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IIFT - Samarth Shukla


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Published in: Self Improvement
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IIFT - Samarth Shukla

  1. 1. To Give back something to the ones who gave up everything for us Made By: Samarth Shukla IIFT 2012-14 M-09969392363
  2. 2. Remember those days when our dad didn’t came home till late but the next morning he is up before us. He will hug us but instead of hugging him I would complain why he leaves early and comes late. And he would just say he had work.
  3. 3. • The day mom got angry and scolded us, we wont stop crying. After a while she will come and try to console us but we wont budge. Then she would offer to buy the toy we have been asking for long. We used to beam with pride on our victory.
  4. 4. • But we never thought then that why was our father working so late. Did he enjoyed putting extra time in office or rather he gave all the comforts so that we had all of them.• We never realised that the toy we just got from our mother used up all the money she has been saving for her new sari for so long.
  5. 5. • Whenever the electricity went out in night our parents were up trying to blow as much air as possible on us from the hand fan. And we will get up and complain why does the electricity keeps going off, why are there so many mosquitoes?• Did we ever thought how much pains they took up so that we could sleep properly
  6. 6. • All the mosquitoes that were biting us also had bit our parents but we kept lying to ourselves that they don’t feel pain.• That our parents are superhuman’s. Yes they are, after all they raised someone like us but now its time we become humans and give them back at least something
  7. 7. How to complete my dream• To have a day only for our parents• I want to celebrate by organising a fair where only parents would be allowed• This day they don’t have to think about there children and just enjoy themselves• With the Rs 1.5 Lakh Godrej will give me I will plan this activity in my home city and want this to become a national event
  8. 8. • A day when we show our respect and gratitude to our parents for all that they have done for us by letting put their hair down and relax without worrying about us.
  9. 9. • THANK YOU