Minorityangelinvestornetwork Application May 25


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What Every Investor Looks For!!! Bridget Gaines explains her Business Summary, Company Profile, Marketing Strategy and Management Team

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Minorityangelinvestornetwork Application May 25

  1. 1. Tween Group, LLC Deal Room Email: tween.group.llc@minorityangelinvestornetwork.angelgroups.net Company Profile: One Line Pitch: GoTween.com is the FIRST & ONLY SECURE online community URL: GoTween.com designed and devoted to appeal to children ages 0 to 12; kids chat with their Industry: Internet / Web Services friends safely! Employees: 2 Founded: 11/4/2009 Business Summary: As an Entrepreneur and inventor I have covered education, online security issues, contests, games; I'm introducing new inventors, products, Contact: creating jobs and new businesses. Acknowledged the visually and hearing Bridget Gaines impaired children, the learning disabled, included the incarcerated population, bridget@gotween.com and procured manufacturing. I have acquired over 32 #1 Great Reputable w: 248-633-3551 organizations all over the world to support and promote GoTween.com along with f: 313-836-5508 me!!!! Financial Information: Management: Browser R Web - Mark Bowser Funding Stage: Full Product Ready OmniSource Marketing -Mickey Clark - Josh Smart Previous Capital: $600,000 Monthly Burn Rate: $0 Amera Film and Vid.- Tony Pre-Money Valuation: $500,000,000 Majorway LTD -Raymond Capital Seeking: $250,000 HostGator -Brent Oxley Additional Information: It took 2 years to Lamar create and structure GoTween.com concept and present to over 32 Sun Fat Holdings (Hong Kong)-Ben Tse organizations that agreed to support was a huge task to complete. School Tools 101-Nancy & Michelle Oogles-n-Googles -Kevin Mendell Management: Bridget Gaines, President One Band Global -Kern & Valdez Brantley Sarah Hendrick, Assistant N2U Salon -Jai Clark Advisors: ADP - Nick Gittins Lawyer: Mr. Ray Alan Page IDENT-A-KID- Rep Accountant: Mr. Brian Freeman PC American Hospital Assoc.- Rep Investors: Connections for Deaf Citizens -Tracee Marks Bridget Gaines Comcast Referred By: Customer Problem: Media reports daily kids are raped, kidnapped, murdered and Donald Trump Staff preyed upon while online by Child Molesters, REGISTERED Pedophiles & Abductors. Internet Task Force calls GoTween ingenious for security measurements! Product/Services: I've addressed a MAJOR online security issue thats been unresolved! $5 one time Membership Sign Up fee allows us to screen for pedophiles through Family Watchdog, perform criminal background checks (list working phone number) and we are monitored by Safe Surf ,Get Net Wise and Internet Task Force. Users who violate GoTween's rules and regulations; We will provide authorities with exact documentation. You cant hide behind your IP address anymore!! Target Market: An estimated 4,245,672 babies were born in the U.S. in 2009. This is my clientele; to insure my success, here's a few of the 32 reputable organizations that deliver GoTween information to their clients daily. American Hospital Association - 4 million Ident- A-Kid -7 million Boy Scouts of America 1.4 PTA -6.5 million Tween Group, LLC Financials* ($) 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 16250 Northland Drive Revenues - - - - - - Suite 242 Soutfield, MI 48075 Expenditures - - - - - - United States Net - - - - - - * In Thousands (000) in USD - US Dollar Powered by Angelsoft. Submitted to Minority Angel Investor Network on 5/26/10
  2. 2. Children Forum (Blind children & families) - 40 million Prison Population - 200 million Nannies worldwide - 100 million Customers: MySpace signed up 11million & Facebook has 20 million children users. These users profiled with no incentives - but its popular. GoTween is age appropriate, offers contests, home work help and were Secure!!!! Sales/Marketing Strategy: We record all GoTween.com events and contest winners for commercial usage showing our users that we deliver; keeping us successful. I have contacted department of Human Resources, Child Welfare Organizations, Prisons, Children Community Centers, schools for the visually and hearing impaired that I personally will make guest appearance with GoTween Mascot; giving away GoTween merchandise, drums sets, Guitar Hero games and a special guest artist!!! Business Model: $5 one time membership fee allows user and family access to a secure online community that offers 24 hr home work help, scholarships & learn different languages. 685 million users receive my information daily!! Competitors: GoTween.com has no comparable first of all! Why would you not sign your child up to GoTween.com with our security measurements & our wonderful benefits? MySpace & Facebook will adapt our security measures; they're tired of receiving media scrutiny for their lack of accountability. GoTween is grooming & educating parent & child in many cases first time users. When they do profile on MySpace & Facebook they'll appreciate and respect online usage. Competitive Advantage: I'm an Inventor. I can introduce my products like Talking Baby Bibs Promoting Safety, Pacifiers & Bottles singing ABC and 1,2,3, which are supported by Karmanos directly to my intended customer through GoTween Powered by Angelsoft. Submitted to Minority Angel Investor Network on 5/26/10