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IIFT - Aditya Puri


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IIFT - Aditya Puri

  1. 1. I have a Dream
  2. 2. Ever since I can remember I have been passionate aboutreading novels. I loved getting absorbed into the alternate worldof the author’s fantasy and getting away from the mundanereality. I could never keep a book down until I turned over thelast page.However, the same reality has made it impossible for me toindulge in my favorite recreation. The novel was replaced by thetextbook and the formulae replaced the imagination.There are times when I wish to get away from this madnesscalled life, find a silent spot and just get lost into a book.
  3. 3. So it is my Dream to convert this My present collection of books
  4. 4. Into something like this: My own library!
  5. 5. Oh, and lets not forget the perfect companion for reading: a cup of Coffee!
  6. 6. What I wish to do is convert the room on the roof of myhouse into a personal library consisting of only novels, witha comfortable couch and a table.The approximate financial details of the plan are:- 1) Cost of 400 books (assuming Rs. 250 as average price of each book) :Rs.1,00,000 2) Cost of couch and table :Rs. 25,000 3) Cost of coffee-making machine :Rs. 2,000 TOTAL :Rs.1,27,000