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IIFT - Neha Deoliya


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IIFT - Neha Deoliya

  1. 1. Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams? Dance: My Passion Since childhood, I am crazy about Dance. However low I may feel, Dance is the ultimate therapy that can cheer me up. I never miss an opportunity that involves any kind of Dancing Bonanza. Be it my college or an MNC like IBM where I worked for 2 years, Dancing was something that I never left. Neha Deoliya IIFT (2012-2014)
  2. 2. My Dream: World Dance Movement, Switzerland - 2013 World Dance Movement - The International Workshop Builds connections between dance and diverse cultures that inspire and transform dancers around the world The focus is to present dancers with an opportunity where they receive one-on-one training and attention in a non competitive atmosphere. The curriculum challenges dancers of all levels through a comprehensive study-vacation model The next Worshop to be organized at Switzerland in Spring 2013.
  3. 3. “A dream is what your heart wishes, but not all come true”I have a dream...A dream that could not be fulfilled due to money constraints...A dream that will be fulfilled one day for sure....But Godrej Loud can help me in living my dream in the near future!! Details Charged Rate (INR) Total Course Fee (2 classes per day) Weekly 18700 56100 Visa Cost One time 5000 5000 Discounted Airfare One time 40000 40000 Pre-booked Accomodation & Food Daily 2000 42000 Miscellaneous 5000 5000 Total Cost 148100 *Course Prices based on the recent Workshop that occurred in Italy from 8-29 July 2012