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FMS - Rohit Mishra


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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FMS - Rohit Mishra

  1. 1. One is never too oldto dream a new dream… Dare to dream... Care to Achieve..!!
  2. 2. MY DREAM… A COMICS LIBRARY..!! Rohit Mishra FMS- 2014
  3. 3. As a kid… I was playful, mischievous and imaginative … Comics were the one thing that came closest to all the wildness and imagination And the passion continues till date...
  4. 4. As a kid… I bugged neighbors… troubled parents…And, been a detective on my own terms !!
  5. 5. As a kid…I wanted super powers… TO SAVE THE WORLD…!!
  6. 6. I was THE HERO… … of MY WORLD…!!!
  7. 7. The thirst to continue this interest and to take it to broader spectrum of readers kept growing insideme with passing time
  8. 8. To keep the fire alive…To make every kid A HERO of a world of their own...To give every adult a chance to relive their childhood… A COMICS LIBRARY…!! Free subscription Free reading
  9. 9. • COSTS INVOLVED: Approx Rs. 75,000• Average cost of one comic =~Rs. 50• Diamond comics and Raj Comics have agreed for a 33% discount• Around 2000-2500 books to be stacked• Get as many books as possible using minimum resources
  10. 10. The realization of the dream has started• I have been collecting my comics• Buying second hand books• More books will be procured by asking people and friends to contribute in the form of cash/comics• A regular touch base with second hand book stores and publishers to ensure keeping the library up to date
  11. 11. Let the CALVIN in each of us … …LIVE ON!!