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ET05 - Emerging Technologies
Orario 09.30 – 13.00
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Giovinazzo_ In2

  1. 1. better touristic experiences through instant information Giovanni Giovinazzo, IN2 Search Interfaces Development Ltd ITN: ET05 Emerging Technologies 16 October 2009, Torino
  2. 2. Overview I am going to talk about… IN2 Search Interface Development Ltd the project's objectives the proposed solution The application scenarios the consortium Q&A © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  3. 3. About IN2 Search Interfaces Development Ltd Solutions and services to search, explore, experience, innovate, access and interface multimedia content. Technologies are licensed to third party media asset management solution providers and for their excellence they have been awarded the "Innovationspreis 2007 ITK" in Germany. Expertise in managing, reviewing and evaluating research projects. 1995 – 2005: Development of the core technology in content-based analysis and retrieval at the TZI, University of Bremen (funding from Land Bremen, DFG , ADviSOR, TeDUB, DELOS, EUAN) Since 2005: Exploitation of research results in large projects with content archives: • Integration within 3rd party media asset management systems • Development of intelligent user interfaces for wearable devices (navigational data) Current Projects • Services to support visual search and management for media art archives (Gateway to Archives of Media Art GAMA ::; • Immersive Multimedia Interfaces: Large scale multimedia data visualisation, search and browsing (IM3I ::; • Ubiquitous, user-friendly access to location-based multimedia (ImaGeo ::; • Development of unobtrusive input and output interfaces for mobile and wearable access0 to navigational data (WearIT@Work :: © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  4. 4. Project objectives Simplify organisation and exchange of photographs and travel-information on the go Receive instant location-based information on-demand based on captured objects on a photo Embed easily the generated content in personal pages, blogs, and community software Advertise visual route-information/trails for attracting new tourists and hikers Document visually rural landmarks and cultural heritage © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  5. 5. Proposed Solution: Methodology User-centred approach • Studying the user's cognitive, behavioural, anthropometric, and attitudinal characteristics • Prototype tests, scenario testing • Conduction of the yearly Utrecht Observatory of online behaviour On-going evaluation © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  6. 6. Proposed Solution: Architecture Open server-side architecture Uses integrated services and advanced solutions for experiencing, searching, and accessing geo- temporal media content Enables intuitive presentation, delivery, and handling of geo-temporal media content © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  7. 7. Proposed Solution: Architecture © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  8. 8. Proposed Solution: Advantages The main advantages of ImaGeo are... an interface which makes it easy to retrieve information related to objects captured with a mobile device and the increased usability of the web platform where users can share, display, and retrieve geo-information with one click. © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  9. 9. Application scenarios: Use case © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  10. 10. Application scenarios : Contexts Pre-trip • The user has the opportunity to access the portal to gather information about the area of interest On-the-spot • The user will be able to receive instant directions from other users and retrieve relevant information Post-trip • Re-visit and share the experience © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  11. 11. Application scenarios: Models Clog Trails in the Dutch countryside (Landschapbeheer Gelderland) • Recreational organisations promoting Cultural Heritage A Visit to Siena (Municipality of Siena) • Local Authorities promoting the territory through user generated content. Neighbourhood Strolls (Landschapbeheer Gelderland) • Promoting social cohesion and alternative means to link people to their environment © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  12. 12. The Consortium Utrecht School of the Arts (NL) Spring Technologies GmbH (DE) Neos Sistemi (IT) IN2 Search Interfaces Development (DE) © ImaGeo Consortium • info@imageoweb.ue
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention