- Newspaper-2, ( Hindi & English) annual Rs.4,000/- Magazines-2 & Employment news Rs.2,800/- Tables & Chairs(3+3) and 2 Fans Rs.7,600/- Electricity, Cleaning & other misc Rs.21,000/- TOTAL RS.1,46,900/-Sooner or later I know I will live out my dream may be with Godrej it will just getsooner.My Dream for the place I owe something …………………….