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Water expressions in polish


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Presentation by Polish students Bartosz Tobis and Bartosz Majtyka for the 2nd mobility meeting in Campulung, Romania Comenius 2013-2015 "Water for Life"

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Water expressions in polish

  1. 1. Burza w szklance wody Meaning: a situation where people get very angry or worried about something that is not important. Phrase in English: a storm in a teacup
  2. 2. Czuć się jak ryba w wodzie Meaning: to learn how to do something very quickly and to enjoy doing it Phrase in English: Take to like a duck to water
  3. 3. Cicha woda brzegi rwie Meaning: Persistence accomplishes things. Phrase in English: Constant dropping wears away a stone
  4. 4. Wypłynąć na szerokie wody Meaning: to enter with sudden decision upon an unfamiliar course of action Phrase in English: to take the plunge
  5. 5. Nabrać wody w usta Meaning: keep quiet about confidential information Phrase in English: to keep one's mouth shut
  6. 6. Przepaść jak kamień w wodę Meaning: to fail completely Phrase in English: to sink like a stone
  7. 7. Robić komuś wodę z mózgu Meaning: incretinire someone Phrase in English: to brainwash somebody
  8. 8. Trafić z deszczu pod rynnę Meaning: from a bad situation to a worse situation. Phrase in English: go out of the frying pan into the fire
  9. 9. Presentation made by: Bartek Tobis Bartek Majtyka