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Tween Group, LLC 
                         16250 Northland Drive Suite 242 
                               Southfield MI 4...

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    *Bridget has made contact with all organizations listed in document. 
    **Bridget has no c...
You watch; MySpace and Facebook will adapt GoTween’s security measures but they won’t have our
features and will begin to ...
The Parent Teacher Association organization has some 6.6 million members, in 26,000 local parent­teacher 
associations (PT...
Family Watchdog has 276, 000 people view there site annually.

Amber Alert has 144, 000 people view there site annually...
Tween Group, LLC
                                          16250 Northland Drive Suite 242
HostGator provides                                                                            Baby Bottles & Pacifiers
Since launching July 26 2009, has been featured in 5 news articles, which can be viewed at and ha...
C. Kern has involved artists for “Win a Day in the Studio and  Instrument”   
            as well as providing Celebrity “...
As of February 21, 2010 Bridget Gaines is awaiting response to add Planned Parenthood Federation of America
   to Gotween....
B. Talking Crayons: Sing colors in different language.
   C. Products are under development with Sun Fat Holdings Co LTD. ...
6. I have discussed with Mickey from OmniSource Marketing to create a GoTween cartoon 2010 – 2011.

7. Hold annual GoTween...
Bridget's Invention M.O.M. Alert Attachment II

“M.OM. Alert’s (Motion Outlet Monitor) Only outlet protector with verbal warning.
             Featured on Channel 7 WXYZ ...
A. Please include picture and announce Lady GaGa selected Kern Brantley as her MD.

     12. *NEW PROGRAMS* Add “Play A...
G. Add “Wayne Can Fix It” Car Makeover Contest 
              H. Add Win a Themed Birthday Party Courtesy of Oogles­n­Goog...
Mission Statement: To create educational opportunities for the world's poorest children by providing each
  child with a r...
Mission Statement: The Hetrick­Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk High School, believes all 
young people, regardle...
Mark Bowser GoTween Upgrade GoTween Flyer Attachment I

Mark Bowser GoTween Upgrade TweenVention Flyer Attachment II

Sponsors are: N2U Salon, Complete Financial Services PC, One Band Global, GoGlobalE, 
Mark Burke GoTween Upgrade Perfect 10 Attachment III

Perfect 10 Contest Updates:

N2U Salon

Presents: “THE PERFECT 10!...
Tween Group, LLC Mascot Maker Mickey Clark  

1. Mascot designed by Mickey Clark. Release da...
Tween Group, LLC  Media Upgrades provided by Amera Film & Video 

        Amera Film &Video Productio...
15. Win a Mascot courtesy Mickey 
16. Play along with Kern Brantley 
17. Parents can use one email to sign up 5 users

Ben Tse
Marketing Dept.
Tel:(852)2461 6073 ...
Tween Group, LLC 

                           Bridget's Invention Talking Magnets Attachment I

“Say It” Talking Magnet...
We are so


All products are inventio...
D. White
  E. Yellow
    F. Pink 

"MAJORWAY LTD" Raymond <             
Rm 19­20, 29/F, New Tech Plaz...
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Tween Group, Llc Business Plan1


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Bridget Gaines created the ONLY SECURED ONLINE COMMUNITY designed and devoted to children ages 0 to 12.

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Tween Group, Llc Business Plan1

  1. 1. Tween Group, LLC  16250 Northland Drive Suite 242  Southfield MI 48075 Bridget Gaines, President Business Plan CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION The Only Secure Online Community Devoted to Children Ages 0­12 Give Others The Wisdom Encouragement Everyone Needs © available with sign language interpreter and downloads in Braille. NO CHILD LEFT OUT! 1
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Global Icon Part 1 of 1 Page              Tween Group, LLC How I Created $5 Billion in Annual Revenue……………………………3 Tween Group, LLC Organizational Diagram of Structure……………………………………..7 Tween Group, LLC Total Vision……………………………………………………………….8 Bridget’s Invention M.O.M Alert Attachment I……………………………………………….13 Bridget’s Invention M.O.M. Alert Attachment II……………………………………… ……..14 GoTween Upgrades Provided by Webmaster Mark Bowser…………………………… …….15 Mark Bowser GoTween Upgrades GoTween Flyer Attachment I………………………19 Mark Bowser GoTween Upgrades TweenVention Flyer Attachment…………………...20 Mark Bowser GoTween Upgrades Perfect 10 Attachment III…………………………..21 Mascot Maker Mickey Clark………………………………………………….22 Media Upgrades Provided by Amera Film &Video Productions……………..23 Manufacturing Provided by Sun Fat Holdings and Majorway LTD………….24 Bridget’s Invention Talking Baby Magnets Attachment I………………………………26 Bridget’s Invention Talking Baby Bibs Promoting Safety II…………………………...27 Part 2 of 2 Foundation Appearance Itinerary……………………………………….…..…1 School for the Blind Appearance Itinerary………………………………….…6 School for the Deaf Appearance Itinerary………………………………..…....19 Prison Facility Appearance Itinerary…………………………………………..29 Child Welfare Organization Appearance Itinerary…………………………….30 Youth Community Centers Appearance Itinerary……………………….....….40 Department of Human Resource/Social Services Appearance Itinerary……...52 Complete Financial Services P.C  Certified Public Accountants Brian Freeman – Managing Director 16250 Northland Drive Suite 242 Southfield Mi, 48075 Phone: 248.569.7630 Fax: 248.569.7637  ADP Small Business Services Nicholas Gittins Associate District Manager 19901 Michigan Avenue  Dearborn, Mi 48126 Phone: 313.845.6684 Fax: 313.845.6945 2
  3. 3. *Bridget has made contact with all organizations listed in document.  **Bridget has no children, single, makes nor accepts excuses and Ready! ***Concepts and products are solely from the genius mind of Bridget Gaines. ****Investment Procured 2010. The FIRST and ONLY SECURE online community devoted and designed for children ages 0 to 12. Let me show you how I will make 5 Billion through in our first year of operation… My master plan is successful because I have aligned myself with over 32 organizations that support In submitting my proposal to each organization I will appear with GoTween Mascot at all supporting Foundations, Department of Human Resource/Social Services, Schools for the Hearing Impaired, Youth Community Centers, Schools for the Visually Impaired, Prison Facilities and Child Welfare Organizations from all 50 states this was a huge task! Most companies seek supporters with other organizations after being in business for years. This event is what led to the creation of 1st and only in the world: I was watching a CNN news story about a 10-year-old girl who went on MySpace, posted a Profile, met an individual and lost her life. Internet task forces catch pedophiles daily. MySpace pulled more than 90,000 registered pedophiles from its site. Our children are being preyed upon by kidnappers, pedophiles and harassed on the Internet; I told these organizations this. These #1 organizations agreed to tell their clients daily, which total 685 million to sign up with GoTween users will be immediately red flagged for bullying, sexual content or profanity.  This isn't just a place where kids can get online to post a profile or go into the chat rooms and play games. In  addition GoTween contains 17 of the hottest one­of­a­kind contests just for kids like video submissions with  prizes... such as win a day in the studio with a guest artist which R&B star Chris Brown has already  participated in. GoTween website downloads in Braille, scholarship money, car, home and personal  makeovers and educational games. The capabilities to sign up 5 users under one email address (this feature is  convenient for parents with more than one child), There are 6 Exclusive programs, 24­hour homework help available,  as well as a multicultural exchange program, which is featured in all of our commercials. There is a one time  membership fee of $5.00 and must be paid via a major credit card, which is then submitted to Family  Watchdog for a background check. The site is constantly monitored by Surf Safe and GetNet­Wise. GoTween  has been featured in three major news articles and law enforcement has praised me for designing an online  community for kids as well as screening all members against the pedophile database and for its ingenious. A  person can’t hide behind their IP address anymore! GoTween can provide authorities with exact information  when they violate our terms and conditions. Since launching July 26 2009, has been featured in 5 news articles, which can be viewed at and has received numerous invitations for appearances. 3
  4. 4. You watch; MySpace and Facebook will adapt GoTween’s security measures but they won’t have our features and will begin to require a credit card to sign up. They are tired of receiving media scrutiny for people losing their lives for profiling and lack accountability. As GoTween members grow to list profiles with MySpace and Facebook, they will be educated users. Why would you not sign up? The entire family is entitled to all benefits of Kids deserve their own online community to have fun and parents want there children protected and educated. This is how will easily create $5 Billion Dollars in One Year:  MySpace sign up’s were 11 million children users 2009 (Which will switch to Facebook has over 70, 278 users, with 20 million being children users. (Switching to *Key Point: These users signed up to MySpace & Facebook with no, NO! Incentive to sign up other than to post a profile and it’s popular. You don’t think parents will sign up their child up to a site that’s age appropriate and themed for the entire family? Parents will love for its great resources and opportunities! I’ve listed 12 of the 32 organizations I’m networking with: These are the numbers they bring to the visibility of We record all GoTween events for commercial usage keeping us successful. Supporters are delighted I chose this method. Ident­A­Kid Child Identification servicing over 7 million children globally annually.    American Hospital Association The     has Close to 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks, other  providers of care and 37,000 individual members an estimated 4,245,672 babies will be born in the U.S. in  2009. One in ten American babies were born to a teen­age mother in 2007. A baby is born in the United States  every 8 seconds. World wide there were an estimated 135 million babies born in 2009. Boy Scouts of America: There are 1.4 million youth members. 4
  5. 5. The Parent Teacher Association organization has some 6.6 million members, in 26,000 local parent­teacher  associations (PTAs) located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and overseas  Defense Dept. schools. Children’s Forum Inc has included in their national registry of organizations and resources  catering to visually impaired children. There are over 40 million blind people worldwide. GoTween was built  with the visually impaired included from its beginning. “It was advantageous for us to partner and promote” said LouAnn Long Director of Children’s Forum Inc. “I salute Bridget for the website  downloading in Braille and your mascot being outlined in Braille; that touched my heart. Our children are  looking forward to your visit.”(MySpace and Facebook don’t provide this feature). Through my creation of “GoTween Certified Nannies and Baby Sitters” There are over an estimated 100  million nannies worldwide. There is no other website that offers caregivers a platform to post their profile  listing their credentials, for $50.00 vs. $200.00 to $350.00 (to only post a profile for a budgeted amount of  time) they receive health benefits as well a website courtesy of HostGator.    “Bridget Gaines has partnered with HostGator   as the official hosting provider for GoTween Members.   ” HostGator has agreed to feature GoTween commercials on their Home Page, reaching 300K of their clientele  base. (As of 2009 I am aware that our partnership will triple the clientele base). Through my creation of Prison Programs “Parent and Child Express Achievements” and  “Inmates Give Back Learned Lessons”, I have 200 Million inmates that now have the ability to connect  with their families and remain updated on daily events, never missing a birthday or karate lesson, while  encourage good behavior in order to participate in this program which is a privilege. The inmate has  something to look forward to because they have the ability to post a supervised video message to their family  of their accomplishments Inmates are earning degrees and learning trades. 5
  6. 6. Family Watchdog has 276, 000 people view there site annually. Amber Alert has 144, 000 people view there site annually.  So you understand my point; we’re at 485 million parents receiving information everyday Multiplied $5.00 = two billion four hundred twenty-five million These figures only reflect 12 of the 32 great organizations that support GoTween. The other 20 bring a minimum 300 million more clients. Revenue does not reflect the following: Advertisement on I decided not to sell advertising space. That space is dedicated to all the great organizations and companies that support It is my duty to bring visibility, awareness, increase organizational memberships and increase the revenue and employee work force of the companies that support me. They bring me my clients; they are my greatest great resource. Bridget Inventions: Talking Baby Bibs promoting safety in 3 languages, Educational Baby Bottles, Downloadable Bobble Heads, “No ID”- Photo Id with Thumb recognition software & M.O.M. Alert’s (Motion Outlet Monitor) Which The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute supports all “Pink Products.” I have invested everything I have and many sleepless nights to create this masterful plan. Anyone who invests $1 Million dollars in, I’ll give you 5% of my company across the board. After 120 days of operations I promise I will return your money as my way of saying thank you (donate to your favorite charity or organization) for believing in me and bringing the full manifest of; allowing me to bless others. (Still keeping your 5%) This is a NO risk investment! “Let’s Go”!! Bridget Gaines 248-633-3551 Available Anytime 6
  7. 7. Tween Group, LLC 16250 Northland Drive Suite 242 Southfield MI 48075 Carrie Gaines C.E.O Bridget Gaines President Phone: 248-633-3551   Owner and Inventor of Companies and Products Development and Tween Baby (Hosting Provider) (Auction Website) Investments Products (Outsourced to Group HostGator) Bridget Gaines, President of Tween Group, LLC created, the only secure online community in the world devoted and designed to appeal to kids 12 and under along with their parents. Your child can go online in complete safety to chat with friends, play games, get help with homework, win incredible prizes, a day in studio with a musical producer, artist & receive musical instrument, car, home & self make over contests, learn languages and just be him or herself. We record all GoTween.- com events for commercial usage keeping us successful. All of my business entities intertwine with M.O.M Alert Tween Baby HostGator (Auction Development and Will be available for Products (Hosting Provider) Website) Investments purchase on (Educational and Children’s Products) offers Talking Baby Bibs $25 which can be offers $25 which invests in the speak promoting applied to HostGator can be applied to GoTween Academy M.O.M. Alert safety in English, for 3 months free to and will develop available in Spanish and hosting service. $1 open a GoGlobalE real estate in United States, Chinese. Available applied 7 major to to Store. $1 applied to underdeveloped United Kingdom on credit major credit card. areas and European and electrical outlets
  8. 8. HostGator provides Baby Bottles & Pacifiers card. hosting for that sing the ABC’s and and numbers in different languages. HostGator offers Affiliate Talking crayons that Program in which customers sing colors in and GoTween Members will receive commissions from All My Business Entities Intertwine with different languages referrals. To Create 5 Billion In Revenue Annually while the child colors. Tween Group, LLC’s Mission Give Others The Wisdom Encouragement Everyone Needs © No child is left out! GoTween's mission is to provide children across the world a safe and secure online community for them to express themselves. By getting involved in a child’s life, we can control our future. GoTween is Giving Others The Will Encouragement Everyone Needs! Tween Group, LLC Total Vision Tween Group, LLC is a Global Icon. We are spreading love, changing lives, educating people, bringing inventors  to the forefront, creating employers, new jobs and introducing new products to the global market. Let me explain  what sets apart from MySpace and Facebook making me #1.  Bridget Gaines created; the only secure online community in the world devoted to children ages 0  to 12. I have structured to have no comparable! features include the performance of  criminal back ground checks; referencing members against the pedophile database, $25 is given to all GoTween  members, integrated my hosting and auction companies within, procured manufacturing for  GoTween apparel and merchandise, 17 exclusive contests, Grammy­Award­Winning supporters, scholarships, 6  exclusive programs, 24 hour home work help, capabilities to sign up 5 users under one email address (this feature  is convenient for parents with more than one child), syllabus for seven different languages updated monthly, the  website downloads in Braille and in all languages for one time fee of $5. We endorse an array of organizations  such as D.A.R.E, PTA and Boy Scouts of America, displaying their Public Service Announcements. Featured on  MySpace, Facebook and Twitter (which averages 500,000 registrations per day = over 15 million per month).  Launching Prison Programs “Parent and Child Express Achievements”© inmate and child can communicate  posting video messages of birthdays, Karate lessons and graduations and “Inmates Give Back Learned Lessons”  © inmates opportunity to share life altering experiences and lessons learned through decisions they made. is connecting families, has its own hot theme music and Mascot is outlined in  Braille! 8
  9. 9. Since launching July 26 2009, has been featured in 5 news articles, which can be viewed at and has received numerous invitations for appearances.  Bridget's decision to partner with Ident­A­Kid was advantageous because they are the # 1 leading children  Identification Program with over 20 years of success stories servicing 7 million children annually ages  0 to15. services ages from 0 to 12. I knew Ident­A­Kid was an impeccable, well­respected global  corporation and could accompany their already great service. I have put Ident­A­Kid at a triple  advantage by working with GoTween; they promote a 1 of a kind great program, sponsor a $25 giveaway to every  member who joins and we increase their employment, a win­win situation. (7 million Ident­A­Kid   Clients* $5 = $35 Million…FYI) Bridget Gaines will be in contact with the American Hospital Association (AHA) to facilitate implementation of  GoTween program "GoTween New Mommies" into every hospital in the nation. This decision is extremely  advantageous because we are at now at the source of our clientele (which increases every second)! Through  "GoTween New Mommies", will provide every hospital with the M.O.M. Alert (Motion Outlet  Monitor), Talking Baby Bibs, Talking Baby Bottles, pacifiers, GoTween Onesies, wash cloths, cribs, crib  bedding, crib mattresses, changing tables, dressers, etc to give to new mothers and baby for free! Membership fee  $0.50 (if purchased within 90 days after birth, fee $5). The American Hospital Association is the national organization that represents and serves all types of hospitals,  health care networks, their patients and communities. Close to 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks,  other providers of care and 37,000 individual members come together to form the AHA. The AHA established  the Hospital Service Plan Commission, now better known as Blue Cross.  Amera Film and Video Productions will provide Nancy J. Bloch Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of the Deaf a promotional video about Gotween. The video will include a sign language interpreter  along with captioning. Video will be available for their subscribers and all supporting organizations. The deaf  community appreciates the fact we have recognized and involved them in April 2010, Bridget  Gaines has contacted Connections for Deaf Citizens Inc to provide sign language interpretation for GoTween  commercials, the Home Page and the membership registration process, to explain the purpose and  functions of as well as assist members in sign up. Connections for Deaf Citizens Inc is a human  services provider that is dedicated to improving the lives of people who are deaf, blind, hard of hearing or have  disabilities. is socially conscious with profile listings on the following: MySpace at Flickr at BlackPlanet at at YouTube at LinkedIn at Facebook at Ustream at Gawwk at TwitPic at Grammy­Award­Winning Musical Producers Kern and Valdez Brantley along with Scott Tibbs produced theme music.  The kids love it and I’m honored to have their support. A. January 2010 – Lady GaGa selected Kern Brantley as her MD            B.  Kern  and Valdez have facilitated celebrity participation from  Brandy Norwood, Chris  Brown, Usher and NeYo, whose  foundations are featured on 9
  10. 10. C. Kern has involved artists for “Win a Day in the Studio and  Instrument”                as well as providing Celebrity “Shout­Outs” viewed on D. Kern and Valdez will venture with Bridget Gaines to create a line of                       Musical instruments such as… keyboards, drums and guitars.                  Release date 2011. The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute fully supports Bridget Gaines and she proudly  carries Pink products such as M.O.M Alerts (Motion Outlet Monitor) only outlet protector with  verbal warning, Talking Baby Bibs promoting safety, Talking Magnets etc. displaying Karmanos  logo on her product packaging.   After watching a segment on CNN, they reported that over 2 million people in the US are incarcerated, dubbing  us the incarceration nation, and amazed to find that prison facilities have Internet capabilities. This gave me the  concept to create a program that would bridge the gaps between inmates and their families and also give inmates  incentive to achieve good behavior because they will be able to contact their families via This  program is entitled “Parent and Child Express Achievements”©. Through this, inmates will never miss a  graduation, birthday or Karate lesson keeping families connected. This gives inmates an outlet to grow with their  children or to notify them of their own achievements. Everybody wins the prison officials, the inmates and their  families. One time Special Membership fee is $1 vs. $5 Regular Membership. (Program Guaranteed to  Flourish) This sparked the idea for another program entitled “Inmates Give Back Learned Lessons” ©. Through this,  Prison Officials will provide video messages of selected inmates to which we will display, sharing  true and life altering experiences that will impact our youth ultimately driving them to make better life decisions.  I have spoken with Officials to institute programs. Our mission is to inspire other correctional facilities whose  inmates do not have Internet access, to integrate “Parent and Child Express Achievements” and “Inmates Give  Back Learned Lessons” © programs.  Sarah Hendrick, President of Myglobalcredit Inc was inspired to create “Transportation for Life” © in support of’s program “Parent and Child Express Achievements” ©, that will provide transportation to the  families of inmates participating in it. “Transportation for Life” © offers members luxury vehicles,  round trip transportation, meal accommodations, and all vehicles monitored and staffed with security guard for  free. “To help people to see their loved ones is an opportunity that I am blessed to be part of. I know will mend the bonds broken between parent and child while revolutionizing the penal system in its  entirety”. Various vendors and organizations that support have subsequently come aboard to offer their  services to members such as Browse R Web, Kern Brantley, Amera Film & Video, Mascot Maker  Mickey Clark and School Tools 101. As of February, 2010 Bridget Gaines is in communication with One Laptop per Child to facilitate their involve- ment with They service children ages 6–12 and I truly believe in their mission of creating educa- tional opportunities and feel partnering with them will beneficial for all. I would be honored to display their ban- ner on GoTween allowing people to donate because it is imperative to educate our children and help when you can. My members need to know of this great organization and opportunity. 10
  11. 11. As of February 21, 2010 Bridget Gaines is awaiting response to add Planned Parenthood Federation of America to and display their banner and feature them on our foundation page. Planned Parenthood Federa- tion of America is a much-needed program and for more than 90 years, they have provided vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide. This is a great organization with helpful information that people need to know. ties the following two companies I own together by offering $25, which is redeemable at and HostGator. A. is an Auction Website currently in operation. We focus on the use of recorded videos to sell your  products. GoTween members can apply the $25 to open a Store. B. GoTween members can apply $25 to receive 2 months free hosting, and website regularly $14.99/month. I am  outsourcing services to HostGator, which will assure my clients the most excellent hosting services.  **When  redeeming the $25 at or HostGator, clients will be charged $1 to major credit card. We record all events for commercial usage keeping us successful. I have included a list of  supporting foundations, department of Human Resources, Child Welfare Organizations, Prisons,  Children's Community Centers, schools for the visually and hearing impaired I have contacted in every  state that I will be visiting with mascot. Bridget's Inventions: Have no comparable product on the market!!!! 1. M.O.M. Alert (Motion Outlet Monitor) Only outlet protector with verbal warning. A. Introducing the M.O.M Alert (Motion Outlet Monitor). It covers the outlet for protection, equipped with  night light that can be turned on or off, reflection of stars appear on ceiling, stern voice that says “NO NO  NO” when alarm sounds, environmentally green, detect carbon monoxide and smoke. Window sticker  included to notifying the public that the establishment’s outlets are protected. Supported by the Barbara Ann  Karmanos Cancer Institute and featured in “Oprah's Big Idea” product search. SEE ATTATCHED. Release  date June 2010. Products produced by Sun Fat Holdings Co LTD. B. M.O.M. Alerts (Motion Outlet Monitor) available for 3 types of electrical outlets the United States, United  Kingdom and Europe.        C. GoTween Edition M.O.M. Alerts (Motion Outlet Monitor) will be available 2010. 2. Educational and Safety Promoting Talking Baby Bibs (No comparable products on market) A. Baby Bibs speak promoting safety in English, Spanish and Chinese. All Baby Bibs are environmentally  green. The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute supports all Pink Baby Bibs. Release date 2010. Products  produced by Majorway LTD. 3. GoTween Apparel (T Shirts, Jackets, Hats, Book Bags etc…) Release April 2010 under Majorway 4. Educational Children’s Products A. Talking Baby Bottles/Pacifiers: Sing ABC's and numbers in different languages 11
  12. 12. B. Talking Crayons: Sing colors in different language. C. Products are under development with Sun Fat Holdings Co LTD. Release date 2010/2011 D. Downloadable Bubbleheads with Sun Fat Holdings Co LTD. Release date 2010/2011                      ***As an inventor, I know consumers seek products that have multiple functions.  5. “No ID” with Thumb Recognition. This invention was created because I felt that if my child lost his or her id,  I would not want anyone to have my child's information. While visiting Hong Kong, I was excited to see my  invention become reality. A child will receive “No ID” blank, once activated only by child's thumbprint; it will  show child's information and photo for 5 minutes before again going blank. Product under development, release  date 2012. Will release product first through Ident­A­Kid, the #1 leading child Identification Program.  6. “Say It” Talking Magnets release date 2011. These magnets allow you to include photo and capability to  record personal message.  7. Downloadable Bobble Heads Produced by Sun Fat Holdings. My goals (from 2009 to 2014) 1. I will significantly contribute to the well being and education of children everywhere that I may be blessed to receive the Children’s Nobel Prize. It is truly an honor advocating for children. 2. Produce home shopping network entitled “Home Shopping for New Inventions”. I have spoken with Tony. Release date 2011. What sets my network apart from QVC and HSN is that I showcase new and innovative products such as M.O.M Alerts (Motion Outlet Monitor), Talking Baby Bibs promoting safety in 3 languages and Say It Talking Magnets. I will not sell the same repetitive items. All inventors featured on my network will be exclusively from the “TweenVention” contest. I want people to sell great products as well as provide a platform for the inventors to explain how GoTween guides you through the entire process of becoming a successful business from incorporating, websites to manufacturing and how the “TweenVention” contest brought your product to market. 3. Meet President Obama in 2010. Tell him I knew I would make 5 billion in revenue and create millions of new jobs and products. My mission is to poor my wealth back into our economy. We all have a responsibility and I know mine. 4. Due to’s success being recorded and aired in commercials throughout 2010, the next step is to take GoTween contests into TV Productions. A. Perfect 10 Makeover release 2010-second quarter. Discussed with Tony. **I chose the Perfect 10 Contest because there is no other contest in the world where having a child will result in you and 9 of your choice receiving a complete makes over, day in the spa and dinner. We are about empowering children. A parent will realize through my child, all of our dreams can come true. I know this show will be comical and appealing to many audiences due to its uniqueness. B. Home Make over projected 2011. C. Car Make over projected 2011. D. Win a Day in the Studio projected 2011. 5. release date 2011. WeHangOut is an online community for children ages 13 to 17. Purchased domain name, using same software to duplicate features of with age appropriate games and contests. Mark Burke will complete project. 12
  13. 13. 6. I have discussed with Mickey from OmniSource Marketing to create a GoTween cartoon 2010 – 2011. 7. Hold annual Poker Tournament in Las Vegas MGM Grand Casino, prize 250K, Portion of proceeds go to Dialysis in honor of my mother Carrie Gaines. Inviting 50,000 parents to participate. Event will be featured on Ustream. Release 2012. 8. Tony and I have discussed creating a GoTween children's educational T.V. program based on Foundations such as D.A.R.E, PTA and with such topics of “talking with your kids about sex”. GoTween Mascot will visit and record appearance for show. Productions by Amera Film & Video Productions. Release date 2012 - 2013. 9. Write book entitled “Bridget the Almighty” on building a successful empire teaching the mechanics of how to acquire other organizations and businesses that share your purpose, while heightening their already successful track record. Release date 2013. 10. Purchase Bank 2013 – 2014. 11. GoTween Academy target date 2015. Kern Brantley and I want to combine our passions and create the GoTween Academy with a curriculum that will encompass the musical arts and entrepreneurialism. This school is in honor of Morgana, Ruben and Carrie, our parents. 12. Produce a movie of my life entitled “Bridget the Almighty”. I will document how I built a billion dollar empire to show it can be done. I feel that if one can view a reality T.V. program about cops, married women or those seeking marriage, one should also have access to a positive reality television program explaining the mechanics of building a corporation and educating others in creating wealth. Filming starts 2010. I create, implement and execute my vision. I have covered online security issues, education, contests,  games; I'm introducing new inventors, products, creating jobs and new businesses. Acknowledged the  visually and hearing­impaired children, the learning disabled and included the incarcerated population. I  own a hosting provider company and auction website, procured manufacturing and have a great  supporting team. I have acquired other great reputable organizations to promote along with  me!                                                                                                         Per Bridget Gaines Bridget's Invention M.O.M. Alert Attachment I 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Bridget's Invention M.O.M. Alert Attachment II 15
  16. 16. 16
  17. 17. “M.OM. Alert’s (Motion Outlet Monitor) Only outlet protector with verbal warning. Featured on Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit Michigan Tween Group, LLC  GoTween Upgrades and Changes provided by Webmaster Mark Burke 1. All changes complete April 2010 upon payment. Completion time 6 weeks. 2. When all updates complete release press kit include Commercial. **We have personally composed a list of 1 million email addresses of pre­schools, media outlets,   police stations, libraries, radio stations, news papers, mayors, city officials, community centers   etc... Mark Bowser will be releasing press kit announcing  3. Website to translate to ALL languages. 4. Member Parent to receive email notification when profile is in use. 5. Website to print in Braille.   6. Add games for the learning/developmentally disabled.  7. Tony from Amera Film & Video will provide new commercials for home page. 8. Lock entire website. (Logos, text etc.)  9. Security Updates: A. Homepage indicates we perform background checks courtesy of ADP. 10. I Phone Application forward to Mark. This will make, GoGlobal E and Mobil.  11. Home Page Changes:  17
  18. 18. A. Please include picture and announce Lady GaGa selected Kern Brantley as her MD. 12. *NEW PROGRAMS* Add “Play Along with Kern Brantley”  A. Link: B. Kern is going to provide additional footage for kids to learn how to play all instruments. The  link above is a sample and once you become a member Kern and his band will have tutorials on  how to play the hottest artists music broken down part by part by the entire band. 13. Celebrity “Shout Outs” provided by Kern Brantley.  Forward footage to Mark. A. Lady GaGa B. Mario       C. Valdez and Kern Brantley / Band Members       D. Sean Garret and NeYo  14. Revise GoTween Flyer – Please remove the following items from the flyer and make flyer as you  see fit.       A. Kevin Can Fix­It        B. Billion Dollar Baby       C. The Gaines Group       D. NBA All­Star Game       E. Cornerstone collision (listed on foundations bottom of flyer)       F. Add Sky High Medical Supplies (listed on foundations on bottom of flyer)       G. Change “$25 Courtesy of” Ident­A­Kid  15. Contest Page Changes:  A. Perfect 10 Contest ­ PLEASE SEE ATTATCHED Correct Contest Information  B. Add “Four Families to the 2011 NCAA Final Four” ­ (GoTween Families, this is your chance  to represent your state’s College Basketball team in the 2011 NCAA Final Four sponsored  “HostGator”)  Fou C. Add GoTween Commercial contest, win opportunity to star in next commercial  courtesy of Amera Film and Video Productions. D. Add Amera Film and Video Productions Commercial Contest. members, here  is your chance to have Tony film your next commercial for your business. 12 commercials will be  shot. E. Add Win a mascot for your organization/business Courtesy of GoTween's own Mickey F. Remove All Star contest or change date for next year. 18
  19. 19. G. Add “Wayne Can Fix It” Car Makeover Contest        H. Add Win a Themed Birthday Party Courtesy of Oogles­n­Googles / See owner in Texas          2025 Red Oak Circle, Round Rock TX 78681 512 238 8980. 16. *Foundation Page Change A. Remove Emma Marie (listed on foundation bottom of flyer)  B. Add Latta House Foundation (Chris Brown works with their Jambalaya Project) Our mission is to establish the Latta House as an ongoing community cultural center and archive. To achieve   this purpose, the foundation works with artisans, businesses, corporations, institutions, and community   organizations in Raleigh and the Triangle area to create innovative cultural and educational fundraising   projects.     C. Add Moms Against Guns (Lynne Honickman founder). As of January 2010, Lynne  Honickman joined because she feels GoTween is a stupendous program and it is  well needed. Moms Against Guns Public Service Announcement link.  1.   The mission of Moms Against Guns is to build a powerful constituency of women to advocate for stricter,   more meaningful, common sense gun laws and their enforcement through petition, legislative advocacy and   the ballot box. The vision is to demonstrate through the powerful voices of us the mothers, we the grandmothers, we the   sisters, we the daughters, we the friends that gun violence in our cities will no longer be tolerated.  The intent is to scream and to keep on screaming for the violence to stop…to keep screaming until the   children in our communities and neighborhoods are safe…to keep on screaming until a deafening roar of   advocacy reaches the ears and hearts of our lawmakers…or to defeat those lawmakers who refuse to   represent the will of the people.  D. Add One Laptop per Child 19
  20. 20. Mission Statement: To create educational opportunities for the world's poorest children by providing each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop with content and software designed for collab- orative, joyful, self-empowered learning. When children have access to this type of tool they get engaged in their own education. They learn, share, create, and collaborate. They become connected to each other, to the world and to a brighter future. E. Add Nancy J. Bloch Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of the Deaf F. Add Potentials Foundation Potentials Foundation Mission Statement: Our mission is to enrich the lives of those with MOPDII by facilitating opportunities for  the families to meet, providing for adaptive and medical needs, and furthering research efforts. Objectives: 1. MINIMIZE ISOLATION Achieved by: • provision of private, web­based, global communication for families • assistance for families to attend an annual conference • assistance for children and teens to attend the Painted Turtle Camp 2. CRISIS ASSISTANCE Achieved by: • provision of funds to offset MOPDII­related medical and dental expenses, beyond the coverage of  insurance • provision of medical or adaptive needs, including but not limited to eyeglasses, hearing aids, clothing,  bicycles, and other equipment 3. RESEARCH Potentials Foundation initiates and supports research through the following researchers: • Dr. Michael Bober of Nemours Clinic at A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children (Wilmington, DE) • Dr. Carol Wise of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital (Dallas, TX) • Dr. Andrew Jackson of Western General Hospital (Edinburgh, SCOTLAND) • Dr. Stephen Doxsey of University of Massachusetts Medical School (Worcester, MA)  G. Add Little People of America Mission LPA is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with dwarfism throughout their lives while celebrating with great pride Little People’s contribution to social diversity. LPA strives to bring solutions and global awareness to the prominent issues affecting individuals of short stature and their families. H. Add Hetrick Martin Institute  20
  21. 21. Mission Statement: The Hetrick­Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk High School, believes all  young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in  which to achieve their full potential. Hetrick­Martin creates this environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual,  transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth between the ages of 12 and 21 and their families. Through a comprehensive package of direct services and referrals, Hetrick­Martin seeks to foster healthy  youth development. Hetrick­Martin’s staff promotes excellence in the delivery of youth services and uses  its expertise to create innovative programs that other organizations may use as models. 17.Please create banner for my auction site 18. MULTICULTURAL EXCHANGE  A. Make sure Syllabus downloads in Braille. B. Create Multicultural Exchange banner to reflect that the site downloads in Braille. C. Remove Ayana Kinzer ­ Emma Marie Inc  19. Need to create $25.00 giveaway on sign up page  A. Need Banner advertising $25 giveaway courtesy of Ident­A­Kid  B. $25 can be used on (Auction site when they open up store)       C. $25 can be used on HostGator. They will get 2 months free hosting but still will be charged  1.00 on credit cards. Mark; I am not disclosing the features at this time but I promise I will knock out  all competition with the best and practical features, not to mention access to record numbers and  celebrity clientele. (Will discuss full detail Major $) ***Sign up Page: On new member sign up page, we need to add new membership level entitled  “Parent & Child Express Achievements” ©. This is a Prison Program that we're implementing at Through this inmates will never miss a graduation or birthday; we want to keep families  together. This gives inmates an outlet to grow with their children or to notify them of their own achievements.  This also gives incentive for good behavior. Everybody wins the prison officials, the inmates and their  families. We need to modify sign up page because we need the following information from them to  approve membership status. Create banner. Membership 1$ (Have Pay Pal “Button”)  A.  At sign up process include Inmate name B.  Inmate number C.  Inmate facility  D.  Relation In discussions with prison officials to implement a program called “Inmates Giving Back Learned Lessons” © which will be posted weekly on This program will allow the inmates to provide true experience  to help youth make better life decisions.   20. ** is an online community for children ages 13 to 17.  Purchased domain name, using same software to duplicate features of with age  appropriate games and contests.  21
  22. 22. Mark Bowser GoTween Upgrade GoTween Flyer Attachment I 22
  23. 23. Mark Bowser GoTween Upgrade TweenVention Flyer Attachment II 23
  24. 24. Sponsors are: N2U Salon, Complete Financial Services PC, One Band Global, GoGlobalE,  ComeHostWithMe, Fifth Third Bank & Myglobalcredit 24
  25. 25. Mark Burke GoTween Upgrade Perfect 10 Attachment III Perfect 10 Contest Updates: N2U Salon Presents: “THE PERFECT 10!” Win a Personal Makeover for You and 9 other of your Friends!   This amazing contest even includes a spa treatment and elegant dinner. Jai's looking to create “The Perfect 10”. So just create a video telling us why you all deserve makeover. You can include Mom, Dad or a beloved teacher in your nine. Make sure you pour on the creativity in your video. Now, you can elevate you and nine of your friends to star status with complete makeovers and pampered courtesy of N2U Salon. Jaiandre (Jai) Clark, owner of N2U Salon has all the solutions to help bring out your very best. Here are the essentials: Upload your video or fill out the application located in “Information & Download” link telling Jai why you and your crew should get the “Perfect 10” make over. At least one person must be member in order to enter. It’s that’s easy, grab your recorder and start filming right Now! Post your video to your profile, and then email your applications along with your GoTween user name to so Jai can view your video. When filling out the application please include photos of your Perfect 10. All makeovers will be recorded and televised!! Good Luck GoTween members! 25
  26. 26. Tween Group, LLC Mascot Maker Mickey Clark   1. Mascot designed by Mickey Clark. Release date April 2010 upon payment. Completion time   30 to 40 days. Total GoTween Mascots needed 21.  A. Mascot Features B. Built in Stereo System: Allowing Mascot to play Theme Music.  We have the ability to brand our Logo and theme music at the same time. Theme music  is hot thanks to Kern and Valdez Brantley and Scott Tibbs for producing. C. GoTween lettering on mascot will be outlined in Braille. **** There are no major established brands that have their mascot brailed. Blind organizations have   commended us for including them.  2. GoTween   will   provide   Ident­A­Kid   as   agreed   10   Mascots   for   the   purposes   of   touring  worldwide passing out promotional products while promoting our partnership with their staff and over  7  million Ident­A­Kid clients.         3. will provide the American Hospital Association 5 GoTween Mascots to greet new mothers in  hospitals around the nation and visit Children’s Hospitals such as St. Jude Research Hospital and Mattel  Children’s Hospital UCLA.  4. will provide McDonalds 5 GoTween Mascots to help in promotions of 5. Mickey has joined to offer GoTween members a chance to win a Free mascot provided by  Mickey. Contest will reflect on website April 2010. Mickey Clark Project Manager OmniSource Marketing Phone:  317.575.3351 Fax:  317.575.3352 Notice the logo on the kid’s shirts! Courtesy of Mickey's Cartoonist, Josh Smart whom I've   spoke with regarding skits for Cartoons. 26
  27. 27. Tween Group, LLC Media Upgrades provided by Amera Film & Video  Amera Film &Video Productions Southfield, Michigan 48075 248 223 9300 Contact: Tony Gorkiewicz / Robert Strike       Amera Film & Video has produced all GoTween commercials. At this time 2 versions are displaying. One  commercial is on's home page, which is 60 seconds. The second version is displaying on  Kern Brantley's main page on, which is 1 minute and 15 seconds.  GoTween does not have to be reinvented because Amera films all GoTween events of members and contest  winners for upcoming commercials. 1. All changes complete April 2010 upon payment. Completion time 6 weeks.        A. 1 minute and 15 second        B. 60 second       C. 20 second       D. 15 second commercials Amera Film is adding several voice over's to GoTween's 1 minute and 15 second, 60, 20 and 15  second GoTween commercials indicating all of GoTween's key features. (Which parents would want  to hear in a national commercial) 2.'s commercials are ready for airing. 3. Security: Backed by Family Watch Dog (Check against Pedophile and sex offender list) 4. Perform Background Checks: Courtesy of ADP 5. Site downloads in Braille 6. Learn Multiple Languages 7. 24 Hour Home Work Help 8. Wide Array of Contests 9. Hosting provided by HostGator  10. Wayne Can Fix It Makeover contest for your car, boat, RV or Tour Bus   11. 100K Scholarship Fund 12. Receive $25 Dollars at sign up courtesy of Ident­A­Kid 13. Prison Programs: “Parent and Child Express Achievements” © and “Inmates Give        Back Learned Lessons” © 14. Win a themed party courtesy of Oogles­n­Googles 27
  28. 28. 15. Win a Mascot courtesy Mickey  16. Play along with Kern Brantley  17. Parents can use one email to sign up 5 users Tween Group, LLC  Tween Group, LLC Manufacturers All products are inventions of Bridget Gaines All products are environmentally Green The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute supports all “Pink Products”  I have built a 6­year relationship with Sun Fat Holding Co.  Sun Fat Holding Co. LTD. is manufacturer of the following inventions for Bridget and will facilitate  GoTween's Invention Contest participants. 1.   “M.O.M. Alert’s (Motion Outlet Monitor)   Only outlet protector with verbal warning, covers the outlet for  protection equipped with night light that can be turned on or off, stern voice that says “NO NO NO” and  alarm sounds. Window sticker included notifying the public that the establishment is protected. M.O.M.  Alerts are environmentally green as well as detect carbon monoxide and smoke and are supported by the  Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. Release date June 2010. 2.   “Say It” Talking Magnets  ­ The magnets are programmable and picture can be inserted. Still under  development. Release date 2011. 3.   Educational Baby Bottles ­ Baby Bottles are learning utensils saying the ABC's, numbers and are  programmable. Still Under development. Release date June 2010.  4.   “No ID”   Photo Id with Thumb recognition software. No ID software will be licensed to Ident­A­Kid. Still   ­ under development. Release date 2011. 5. Downloadable Bobble Heads Produced by Sun Fat Holdings. “M.O.M. Alert’s (Motion Outlet Monitor) Only outlet protector with verbal warning. Featured on  Detroit Michigan Channel 7 WXYZ SUN FAT (HOLDING) CO. LTD. 28
  29. 29. Ben Tse Marketing Dept. E2, 1/F., TUEN MUN IND.CENTRE, PUI TO ROAD, TMTL 76, TUEN MUN, N.T. HONG KONG. Tel:(852)2461 6073 Fax:(852)2464 7008 E­Mail: Website: M.O.M. Alert: The M.O.M. Alert Motion Outlet Monitor comes in packages of:  A. 2 & 6 Packs B. 12 (Bulk for Sams Club and Costco) C. 24 (Bulk for Sams Club and Costco) 29
  30. 30. Tween Group, LLC  Bridget's Invention Talking Magnets Attachment I “Say It” Talking Magnets. Release date 2011.  These magnets allow you to include photo and capability to  record personal message.  30
  31. 31. We are so FLY!!!!!!                                                     All products are inventions of Bridget Gaines All products are environmentally Green The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute supports all “Pink Products” I have built a 10­year relationship with Majorway LTD Majorway LTD is manufacturer of Bridget’s Inventions Talking Safety Baby Bibs  GoTween T Shirts and Apparel­Release date 2010 first quarter. GoTween Baby Bibs ­ Baby Bibs speak promoting safety in English, Spanish and Chinese. Release date  second quarter 2010. Baby Bibs available with male and female child voice in following colors:     A. Red   B. Blue    C. Green 31
  32. 32. D. White   E. Yellow     F. Pink  "MAJORWAY LTD" Raymond <              Rm 19­20, 29/F, New Tech Plaza, 34 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong Kowloon, Hong Kong.  > Tel: 852­2722 6220  32